by Master Elijah Muhammad


      A man who says that he doesn’t like being a Muslim and he’s a black man, must know that
it’s the very nature of the Black man, being a Muslim. He doesn’t have to ask Allah to make
him a Muslim, but must ask Allah to help him rid himself of the actions and principles of
Satan. He must then ask Allah to give him his actions and principles of self, which he was
made and created in.

      The Holy Qur’an teaches us that by nature we were made or created righteous, but Satan
made us according to his rearing, which is other than righteous. He made us with the mind of
doing as he does. This is why it is so hard to teach and lead our black people of America into
the knowledge of themselves. They were reared by the devil himself. The devil is a
murderer from the beginning. He taught you to murder, but to murder yourselves and he
helps you do that. Get away from wanting to murder each other. You look alike. You are
alike. Why should you want to kill each other? You should want to see each other live. In
just a few days, you will learn that Elijah Muhammad is teaching you the truth. You can
prolong your lives by doing righteousness. You can prolong your lives by eating the right foods
and eating it only when necessary. I have another edition of “How To Eat To Live” coming on
to you. You will soon have it in your hands. God teaches and leads me; meaning, Allah, in the
person of Master Fard Muhammad, teaches me how to teach you how to live and be happy.
When a man has no sickness in his body, we call him happy. He is happy. He doesn’t feel no
pain, then his body is happy.

        My beloved brothers and sisters, this is the life that Allah wants you to enjoy; a life of
happiness. This is known to the Orthodox Muslim world, so much so, that they will hide their
own sickness if they are a little sick. They won’t tell you, because they know they have no
right to be sick. They made themselves sick. It is not the Will of God that you get sick. You
make yourselves sick. It is not God that makes you die, you kill yourselves. He doesn’t have a
set time for you and me to die. We kill ourselves by the way we live.

      “Let Thy will be done, as it is in Heaven,” so says the Christians. He is the One to let
them do His will without being hindered from doing His will. The Christians are so full of
spooky ideas, that they cannot see the reality of God nor His angels. Angels will walk all
around them and eat with them, and they would never know it’s an angel. This is true. This
is because of the far drawn idea that all of these things are immaterial or beings without
flesh. Nothing comes from us that is not flesh. We can see it. We can hear it. We can talk
with it; then, it can’t be something other than flesh. This is the tricknology which the devil
taught our fathers to believe in. All these things are just the opposite of what they really

        Let Thy Will be done. We want the people of Earth to be separated. The people
deserve the Will of Allah to be done. Let them go to Allah and obey Him. Let them believe in
the people of Allah, especially in that Last Messenger whom He has chosen, because I am that

      There’s one thing I would like to say to you that we – we means my followers and self –
are planning on many great things for the South side of Chicago. This is where the greatest
number of us live. We have decided on making the South side of Chicago a very beautiful
place for us to live in. We have decided on building from 7800 block on Cottage Grove to
87th Street on the Eastside stores and warehouses. We’re going to put in these stores
merchandise of which the price will be unbelievable. So much less than what you have been
paying the devil for.

      I was talking with a Pakistanian merchant who came to my home a couple of days ago.
He offers to sell us shoes, of which he had samples, and other merchandise at an unbelievable
price. It was so low that you will have money to carry home to your wife. My idea is to send
my people of ours, around to various people of our kind to order merchandise or wearing
apparel from them. You’re going to be surprised. It’s almost unbelievable.

      We are robbed to the very marrow of our bone by our enemies, who robbed us of our
labor for 400 years. Now he wants to rob us with high prices to keep you a slave, but I think I
have you lined up for a great surprise with everything that you want, coming from the Muslim
world. Why should we spend our money on high-priced merchandise of the Christians, when
more of us are on the planet than they. We have country after country filled with Muslims
and they have merchandise that we need to wear. Why should we waste our money with
enemies, when our brothers will let us have it at a third of the price of what we are paying
here now?

      I’m going to order a few thousand shoes and a few thousand other necessary things that
you do wear. I will pay for them myself if you don’t want to buy them. I will pay for them
and give them to you, to show you how you have been robbed, while calling yourselves
Christians. If you would come over to what you really are, which are Muslims, believers in
Allah and Islam, you can keep about a third of the money you’re spending and live good.
I’m ordering a few ship loads of good fish at a very reasonable price. You can eat them,
and walk the streets with a full stomach of good fresh fish of the good type, then keep the
other part of your money in your pocket. I can get these fish out of all waters of our Earth at
any quantity that I want.

       We want to get started living inexpensively. We can now try anything we want from any
nation of the Earth. We can buy from Russia if we wanted, but I think China and the other

people are better. You can buy from China. You can buy from Korea. You can buy from
Japan, and you can buy from all the Muslim governments of the earth. This is open to you
now. Doors of salvation have been open to you and to me. Let us avail ourselves of such a
great opportunity so that these doors do not close on us. We are up from slavery with
nothing, so let us be wise as Allah is teaching us and his people, and try getting on top with
the world.

       Borrowing money is very hard to do, especially from your enemies. They want to hold
you down. You’re going too fast for them anyway. Promises after promises have been made,
but very little money has been materialized. As you heard about the Muslim countries loaning
us around near three million dollars, that’s true. They are promising us much more, it take
lots of money to build a nation. When you hear us telling of someone giving three or four
million dollars or loaning us three or four million dollars, it’s just like someone loaning you
three or four dollars when you really needed a hundred dollars.

     The people will regret that they were non-helpers to us soon. I tell you of a truth that
is bound to materialize. Allah has promised me millions and billions and hundreds of millions,
and billions of dollars, but I have to wait until it’s time. He will release it certainly on time.
He doesn’t have to go somewhere and borrow it. It’s here in America.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]