by Master Elijah Muhammad


     We are continuing on our subject, the Theology of Time. We are never off of that
subject. I don’t care what we are preaching, it is still our subject. I don’t know what you
think about us or what we have to say, but we have plenty. We just want to know where to

     People have been preaching Christianity, the religion of Satan, all their lives. You may
be thinking, “Oh listen to what he said.” That’s just what I said, brother. There is a devil
whom you see every hour; moreover, he stays before you. He deceives you while he knows
you, but you don’t know him. He made up a religion; however, he knows you are born
righteous, and created righteous, but he knows that he has deceived you, making you think
that you and he is the same before God, and that God thinks as much of him as He does of
you. He’s mistaken and you have been deceived.

     You are alright, if you will accept your own religion and stop getting on your knees
asking for forgiveness of your past. All of that is forgiven. God has told me to tell you that
He will forgive us all of the past. Just accept your own now, and go from here. Stop thinking
about what happened in the past. You did not know who you were, nor did you know the
enemy. It is right and just that you should be forgiven for that of which you had no
knowledge. This is what He told me to tell you. Since we don’t have to go down on our
knees for yesterday’s actions, He shows that we go on our knees [being responsible] for today.

      We are a people who have done everything that the devil did, and tried to beat him at
some of it, but we are forgiven for all of that evil. You certainly should be happy, because I
myself was not Elijah Muhammad in those days. I thank Him for forgiving me of the evil
things I did, while I was under the devil, though He said He forgave me, I thank Him for
forgiving me.

      We have no time until motion is made, then we calculate the time from motion. The
Sun is so powerful that it makes everything in its circle move. There, we calculate time, from
the Sun. The Sun being the greatest planet in our Sun family, we can never understand just
why we don’t understand the Sun. That is one planet you can’t understand. It was written
that you can’t understand. God didn’t make it to be understood by you and me, because it is
a divine life put up there for you and I to read. We are to not only read the Sun, but read
what it looks like and what it’s for. What are we to learn from God putting the Sun up there?

     It’s a shining light that doesn’t rotate around nothing, but God Himself. No planet is
attractive enough to force the Sun to bow, but she is attractive enough to force every planet
within her reach to bow.
We have not learned what we should have learned, because of our enemy. The Sun is a
symbol of the work of God; that is why you can’t understand it. You don’t know where she’s
getting her fuel from, but she’s shining. I would like to bring you into the knowledge of that,
but I can’t do it in a few minutes.

    When I asked Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due
forever, to teach me of the Sun, He got up, stood, and looked at me, and said, “If you ask me
again, I won’t visit you no more.” I wondered why couldn’t I ask Him about that. The next day
He came to me and looked as though He was saying to Himself, “The poor boy asked a
question and I’m God. I’m suppose to answer what he asks Me,” He then started teaching me
a little about the Sun – not much though. Oh no, don’t be getting your ears tuned up. I can
say we have a mighty Sun.

      Well, I’ll tell you one thing. A man who is given a world to challenge and bring it to its
knees to Almighty God, he needs to know something. He actually cannot do his work without
plenty knowledge. Take for instance, all I teach, you challenge it, but you never did
challenge Christianity. You just took for granted that Christianity was right. That’s because
you were born in it. You didn’t know any better. I would like for you to think while I teach.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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