Theology of Time: August 20, 1972 Part 2

by Master Elijah Muhammad


        The Will of God is what I would like to talk with you on for just a while. The Will of
Allah. Let Thy Will be done. We always want God to do His Will, but we are not always
prepared to receive His Will. While we wait for His Will to be done, we are doing our will.
This is not so good. Thy Will be done. We must accept the Will of Allah today and not our
will nor the will of other than Allah. To you who have never heard this name applied to the

Divine Supreme Being, it means that Allah is the Greatest of all and the All-Knowing One, All-
Wise One. You have too many god’s in your religion. We don’t know what God you mean. You

curse with the name of God and you’re always disrespecting the honor that’s due to that name
if you’re referring to the Supreme Being. We say the Supreme Being and not something in the
sort that you declare Him to be.

        I want you to get this in your mind. We are not worshipping something spooky or some
kind of formless spirit up in the sky. We have never seen anything up there but sky, stars,
planets, and that’s all we can see up there. We don’t see no God walking in the midst of them
telling us on Earth that, “I am the God up here and I am the God down there.” We don’t hear
that. The scientists have made glasses [telescopes] so far reaching into space, that they can
tell what’s on the surface of planets millions of miles away. So, what should we be
worshipping when it is that which we know nothing about?

        It’s just a lie which the devil told us, that God was not Man. He know better, but he
didn’t want you to worship Allah as a Man. He has even got some of the Orthodox Muslims
believing such lies, that Allah is not a Man. The Holy Qur’an teach you of them, saying that
the “Messenger believes in a man.” I don’t like to challenge you in no such argument when I
know you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        That is why we have a Day of Judgment to test out all of these things that people claim
to believe in. Allah says in His Holy Qur’an, that, “On the judgment day if you bring a god up
beside Myself, you will not be able…,” in words to say, “…to win.” “There is no God…” He
says, “…but Me. I am Allah, the Best Knower, I am Allah.” Think over that. “If you want to
make a spook out of me look at me good. I’m not a spook, but I am Allah.” I stayed with Him
and He taught me for three years, four months, night and day. If you think you know Allah
better than me, let me question you. If we are not going to have a thorough knowledge of
God on the Judgment Day, when will we have through knowledge? I want you to remember
these things.

          We are not here to tell you other than the truth. We are here to tell you the truth,
because others have gone before who have done the lying, and using things they had no
knowledge of. They would guess and their guessing makes mistakes. The Bible and Qur’an
warns you against such things. One says to Abraham and Ishmael, “To raise up one among
them…”, they prayed for this “…and teach him the book..”, – the Bible,”… and the wisdom,
for many of them they guess at it.”

          The preachers who love to be called preachers, after their white enemies, will kill
himself and his people too, just to have the white man call him Reverend. Well that’s right.
The Bible teach it like this, that, “They love the praise of this world neglect the hereafter.”
They just love to do things that satisfy the blue-eyed Caucasians. I care nothing about his
blue-eyed devils; for its written on the Judgment Day, Allah will gather the guilty blue-eyed.
This means white people. The guilty blue-eyed, He’d gather and push them in a lake of fire.
So, if your blue-eyes don’t believe in Allah and Islam, you’d better change them. Have them
operated on and put some black eyes in.

        The Will of Allah, let Thy Will be done. Allah has not been free to do His Will for the last
6,000 years. This was due to the time given to the devils to do their will, trying to destroy us
from Allah and His Truth. He gave the devils 6,000 years, remember this, to destroy the truth
of us and to destroy us physically.

         I don’t think you have studied this too much. For nearly 40 years I have studied scripture
and history, after Allah taught me for three years and four months. He gave me 104 books to
study. He gave me the number of them and the place where I could find them. I studied,
and He gave me a Holy Qur’an in Arabic, but I couldn’t read it. So, He got me one in Arabic
and English translated by Muhammad Ali of Pakistan. Later He found one translated by Yusuf
Ali of Egypt; He brought me that one. Then He told me, “I will give you a Holy Qur’an when
you learn how to read Arabic, then I will give you a Holy Qur’an in Arabic.” He said, “I made it
myself.” He showed me that Holy Qur’an in Arabic in September last [1971], but I couldn’t
read it. I could only recognize one letter in it. I expect Him within a year to come back with
that same book.

        A man, you can call Him what you want to, given a job as I have been given, can’t take
the material things of this world to bring it in as a foundation for another world. These things
here in books, that I have read, will not do for building a new world. We must have a new

       The Holy Qur’an will live forever, why? Because it has truth in it. I will not say it has
“some” truth, it’s all truth, if you understand. Notice the Holy Qur’an is unlike the Bible. The
Bible is full of prophesy; the Holy Qur’an is not. The Holy Qur’an is a message directly to
Muhammad, the Messenger. This is why it reads, “…say so and so and so. And when they say
so and so and so, you say so and so.” This is a direct message to a student under the
teachings and guidance of Allah. So I want you to understand these things and why the Bible
is a book of prophesy.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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