Theology of Time: August 27, 1972 Part 9

by Master Elijah Muhammad


         We are living in the time that God’s Will must be done. Satan’s will is going out. Nobody
will obey Satan, but Satan, and our book teaches us that. He will also admit God’s Will,
because he’s getting into conditions, which he would not want to remain in. It is like Pharaoh
was. He stood up against Allah until his lungs started filling with water from the Red Sea. He
saw he was going and he had no power to fight Allah with; so, he gave up while he was sinking
and gave Allah the credit, that Allah was the greatest. He went down being forgiven for just
admitting that Allah was the Greatest. Allah gave him credit for saying He was the Greatest
while drowning in the Red Sea. He saved his name and some of the scientists went out and
pulled his body out of the sea and embalmed him to show these great wonders.

      We are not put here to live forever, no man. God Himself, who made the Heavens and
the Earth, didn’t lives forever. He too is gone. We all come here and we all die away. No
God or prophet live forever.

      I’m not up here to go over the laws of the Islamic world with you. If you read these
things, you’ve read them. I’m not up here to condemn or to take away anything, only to teach
you what Allah has given me to teach you. If there is any more of this kind of talk, we are
1,800 to 2,000 people could talk on the Orthodox Muslim rules of Islam, while they don’t
know it themselves, but you have to go to school for such. You have to be schooled into that,
not come and ask questions, because your questions demand more than just a word or two. It
demands a lot of answers to your questions, and some of the people here may not be
interested in what you are asking. They would not like me keeping them sitting here listening
to what you have to say. It is getting late and the people would like to go home. I don’t care
to get involved in a lots of Orthodox Muslim’s rules, regulation and laws of Islam. We are
bringing you a New Islam!

        As I tell white people, who sometimes asks, “Well those over there, they don’t believe in
your teaching,” I said, “That’s natural, because it’s something new which they never have
heard before and it takes time; nevertheless, we have to key to the whole world of man,
whether you believe it or not. I have the key, and it’s written in your book that I have it.
God gave him the key for hell and for that which is not hell. I’m sure that you see I’m using
the key on hell now.” This is no play thing we are doing and we don’t teach it just for you to
come out to argue. I don’t teach you nothing to be arguing with, because I already know you
and know about how you think. Therefore, I don’t care to argue with you. I’m trying to pull
you out of the way you think, and into a way of thinking that you’ll be respected by the world.

       I was born blind, deaf and dumb, but after I met with Allah, He has taught me the truth
of Himself and others. I don’t fear standing before the world. I talk with the whole world at
once if I want to. On that question, you are trying to get after and condemn the world of
their way of believing. I don’t have time to stand up here for 1,800 or more people and take
topics just to ask questions, which they probably won’t believe the answers.

        I don’t answer nothing wrong. What I answer, you can go all over the Earth and give it to
any scientist, he’ll tell you, “You got the right answer when you was in America.”
There is no such thing that I don’t know the answers to your question. There is no such
thing that you can ask me questions of divine that I cannot answer. I’m not raised up here to
be that kind of fellow among you. I’m a man that God raised up among you to answer
anything you ask me of divine, not of something of other than divine. I don’t know about that,
but I am a teacher of divine and you don’t have the knowledge of divine in you strong enough
for you to be able to ask me the question that by divine, I cannot answer.

       There is nothing in divine that you can ask of me that I cannot answer, but you get up
something else, that’s different. If it’s divine, I am here to teach you the knowledge of Him
and what He’s about to do in setting up His Will, as the Christian call it, the Kingdom of God
on Earth. This is what I’m here to teach you. What His Will is about to do for you and me. If
you think that is not enough, well there’s plenty of people who are studying other types of
work and professions. Maybe they’ll answer you in their way or according to their learning,
but I am a divine teacher and what I answer is of divine.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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