by Master Elijah Muhammad


        We are going after the tricknology taught to the world by our enemy, the devil, and
bringing to you reality. Without reality, we can’t change a world; wherein, God and all of His
prophets are believed to be of immaterial things, instead of material things. You cannot do
that. We’ve got to do away with such teaching and beliefs and get the people off the heavens
[in the sky] and the [hell under the] earth, and into looking forward to reality, not spooky

       The devil has poisoned the peoples’ minds into believing in spooks, spirits, and hearing
voices. We can hear each other’s voice if we are good enough. We can tune up on each
other and talk with each other if we are good enough, but if you are not good enough, you
may hear a voice, but you can’t answer it. You can’t converse with the voice.

       There are many men on our earth today who are real righteous. They can tune up on us
and tell us what we’re thinking about from Asia, Africa and other spots on our earth that has
such people among them. This is not impossible for you to do; however, you will have to get
right. Our brains are kind of rusty and kinky, the spiritual part of it, from listening to and
being guided and lead by the enemy. They have our brain a little rusty. If you believe in
Islam, do the things which are right, take away the cankered disease of wickedness out of
your brains, you too will hear.

       In the Bible, you find where David said that the Lord opened up his ears and cause him to
hear; this is referring to us here. We can do wonders, and will do wonders, if we obey Allah
and carry the principles of truth into practice. We will do wondrous things. Allah raised me
up in your midst to do a unbelieving thing that men of science will wonder, “How did it
happen?” I’m not bragging on myself, I brags on Allah.

       Let Thy Will be done. In the creation of Almighty God Himself, I tell you of the
reasonable and possible things. I was not there and have not had any teacher to tell me they
were there. I Have not had a teacher to teach me, except Master Fard Muhammad, of how
things came about and how the things, which man has never known, happened. All we know
is that it happened, but how? That is the question.

        In the making of God Himself, He could not have had a Will until He had brains capable
of thinking. He was Self-Created from an Atom of life. He as well had to produce flesh, bone
and blood from the earth that He was created on. I want you to know this well, and I will
repeat it time and again. I will go to no limit of an argument with you, that He was made on

the very Earth that we are on now. It was not exactly as it is today. It was only an Atom

       Let the Will of God be done, as I said previously, His Will could not be done as long as He
had an enemy powerful enough to force his will against the Will of God, until a certain time.
Now is that certain time in which he can’t force his will against the Will of Allah. The day and
time of having power to force his will against Allah’s and against the representatives of Allah,
the prophets, is up now. He can no more force his will against the righteous, because the
God of the righteous has now appeared in His time and now His Will is being done.

       We all are just not understanding what we should understand. We’ve been carried away
with the devil’s teaching of imaginary and formless things. We must get away from that now
and come into reality. I don’t blame the devil for trying to hide himself as long as he could.
He even goes so far as to say in the Holy Qur’an, referring to you who believe in
righteousness, that he had no authorities over you. He just called you and you came. You
were scared to disobey; but the little man speaking to you from this rostrum don’t fear to
disobey him. If he invites me to that which is other than truth and righteousness, I will
disobey him, and then tell him, “Make me to obey you.” God has taught me so thorough about
the knowledge of the devil, that I’m not afraid to tell him to go jump in the lake. A very fiery
lake is being built for him, not a lake of water, but a lake of fire.

       According the teachings of Allah to me, North America is that lake of fire. Not lake
Michigan, but the lake is on the Earth of North America. The atoms will be exploded and set
afire everything that is on this “Earth” of North America. He said to me, that it will burn for
390 years, close to the time that they have kept us here. It was near 400 years that they kept
us in servitude slavery. So, Allah will burn them for that length of time. He’s just that angry
with them for destroying us, and then making enemies of His people, against Him.

     If you only knew these great words, you would be happier than you are. The Will of God
is the same today as it was when He first made Himself known to us trillions of years ago.
Your will to do something other than righteous is not your will. That’s the will of the devil.
The will of the devil is a foreign enemies’ will to you and me. He didn’t come with us. He
came here late, just 6,000 years ago. The devil was made, not created. He didn’t come with
the creation. This people that we are so disgusted with, and given the run-around by, had
just came here 6,000 years ago. That’s a very short time in comparison to our being on Earth.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]