by Master Elijah Muhammad


           Dealing with the subject of time, meaning myself, God has taught me, in the Person of
Master Fard Muhammad, how these things began working. I’m teaching you so that no man
can deceive you as the Bible teaches. No man can argue with you and win his side of the
argument unless he’s on your side.

           We’re very happy to be living in such a glorious time of the coming of God, of Whom the
Christians call “God,” which is one of His attributes. It’s a glorious time, because you are
being accepted for something that you thought you were not: A righteous person and not as a
wicked person. Think over all the sin that Satan caused us to commit. We are not guilty of
it. Allah declares that He will not charge us with the sins of Satan, before He arrives. Some
of us have done quite a bit of sin and we are certainly happy to know that that “book” won’t

be shown to us. The devil has poisoned the world. I don’t mean a spirit, I mean that blue-
eyed Caucasian walking out there where you can see him. You never do anything like

shunning the devil after you’re dead. You won’t meet him; no, because death takes away
everything. There is no coming back. I don’t know whether you Christian believers are ready
to believe it right now or not, but go home and think it over. You will come back and tell me
if there is any coming back. If you say, “Muhammad, you told other than the truth. You see,
I’m here.” Then I will say, “It’s a great day in the morning.”

          There are so many people that don’t like coming to listen to Muhammad, because he says
there is no heaven or hell for us after we die, and that when we die, that’s the end of us. I
say brother, if there was a second end coming to us and there was another chance, I would be
a greater believer in it than you, because that would convince me that I’m preaching wrong. I
would come back. I would like to have a chance, if there was anything like coming back. If
you put the cold-chilling hands of death on me and then wake me up and warmed them up
again, I would not feel like getting up. I would be afraid something else is going to happen.
Once death puts me to sleep, let me remain asleep. I’m would be conscious of the fact that
I’m sleep, and I don’t want to be conscious of that sleep, if I got to come back again to that
same grave like the Bible teaches you.

         There are a lot of Christian ministers who take it just as that, that God raised Lazarus up
out of the grave and gave him life again. Well then, why did Lazarus have to die then? God is
more intelligent than that. He would not have raised Lazarus up and then let him die again a
physical death. He would have been mistreating Lazarus, but that’s the misunderstanding of
the preacher. The death there doesn’t mean a physical death, he declared that himself when
he told the people to come to the grave. He told them that, “He’s not dead, he’s just asleep;”
meaning that he’s not physically dead. “Show me where you have laid him.” He went and
looked at Lazarus, while still declaring he’s not dead and then he called on his Lord. He was
not trying the God, for he was well aware that God knew what he wanted. He said in words,
“I’m not trying to tempt you, but for the sake of these disbelievers that stand by, answer my
prayers for what I am asking. I know You can raise him, but for the sake of these disbelieving
Jews (I’d change that today and say for the sake of disbelieving black people), let him rise.

         The white people, the devils, have so thoroughly killed us of the knowledge of self that
they don’t think that no man could take you out of what he has put us in. An agent of the
F.B.I. told me one day, while asking me about some of my followers, he said, “Elijah, you
have hard job.” I said, “You made it hard.” He looked at me and smiled and said “Oh, Elijah, I
was not here 3 or 4 hundred years ago.” I said, “but, you are from those that were here 3 or 4
hundred years ago with the same mind.” He laughed again, he said, “You just want to accuse
us anyway right, and we wasn’t here, that was our fathers.” I said, “Show me whether you
have changed your fathers teachings toward our people, which is now a more higher way of
making a man mentally dead.” I said, “You know more of how to now apply your father’s work
to such a higher degree, that the man don’t know he’s dead.”

         So, my beloved readers, we are here with the truth. Whether you believe it or not, you
are reading it. Believe it or let it alone. I’m not forcing you to believe, but I’m condemning
that which you believe in so much so that you won’t be able to condemn me in what I
believe, because we make it so plain.

        You want to make the Holy Qur’an something that is not worthy of being respected as the
Bible. We make the Holy Qur’an more respected, because the people that translated the
Holy Quran were not liars, but the people who translated the Bible added in to the truth. It’s
not that the Bible doesn’t contain truth, it contains plenty of it, if you understand. They
make it hard for you to understand by putting the truth in symbolic language, then you cannot
understand that which they have translated symbolically. So, Allah has raised up an
interpreter of the Bible and an interpreter of the Quran for you, which He has given to me to
rely on when teaching you the truth of Islam. The religion of Christianity does not make it
clear enough for you to know the truth. You will say, “Oh, man, go on.” Yeah, I’m going on,
but I’m going on with the truth to you. In the Bible, as I said, the truth is covered up by
symbolism and you don’t know what the symbolism is. Look at those horses in the Bible that
are being spoken of. The Holy Qur’an does not use no such imagery, but the Bible uses all of
this to blind you to the knowledge of the truth. “And I saw another horse come out and on
him was such and such type of rider.” These are

governments that he’s referring to of his own civilization. He don’t want you to know the
truth, that it’s referring to him, because the picture of it looks ugly. “And I saw another
horse, a black horse, and his rider had a pair of balances in his hand.” This is you and me in
our time of the control of the world. We have been robbed of the truth by this by them. This
rider is your people on that black horse. They don’t deny that the Black man will be last.

          Even in his symbolism of teaching, he still declares that the black man will be the last. To be
born and nursed into the civilization of the devil, the white race, you would not realize it
until you have been made right in the understanding of the truth, then you’ll understand that
you were afflicted, and blinded to the knowledge of it.

         I know what is going to take place. Allah has taught me of what’s going to take place in
this time. Some of it, I don’t like to tell you. It won’t make you feel so good, and I want you
to feel good while I’m teaching.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]