by Master Elijah Muhammad


        The enemy who made your and my fathers a slave to the knowledge of self, do you think
he would have given you the knowledge of Almighty God, when he had robbed you of that
knowledge? Do you think he would have been so kind to teach you of God and His good
religion, knowing that you are directly from God? That’s what he brought us here for, to take
you away from God, not to teach you of God. He did what he did to take you out of the
knowledge of God and out of the knowledge of yourself too. He did this so that he could get
you to follow him to the hell, which your God and my God has promised him. He knows that
he was not going to rule forever. Why should he enlighten you to the day you are to be
awakened, you’ll be the first one desiring to push him into hell fire. He knows all of that.

       Don’t try telling him nothing; he knows it. It’s you who need to be told something.
He has a world full of our people called Reverend Jones, Rev. Jackson, and Rev. whatnot
– all after his name. They feel happy for him to call them Reverends. That’s all he has to call
them; he just says Reverend, and he feels big – not before God – and the devil laughs at him
under his sleeves. No Reverend, he thinks nothing of you. He loves to see you loving him for
honor, but he knows his honor will not stand before those who are honored by God. You are
nothing before Allah. He only wants you to be Reverend Nebuchadnezzar. I’m not calling you
out of your name. That was the name of a King. He’s there in the Bible. He was not, as you
would say, a good king.

       As much work as I’m doing, which stands out in the light of divine, the Reverends would
rather listen to the devil and have his praise, than to have the praise of divine. This is
written in the Bible that, “They love the praise of this world,” and this we see. As long as
they have seen me at this divine work and making progress all over the world with it – not
here in Chicago alone – I have credit and honor all over the world, while Reverend don’t have
honor in Chicago. If you are here Reverend, I’m glad you’re hearing this. In some places, they
don’t even want to see you. When you talk about Christianity, they want to kill you.

      Once upon a time, you loved talking about going to Africa to preach the devil’s
Christianity. That’s what it is, the devil’s Christianity. Let’s exchange knowledge over it and I
will show you that it’s the devils religion and not yours. It’s a lie in which the devil uses a good
man’s name to make you believe it. “Oh, Mr. Muhammad, you’re calling Christianity a lie?”
Yes, and I can make you out of a liar if you believe it.

       I am here against the will of the enemy who calls his religion Christianity, and against
you who believe in it. I’m here against both he and his followers. I can prove it to you by
your own Bible, that the devil was cast in a lake of fire with his false prophets. A Reverend
who preaches Christianity is the false prophet, which the Bible is referring to, who went down
with his name. You love to be called Reverend Jackson, Reverend Jones. You don’t know
that you are being called after the devil’s names. Reverend is the devil’s name by which you
are being called. Reverend, you will be dumped into a lake of fire with him, if you don’t
come on and go along with Elijah Muhammad.

        When the professional class of people visit us, we want you to know that we honor you
and respect you. We need you. We are not the people who knows all. We are the people
who would like to learn and let learn. This is the type of people that we now need to help us.
We want all the professional class of people to come join up with us, and help put the job
over. You have the type of help that we need and we are working for you. Come in and help
us to work for you.

        We are building signs everywhere of our work, which we’re doing in the name of divine.
People of the professional type, you are the ones I want to talk with, because the man who
has no learning and no profession cannot help me. He can only just believe, but he can’t do
the work necessary to be done. So, I am thankful for you and I will assure you that if you
represent yourself with us, the devil himself will turn and honor you. One reason why the
professional class of our people don’t come and visit us, to see what we are saying and doing,
is due to the fact that they think the enemy will not give them, as the common saying goes,
“A break.” You don’t need the enemy to give you a break. If you do for self, you’ll give your
own self a break.

        We have been beggars of the blue-eyed devils so long, until we don’t think we’re getting
any place unless we get his respect. I say brother, he’s going down and we’re going up. He’s
going down to dishonor and disrespect, and you are going up in honor and respect. I am your
teacher of the enemy and you see me stand here and tell you the truth of them, but they
have greater respect for me than they have for you.

       Whether you believe it or not, they have respect for me. Did you hear about how they
respected me in 1959, when I visited Washington? They came out and met me. They stayed
around me to protect me from some would-be, silly acting person like yourself. They were
not going to have it said that they were not trying to protect me from you. They, themselves,
were not going to do anything to me, but they were afraid of what you may have done.

       Let us praise the coming of Allah, for taking us out of the hell of the blue-eyed devil,
and destroying him, while saving us from His destruction. That’s the God you’ve been praying
for. Now He’s here and I’ve proved that He’s here. I walk up and down the street, or ride up
and down the street alone or with you. Nobody bothers me. I’m not out there afraid that he’s
going to get me for what I said here today about him. He’s afraid that I’m here to get him. I
have power with God to do my will on them and you too. I don’t want to do nothing to you
but good. You are my brothers and my sisters. You can say, “To hell with you Muhammad,” if
you want to, but I know a day that’s coming when you will say “Heaven to Muhammad.”


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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