by Master Elijah Muhammad


       The Sun, Moon and Star, what does that represent? The Sun is a ball of fire and light,
which we all live in and respect. Out of the Sun comes our food. Out of the Sun comes our
direction. I say to you my believing brothers and my disbelieving brothers, take a look at it.
That’s our flag and your flag is a flag of mystery: blue, red and white, when ours is only one
solid background – red. The Sun and Moon are together and the Star is associated with that
same crescent, showing the world that we have laid hold of the greatest instruments of
Heaven and Earth, to condemn any disputer who would attack us.

       We use to buy it, trying to make friendship with Satan. We would go and buy the regalia
and put it on our coat, laugh and look at him when he was passing, as to say to him, “See, I
have the Crescent on me, you should take me for your brother.” We gave him that after he
had shown us that he could act like us between 35, 40, 50 years. We let him wear our
Crescent; that’s ours. The red and the Crescent is ours. He can take his mystery for himself,
but if he wears that over there, look at him again. He worked for that. He didn’t get that so

      Blue is an untrue color. You have many stars there in the American flag, which takes all
of those stars to justify something. It shouldn’t be done like that. We have one Star, which
justifies and it represents all the stars. The stripes of red on the American flag, not a solid
background of red like ours, represents freedom. He doesn’t give freedom, only to those who
are able and wealthy. If you’re able to buy it from him, he’ll give you freedom.

     The cross is a sign of evil to us. How can you go to heaven or be justified by freedom and
justice or both? It’s the opposite of the right direction; and so, this is what you are suppose to
preach when you are a Reverend. You’re suppose to worship the cross. What are you
worshipping it for when he tells you he killed an innocent man on it? You should run from the
cross! But, you run to it to be blessed by him, because you are one of his followers. It’s a
shame and a disgrace for him to have made such a crazy people, who do not understand

     I’m here to teach you the science of Christianity, the science of Islam, and the science of
anything pertaining to religion. I’m here to teach you. You can take what I said back to him
and he will tell you, “Oh, you’re following them.” You then can say, “I follow the people who
gave me wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what you have given to me, which you
didn’t give.” He’ll shut his mouth and leave.

      I want you to remember again, that to carry a cross on you represents a crucified
prophet. You are the one who has joined in the worship of the death of Jesus, by the enemy.
That shows what the enemy did to him. He boasts of that, not in a way you can understand,
but he boasts that he has killed your best prophet and he still lives and says, I will kill His last
one. He can’t do it. I’m the last one. He can’t do it. Tell him, “Why don’t you go down there

to the temple and kill Elijah?” He teaches us that you’re the devil, maybe you have already
did it.” He’ll tell you, “Oh, well we know it; we know him. We’re watching him.” That’s the
way he will talk to you. I say, Go tell him and let him muster up his army and you muster up
yours, and then join together and see how far you will get with me. He has no chance to win
against me. I have as my friend, my guide, my protection, Almighty God, Allah, Himself. He’s
not very far from me. He’s right here with me now!

      You need to know God. You need to come to God, but not the God that Satan bids you,
because he just naturally can’t do anything with my God. My God is your God. I say, believe
in Him, and come follow me. Heaven is yours while you live. You don’t have to go no place to
enjoy Heaven. Heaven is not a separate place somewhere; it is a condition and hell is a
condition. I want you to remember these things. Remember that the Will of God now must
be done, as Satan’s will is up.

      He can rule the Blackman under his will no more. The Blackman is uniting. Look at what
you read and heard about, regarding our unity. They sent me millions of dollars to help. I
have to ask for outside help, because you [Blackman and woman] of America are afraid to be
singled out by Satan, saying you’re helping me. You have the money, but you don’t want to
spend any of it on us; yet, you put it all in the bank of the devil and tell him to help himself.
You could build your own self-help, if you would bring it over here and put it with us. We
don’t want you to give it to us, we’ll pay you back.

      We are sure, by Allah, that He Himself will give us all the money we want at the time
that He has set. He will give you money, if you would believe. This is what He promised.
Money, that’s the first thing, good homes, and friendship in all walks of life. This is what he
offers to you for just believing in that which is of yourself. “Okay then, why didn’t He give it
to you then?” He did give it to us. Regardless of where it comes from, if Asia, that’s alright,
He gave it to us. I didn’t say He’d walk up with a pocket full of millions, hand them over out
of His hand. He causes other people to do that.

     We are getting it. We are not falling down by failing to do His will and what He wants us
to do here. We’re not failing; we’re doing it. We got this [Temple]. That’s alright about
where the money came from. He’s doing it.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]