by Master Elijah Muhammad 


        I hope you brothers hear this: Do not be trying to force anyone one to sell Muhammad
Speaks. If they don’t want to sell them, leave them alone. No brother who has not been
registered up with us has an obligation whatsoever to help you and me do anything unless it’s
his will. Stop this or you’re going to be dismissed for a long time. I don’t know where you get
such a foolish idea. People go off and laugh at you. We don’t force anybody to do anything
for us. We don’t force you who are registered up with us, to do anything for us. You do
according to your will. We are not people who are forced to have people beg for us. No, you
don’t have to beg for us; Allah is sufficient. I hope the Captains, Secretaries and Assistant
Ministers will bring you to justice and send you out for a long time. You’re ruining our own

teachings. We are independent. We don’t have to beg nobody, but Allah. You are losing your
head. I don’t want any such followers who are beggars. You are to beg no one. If you don’t
love us enough to do something from your own will for us, then we don’t want that which you
do unwillingly. If a brother tells you that he doesn’t care to sell no papers, take them back
and give them away before you ever be disgraced by such a brother. We are a very foolish
people anyway, and I don’t like that you are like that. I want you to be intelligent and show
the world how intelligence looks in the actions of a human being.

        Time brings about all things. Time is making you manifest. They call it resurrection. To
resurrect the dead, it doesn’t mean resurrecting a physically dead person, but a mentally
dead person. You must remember that for 400 years, we have been a mentally dead people.
I hope you will understand what I’m trying to say. When I got to the school house, the
teacher was dismissing her class, so don’t blame me, blame those who held me back. I don’t
think you were born down North where I was born. I was born down North, and if you were
big enough to work, they put you in the field, because the devil was forcing your parents to
send you to field and work for him.


 The Time, what Time? The Time of God: the Time of Allah. We give Him the name
Allah, but you call Him God. That’s one of His names. One of His 99 attributes is God too,
but when we say Allah, we mean God. It’s an Arabic name, and we like to have the use of the
Arabic name, because the devils have no respect for the name; therefore, he teaches you to
call the Supreme Being, God. He uses the same name to curse with. He takes it for a joke
and doesn’t recognize it. You fall in behind him and do the same. You disgrace the name of
the God of Divine.

       I want you to remember that the time has come in which the enemy of the God of
Divine, will not have a chance to go around mocking God and His people. The day has arrived
that the mockers of God must be bagged up and thrown in a furnace of fire. The devil wants
you and me to go with him to be burned with the same fire that Allah has prepared for him.
Allah has raised me up from among you, and gave me the knowledge of both Gods, the devil
god and the God of Divine, to teach you what has been hidden from you for the last 400 years
and the last 6,000 years.

      I want you to know that the people all over the earth have been robbed of the
knowledge of the God of Divine. This is due to the work of this devil. He gave him this time
to do his work and his will upon the people. Now today, He has made Himself present to
prove to you and me that He can remove Satan at once, but has offered us a chance.
I warn you to accept it and glorify it. There is no time to waste. This is no time to
spend in sport, play and talking foolishness. This is a time of world destruction, not just a
few people, but a world destruction. Everywhere, the people cannot get along with each
other in peace. There is no agreement, nothing but disagreement. I warn you, that any day
now, you can expect most anything of evil, but not of good. The evil world must be cast out.

      The evil world must be destroyed. The evil world must be shown to you and me so we can
see the justice of God destroying her. She is destroying us and had us blind, deaf and dumb
without the knowledge of her. Now she’s open wide to you and me so that we may know her,
and know that God is not doing an injustice to her by destroying her. He’s justified in
destroying her. He will punish you if you go along with it. He will punish you on this side,
disgrace you or let you disgrace yourself. I want you to remember to escape this disgrace and
come follow me.

       No, I’m not going to be here along with you. I don’t care what you say about Elijah
Muhammad, he will not be rolling in the streets with his eyes set in his head from being
punishment and disgrace by Allah. I’m not going to disobey Allah, and I’m going to teach you
what He taught me to teach you.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]