by Master Elijah Muhammad


       Where did you find any Elijahs, any Jonahs, or any Daniels who are trying to do
something for you in the city of Chicago, other than myself? Where do you find any equal to
Elijah Muhammad? Take Reverend Jackson, poor boy. Making a fool out of himself to be
called Reverend Jackson by the devil. He knows I’m here. He’s been to my house a few
times. Why shouldn’t he and I get together, if he’s working for the Blackman? I’m working for
the Blackman, so let us work together. All of us who’s working for the Blackman could unite
and the work will be stronger, if we unite together and do the work together. But, he likes
his blue-eyed devil, because they call him Reverend Jackson. Jackson is the name of devils.

       If he’d come over to me, I’d give him an honorable name, and he could take it and go around
the world with it and be honored by the nations of the Earth. He wants to be called Reverend
Jackson and trying to run politics and preaching Christianity too. So, the poor boy’s just in a

       I hate to see the devil, white man make fun of our people; I hate it. This man could
have been made a fine man for the Blackman. We talked together a few times, but he just
loves to be called Reverend by the blue-eyed devil. He doesn’t want any black eyes honoring
him. We will honor him for what he’s worth, but not in the way of devil worship. They will
dump him after a while, like they do all who follow them.

     The devil acts as though he’s worshipping Martin Luther King. After Martin Luther King
visited my house, he sat out there in his car and tuned up on what we were talking about. I
guess he heard him say that he agreed with me, that he is the devil. He saw that Elijah was
winning their disciple over, so they shoot him and set up a hypocrite for Elijah, and that was

Malcolm. They get you to worship Malcolm, then go build a college after him in his name to
pull you away from me.

        He knows Malcolm was not with me, so he gets you to worship hypocrites of Elijah
Muhammad, so that you’ll go to hell with them. My God has not struck out after you a
hundred percent. When He does, you won’t go to hell with them. You’re going to remember
this talk, and you’re going to come back to Elijah and shake my hand and say, “Mr.
Muhammad, I’m with you.” I know you’re going to do that. I don’t care what you believe in
now. You can believe in Buddhism; it doesn’t make any difference to me. There’s a time set
when Allah’s going to force you to believe in what I teach. You are not to get away with
running away to some other God, no. Allah’s going to make you to bow to Him!

       The brother said I’ve been teaching two hours; well, I asked him who cares. I just told
the brother that I use to teach six hours. This is only 1/3rd of that time. I can have people
just as interested to hear me teach four more hours as I did in those days. Believers in Allah
and His Islam love to congregate together and talk. He forgot that I have a time piece on my
arm too. If a man has been teaching hard-headed people for 40 years and one is converted,
and he wants to tell him how long he should teach him, that’s wrong. They all got to hear his
voice. That is not referring to something in a particular place. The actual God Himself, in
Person, is talking to you. That means His voice through another you must hear, before the
end comes.

       You don’t tire so fast with me, because I keep you busy trying to think over what I just
said. When speaking to people and they tire, that’s a teacher who’s not giving them nothing
to think over, but if you give the people something to think over, they don’t care how long
you teach.

      They all are mine. They will come. Wherever they are, if they hear his voice – think
over that. They hear my voice and they follow me wherever I go. How many Reverends could
get 16 buses coming from one city, and going back that evening, just to hear him teach for a
few hours? You can’t do that, because the voice of the Reverend is not appealing to them. It
is the voice of the Shepherd of Allah, Elijah Muhammad, and his making the way straight for
Him to come to His people. You could not call this number of people all the year! They
wouldn’t spend that kind of money to go listen at a Reverend, because they’ve listened to
Reverends all their lives, and Reverend has never gotten them no place other than the hard
disrespect, and dishonor by the people of the Earth.

      Reverend can’t go to Egypt and be honored. He can’t go to Africa and be honored. They
want Elijah over in Africa. I’m not making fun of the preachers. They’re making fun of
themselves with the kind of preaching they’re doing. They want to go to heaven after they’re
dead; that’s right. I’m trying to get you after you are dead – to go to heaven. Dead mentally,
to the knowledge of self, God and the devil. I’m trying to get you to go to Heaven now, on
that same subject, after you are dead.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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