by Master Elijah Muhammad


        You must submit to the Will of God. The Will of God must be done today, not the will of
Satan. Allah gave Satan 6,000 years to do his will, now the Will of Almighty God, Allah,
comes in. He Will do His Will and there is none that can stop it. His Will must be done. You
have prayed in prayer, “Let Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven,” now, He’s ready to
do His Will. You don’t believe that I’m the one. I’m doing just what the Bible told you or
teaches you that I would do. “Elijah, I will send you him before the great and dreadful day of
the Lord comes.” Do you see anything pretty out there coming? We don’t see a thing in the
world, but a dreadful time. You are going to be so hungry here, until you will desire to eat
each other. If the other one doesn’t watch, you will do it! It’s written. The Bible says that
Allah’s righteous people will eat, but you unrighteous and disbelievers will be hungry. The
devil is warning you all the time now, against you sitting down and not trying to make
preparation for you to get something to eat.

        We ask you to help us and you won’t, because you don’t want the evil devil to know that
you would help those that he don’t like. This is why you don’t help the Muslims, it’s because
you don’t want to be called a Muslim, to the joy of Satan. Satan wants you to stay with him.
He doesn’t want you to be called a Muslim. And you say, “No sir, boss, I will never join up
with them old crazy folks. Those old folks are crazy.” We have a finer [Temple] than you
Reverend. Our [Temple] here costs us 4 million dollars. Where is yours in the city that costs
that much? We teach in our [Temple], and we bring people to the light of understanding in

         We would ask you what do you teach or what do you mean when you tell us that God
sent Jonah to Nineveh? What is the sign of such teaching of us here today? We teach the
knowledge and understanding of the book. Why didn’t Abraham’s wife find water elsewhere,
but found it puckering up under the foot of the baby? What did that mean Reverend, after
the knowledge of the coming of God and He choosing you and me? It means just what I’m
teaching you, that you will be looking for somebody to come from afar to teach you the
knowledge of God and the man is right there at your feet.

      Abraham prayed, Ishmael prayed, both father and son saw in the distant future that we
would need a teacher. He said, “Raise up among them Oh Lord, a teacher from among
themselves, teach him the book, (the Bible), and the wisdom, for they do not understand;
they’re only guessing.”

      How many times Reverend have we heard you say, “I teach it the way I see it?” We
cannot take God’s word and teach it as we see it. We have to teach it as He gave it to us; the
way He wants us to see it and not the way we want to see it. I’ll tell you Reverend, that you
are the hindrance to the Kingdom of Heaven of your people, like the Bible teaches you, called
Sadducees and Pharisees there. You stand in the way of the Kingdom of Heaven, won’t go in
yourself and won’t let others go in. Teach against them coming in. This is that Kingdom of
Heaven which he’s referring to and this is it that I’m preaching.

        The time has arrived that we must tell you the truth. Though you will come to us and
say, “If you told me, I would have believed, but you didn’t’ tell me.” Now, when I find myself
before God today, He’s asking me if I heard. I would have to say, I didn’t hear, because I

stopped up your ears to keep from hearing. That’s what your Bible said you are going to do.
Preachers going out putting up a little church in store fronts and everywhere, fulfilling Isaiah’s
prophesy of you: Everyone wanted a little place of his own, or to get a little meat, bread and
money for self. These things, I say to you Reverend, you should cut it out.
I will put my life against every Reverend of Christianity in the land, that they don’t have
no God at all, but the actual devil. You don’t have to go on Mt. Carmel, this is Mt. Carmel
enough. Come up here and see if you can get your god.

         My father preached Christianity for 40 years until Allah sent me to preach truth. Then
he joined with me, after I had criticized what he had been preaching in the church. He was
very honest about it. He wanted to be on God’s side, so when I began to teach, he’d say,
“Son, you are right, that is the truth. We preacher’s didn’t know what we were preaching. We
only knew what we were told by this devil, as God has made you to know.” He said, “I’m with
you son.” He died in the temple. At the age of 81, death struck him while he was in the
temple. He was applauding me, and he got up and threw up his hand at me for the last time,
then he walked out and never returned anymore. He died the next day at 6 o’clock, and this
was 6, o’clock at that time. Nobody never knew he was dead until the nurse went to see, and
then, when the nurse felt him, she was the first one to announce that he was dead. He made
no struggle at all. Just slept away just like that. This is why the Bible and the Holy Qur’an
says, “Die not unless you are a Muslim. Some of us don’t have such a good death conferred on
us, but if you’re a Muslim, the Bible says, “Let me die the death of the righteous. So, let us
who believe do that.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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