by Master Elijah Muhammad


            The Theology of Time is the thing you should know. You should know what has been, and
what’s still being hidden from you. I am the fellow who is raised up to open my mouth and
tell you what Allah has revealed to me, which was hidden, so that the prayer of the prophet
Abraham and others would be fulfilled. God has raised up a teacher from among ourselves,
taught us the truth of this world and the truth of ourselves, of which this world has deprived
us. I am the little boy that you read of there in the Bible.

          If you take note of the name Elijah in the Bible, it comes in the Old Testament and
leaves out in the New Testament. He’s followed by many witnesses of the prophets and the
local prophets. Some of the local prophets don’t have too much to say, we call them minor
prophets, but He goes directly to the point. He doesn’t miss nothing of what has been
revealed to him. He tells it right out. In the past, we find where the Messengers of God had
people claiming an excuse, but this Messenger is to make it so plain that you can’t claim an

          If you said, “In the beginning, which was about so long and so long…, or it was so long
and so long…” don’t say “about,” because it had a beginning. There is nothing before us nor
behind us that didn’t have a beginning. We use to say, “Nobody knows,” and that was right,
but there was a beginning you see. If God was not before the beginning of what account you
have, then who was it before Him? He was the beginning Himself.
Listen to it good. The beginning of Time was made by the beginning of God. We had no
beginning before He made Himself. We could not calculate on time, because there was no
motion making time until after He made himself. He made a motion, and we’ve been reading
Time ever since. Understand me good, let me go back over it.

         In the beginning, that was when God was making Himself from an atom of life, the
motion of the atom was counting time, but we didn’t know how to count it. He Who was
being made didn’t. So, we had to wait until His complete make was complete, and then set
up a Time clock for it. His motion of coming out as the atom was making time, but there was
no one to calculate it. He couldn’t calculate it Himself, because He had not yet become
material enough in His brains to calculate His own movement.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]