by Master Elijah Muhammad


          The Will of Allah, let Thy Will be done. Allah’s Will could not be done until the will of
him that was given a certain time to rule us on the planet earth was done. This god must
have the freedom, and the right of that freedom, to rule according to his god. This is the
white race of whom I’m referring. There has been many attempts made by prophets to put a
stop to the will of the devil, to rule the people, but he was the winner. His will had to be
done, because God and the Scientists of God in the world, as we call them prophets, they
could not overcome the devil. He was given 6,000 years to force us under his rule, if he
could. Such people as prophets, he killed them, and imprisoned them to keep them from
interfering with the right of his rule. Up until today, he went after everyone. He is after me
day and night.

           I don’t say that I’m a prophet, because it’s the end of prophets. I’m a Messenger of God
and not a prophet. I’ve got nothing to prophesy, because this is the end of prophesy, so I
have nothing to prophesy. Elijah, the man, is prophesied in the Bible; he’s spoken of in a few
places in the Qur’an as a righteous man, a good man. The Holy Qur’an gives it to him. He was
with the number of those prophets. But it is not exactly referring to him as a prophet,
because Elijah is not to come to prophesy, but to deliver the final message to the people and
join with God. That’s why you don’t find his grave in the Bible nor Holy Qur’an. You don’t find
where they buried Elijah. He must go as it is written of him; not that he lives forever, but
Elijah’s under several other names. The Bible calls this name as meaning “one with God.” It
says that this man’s name means, “God is with us.” That is also a true interpretation. God is
with us today and I am with you.

        The Bible teaches you and me that this Elijah must first come. He doesn’t come after
God. He goes before God, and this is what the book means. He must first come, but right
behind him God will appear.

        The Will of God, “Let Thy Will be done.” The Christians pray “…on Earth as it is in
heaven.” But, you and me never did get the true meaning of what he meant. How can Thy
Will, meaning Allah’s Will, be done as long as the will of the devil is practiced? You cannot
set up the Will of God universally as long as He has a free enemy to attack His Will. We must
rid the people of the open enemy, as the Holy Qur’an teaches, from attacking the truth and
from attacking the truthful ones. We must rid the Earth of such opponents, who are not
secret. They are open opponents. We must rid the Earth of open enemies and secret

       Let Thy Will be done, as it is in heaven, let it be done on earth. Your Will shall not be
hindered by no means and by no one. Therefore, God raises up Himself to fight the final war
for truth, peace and security for the righteous. He comes out Himself to be the champion,
and leads the righteous to victory. It is a great thing to know that His Will comes into
practice and use, in the last days, wherein, God only Wills it and there it is. This is the way it
began at the beginning.

         After God created Himself, He then Willed that the Heavens and that which we see
above, beneath and around us, come to pass. He just Willed that. Here today, we see it.
Here today we are enjoying it. A Will that was made in space, where there were no planets,
and no star light, but His Will comes true and made material things to come out of nothing.
The brain had no limit of power. His Power was forever to be respected and made known,
the Will.

         This is what’s going on today. When a righteous person becomes so righteous, gets so
close to God, God accepts him as His friend. Then the wills of each, is with each other, and
what one wills, the other wills. This is what the Holy Qur’an teaches you and me today, that
the Will of Allah is the will of His Messenger, and the will of His Messenger is the Will of Allah.
“I’ll will grant you whatever thou desire.” Think over that. “Your desire is My desire, My
desire is Your desire. The belief in Me is the belief in the Messenger.” The belief in the
Messenger is the same. Make the Messenger an object to take your chance with Him, if you
believe in the Messenger. That’s sufficient – you believe in me.

          The Messengers will is according to the Will of Allah. He can’t will something opposed to
Allah. Allah has taken over the Messengers heart, mind, and brain, making him to react
according to His Will. Thou will be done; let thou will be done. He’s on time, that His Will
should be done.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]


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