by Master Elijah Muhammad


        In past history, you will find when Allah was angry with the people, He always destroyed
that people and took their wealth and gave it to the poor. So, don’t be surprised if you’re
given wealth. I’m talking with people that want to see themselves upgraded. I don’t want it
for myself, I want it for you. I don’t need anything but some clothes to cover my nakedness
and a house to sleep under the roof, when I’m able to sleep.

       I want to thank you for your honor and respect to my wife’s dead body. I never seen a
person’s body honored as you did my wife. You greatly honored it. I was told that there were
somewhat around 5 hundred cars out in that parade. I do think that I couldn’t ask you for
more respect and honor than you gave to my wife’s body. I hope and pray to Allah that the
honor that you gave her, will always be remembered. This is all we can do for a dead body;
that is, to respect it for what it did for us when it was alive.

       These things come by the Will of Allah and we shall quickly forget it, because we are
also on the same road. Not a one of us is on a road that won’t lead to the same destination
(death). Let us not forget that. Prepare ourselves so we will not die unless we die as a
Muslim. It is not mentioned as “Muslim” in the Bible, but it means the same. He says there in
the prayer, “Let me die the death of the righteous.” We glory in Allah to guide us even
through death, that we show the world that we die the death of the righteous.

      This you find with the prophets. Some of them in the Bible pray for the same thing, that
they wanted to die the death of the righteous and they did do so. Although some of them
were slain and murdered; yet, they died a righteous person in the mind and heart, according
to God. They could not have died any better at the hands of an enemy, who violently
destroyed some of them. In this day and time, you can die the death of the righteous if you
live a righteous life. Allah will let you die the death of the righteous. What is meant here,
is that you are not suppose to suffer. A Muslim told me once of a Muslim dying in the Mosque
over in Asia. He said he died on his knees saying his prayers. I said that’s a mighty good
death. I was told about many righteous people and how they sleep. Allah takes them out of
life and they are gone to the life of the unknown, wherein, it has never been known to have
any life there. What I’m saying to you is let us pray to Allah, do righteousness and try and die
the death of the righteous. I pray that each and every one of you will not die unless you are
Muslim. Everybody wants to die easy; this is true and that’s natural. We don’t want to know
it, because that’s the end of us. To be like that, be righteous.

       This is true of our teaching and the Bible bears us witness, for you to hurry, hurry, and
get out of the name of white people. Hurry, hurry and claim the name of Allah and your

people. When we say Allah, many times we are referring to the Supreme One among us,
Allah. His name is Allah, the Supreme Being. We call Him Supreme, because no other being
is His equal. We don’t mean that He’s a spook. There is no such thing as a God having joy in
us, Who is something other than what we are, or some kind of formless something, no. All
the Gods Who ever were for us, were flesh, bone, and blood. That’s what They were. They
never was a formless God, and there never will be. God could not get joy out of us if He was
not one of us. He’s just Supreme in wisdom and has power to Will a thing and it come to pass.

        Let Thy Will be done, Will. He just Wills a thing and it comes to pass. He has conferred
this upon the righteous; that is, if you love Allah, obey Allah and HIs Messengers, Prophets,
and do the Will of Him who is sent to teach you. You also could will a thing and it will come
to pass, but don’t will a thing and then be suspicious of whether it will come to pass or not.
You then are disbelieving in your own prayer to God and disbelieving in God Whom you are
directing your prayer to. Whatever you ask Him in prayer, believe that He heard it and it will
come to pass. If it’s not vain things, then it will come to pass.

      I asked Allah something of which you may not know. I saw my wife in a condition with a
disease. She had a cancer, and it had been with her every since He came to us. He told my
wife in my presence, “Sister you have a sick stomach.” This sick stomach traveled with my
wife up until the day she died. She knew these things and I knew them. I did not want to tell
our sons and daughters of the condition which their mother and my wife was in, or they may
have grieved themselves. I’ve known it for over 30 years, but I kept it to myself. I knew what
was wrong. God had told her and she knew it, but there was no cure for it in the way that
you were taught.

      I asked Allah to bless my wife to come home and die. I said, “Don’t let her die out there
in the hospital of the devil, least he laughs and say, ‘ The prophet brought her to us to heal.
Why did not he go to Master Fard Muhammad if he thought that He was God, to get her
healed?” So, I asked Allah, knowing Allah, in Person, to take her away from that hospital and
let me bring her home to die.

       I said, “Because the devil is bound to laugh at you and me.” I kept asking Him for three
or four times, and I felt that He would do so, and He did do so. I told the doctors that I would
rather see her die at home. So they admitted that I was right, and that they would find some
way to get her out to my house. I said “Yes, she’ll come out. I’ll let her die right here at this
house.” I said, “Because I don’t want to be laughed at by the devil and I don’t want the devil
to try to make mock of the power of our God.”

      There are things in that line which must not be ignored. God is not going to do no
miracle for us unless it’s necessary, when it comes to death, because one day we’re going to
die anyway. As the Holy Qur’an teaches us, “Allah did not design that no man should live
forever.” So don’t be thinking that. It says in the Holy Qur’an, some of us wish that we had a
life of a thousand years. Well, that’s the dread of death. If it pleases Allah we will die very
easy. No one knew when My father had passed. There was no struggle; no, nothing at all,
until the nurse examined him and found him dead.

      I had just left the hospital for an hour, an exact hour. I know what he had told me, “I
wasn’t expecting him to live.” He talked to me very sanely. Before I left, he told me all of
what he had heard the doctors say. So, I left to take my mother away, fearing that she would
break down if I tell her what he had said, pertaining to him passing away from us almost at
anytime. I came home, and before I got settled in a seat good, the telephone rang. They
told me that my father had just passed. I wasn’t surprised. We returned and began making
preparations for his burial. He didn’t make one struggle, they said.

      This is the death which the Holy Qur’an is teaching you of. Die not unless you are a
Muslim, so that you don’t feel the sting of death. It’s a kind of visitor that we don’t never
want to visit us. If he visits us, don’t let us know you are here, just take us away. This is

what the Holy Qur’an teaches, that you pray to Allah that you die the death of the Muslim,
meaning the righteous.

     I have much that I would like to say to you on many of these things. When I think that
you can take it, I’m going to tell you, but I will wait on you. This makes an intelligent person
out of you, when you come and accept your own. You have already accepted the devil. What
you have is the devil’s, and if you want to go along with the devil, there is no objection. We
don’t object to you going to the God that you believe in, but we hope that when the day
comes, Allah won’t miss putting you in the middle of hell, because you rejected your own.
Not on the outskirts of it, but drop you right over in the middle of the lake of fire, because
salvation came to you and you rejected it for the fire. You won’t make no mistake, if it be
the Will of Allah. I won’t make no mistake, because I am suppose to be designed by Allah to
help push you into hell, like Moses help push Pharaoh into hell. I’m in the same position as
that man that you find in the Bible. When you turn me down, I’m going to be all but satisfied.
I will be just like your Bible teach you, “And the Lamb was angry.” I’ve worked for you over 40
years trying to get you into Heaven, and then you turn me down. I wish then to put you in
the middle of hell.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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