by Master Elijah Muhammad


        The Will of God is that you and me do His Will, do His Bidding, so He can bless us for our
good work and not our evil work. We have arrived at the time that whether you believe it or
not, the Will of God will be done now. The will of Satan has been done for the last 6,000
years. His time is now up and the Will of Him, of Whom it’s prophesied would come after him,
Is now building a kingdom of peace and righteousness and it’s here at work now. I’m what they
call, some of them, a forerunner; I am he that I call myself, that Last Messenger from God, to
direct you in a path that will lead you to Him. You will be saved from the destruction that is
out there knocking on the door. You’re going to have a terrible time getting out of the way of
this enemy of yours.

       Yes, it’s awful to talk about. You’re going to have people killing each other out there in
the streets, and their blood will be running down in the gutter of the streets. It could happen
tonight, because the time is here. Be careful. Don’t forget that it is time that you go to your
God. He doesn’t ask you nothing of the past, just accept your own now and He will forget our
past. Our past was because to our enemy; therefore, we were forgiven of what the enemy
blinded us to and now He’s opening our eyes to see what the enemy looks like.
Listen and see what he’s saying. He doesn’t invite you to no righteousness, he invites you
to evil. They play evil and filthy music, day and night, to attract your attention to that. He
knows that he has misled you. He wants to keep you with him until Allah destroys him, so you
can be destroyed with him. I’m referring only to the blue-eyed Caucasian, the open and real
enemy devil against black people. He doesn’t love you and he hates me to the utmost, but he
can’t do anything about it.

       He’s took the Bible and mixed truth and falsehood in it, so you would not understand it.
The book teaches you that, “They would shut their mouths at him,” meaning me. You don’t
hear them arguing with me on what I say. They know I’m telling you the truth, and if he does
anything, he will tell you that, “You had better follow him.” He writes me. My secretary will
bear me witness, that they are trying to join up with me. They can show you plenty of letters
that the devil is writing to me wanting to join up; saying in his writing, “Is not there some
white people that are not devils?” I don’t know of any. “Isn’t some of us better than others?”
Yes, but that doesn’t make you any lesser than a devil, though. I know you, you are from

Missouri (Smile). You want to be shown, but we are not here to lie. We don’t tell lies, we tell
you the truth. If you find me lying, then I’m a liar and not the Messenger of Allah. Allah
doesn’t want a liar for His Messenger. We find it in the Holy Qur’an, when Pharaoh called
Moses a liar, his senator told him that if he’s a liar, then on him will be his lying. Allah does
not appoint such a one as a liar for Him. These prophets must be a hundred percent true.

      If a man comes to you and present signs with warnings in them for you, you better listen
to him. What does that mean? He’s defying any world, outside of the world of Allah God, to
tangle with him on the truth of what he has. You cannot take the writings on the Actual
Facts Board and use them unless you are a Believer. Regardless of the wisdom that’s in it, you
can’t use it and be successful unless you are a believer in it.

     Night and day you listen to the radio and see on T.V., he’s chasing a poor black man to
take his life away from him. Under the beautiful Flag of the Sun, Moon and Star, no Islamic
people are chasing each other. When you believe in Islam, all the world of Islam will
recognize and respect you. They will fight for you. They will die for you.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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