Theology of Time: August 27, 1972 Part 4

by Master Elijah Muhammad


       What you see me do, search the history, you can read every step I take in the light of
history. I am that fellow of whom you read there in the book, “I come to do Thy Will, Oh
Lord” This is him. That was not 2,000 years ago. Jesus didn’t come to do the Will of God at
that time. He did His will by leaving the Jews and the Christians to live out their time. He
went back and said that he was ahead of time, but he then said that, that one coming behind
him would be on time and he will do what Jesus [of 2,000 years ago] would like to have done.
But, that Jesus was ahead of time. He prophesied that that one will come and he will come
directly from the face of God. Some of the other prophets prophesied that he would send you
one from his face.

       I’m directly from His face. I was with Him for 3 and 1/2 years. The things that they did
to the prophets before me, you won’t do it, and you cannot do it. This One you cannot touch.
This is the One whom the Bible warns you of, “Touch not my anointed.” This is the One who
was sent directly from His face, and He defies you to do harm to him. I guess you know all of
that and you’re seeing it now. The things that I do and say, in the face of the enemy, he can’t
do a thing, but listen to it. He knows I’m directly from the face of God, of whom the book
warns you against. He wants to live as long as he can. The book [Bible] teaches us that, “All
that a man has, would he give, for his life.”

     The time: The time has arrived for what? “What time are you talking about Muhammad?”
The end of Satan, in whom you believed. Now push the clock back and give him some more
time if you can, but his time has arrived. You have, with your ignorance of self and of the
devil, kept him living around 60 years over his time, but Allah and myself are standing here
before you and have agreed that time has been given long enough. If I don’t tell you these
truths, you will blame me for it, but I’m not going to have nothing to be blamed for. I’m going
to do the Will of God Who sent me, and it is His Will that I tell you of. Your rejection and
your disbelief is up to Him. I’m not forced to make you to believe in that which you don’t.
Ministers if you and I would get together, we could have our people in heaven overnight.

      In the Bible, it prophesies that, “Behold I will send you Elijah,” Reverend. The Book did not
put “Reverend” to his name. I’m only saying Reverend, that this is the preaching you ought to
be preaching so you can get your great name. The name “Reverend” is of the organization of
Satan. You’ll never get any credit with the people of God. We are the people of God.
I’ll tell the devil in Rome, the pope, that he’s lying to you. They have made you go
astray, as plain as you can read this, “Before that great and dreadful day of the Lord I will
send you Elijah,” not Rev. Elijah. If you say you disbelieve that I am that man who will be
sent just before that great and dreadful day of the Lord, go read it again. Then study what’s
going on in the world. Everybody’s looking for the great day of destruction to happen. Elijah
is preaching and warning you. I am he.

      All of the churches of America, put into one church cannot save the people of the church
from the great disasters that are now befalling America, and the worst is yet to come. You
cannot find a God in your church. I don’t care what you say you have. I’m asking him to do
something to put a stop to the destruction that is befalling America today. Even the
president doesn’t warn you to pray to the church’s God for help. No man at war today will ask
you to pray to the church’s God to put a stop to their slaughter, no.

      The Muslims sit by and look at you, knowing that you are like the people of the Bible who
worshipped Baal, and Elijah sat there and laughed at them. The same thing that goes for
you, I don’t care how sore you get with me, call on your God and tell him to do something
about it.

     This is what you need, some frank teaching. If I make a mistake in, what you would call,
making fun of your God, I will give you 10,000 dollars out of my brother’s vest pocket, right
here, before you leave our check point. Our checks are very good. You have nothing, but a
lie from your blue-eyed Caucasian devil. I’m not trying to make fun, I’m just making truth,

not fun. No, if I was just making fun, I would not have said it. I would be afraid of meeting
the consequence when I left this stand. You are going to meet the consequences for believing
in these devils and allowing them to teach you away from your own God and the salvation in
which He has sent to you. The devil wants you to reject it, since he’s going to hell. He wants
you to go too, but not as long as I’m here. I’m not going to send you to hell, just because
you’re ignorant to the knowledge of yourself; I’ll beat you up a little bit. That’s right, I’ll just
give you a good beating and you’ll come running, that I believe. It won’t be the kind of
beating you expect with a strap or something like that; no, no. I’ll get you here [head].
That’s the place to beat you; beat you up there in your head.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]



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