by Master Elijah Muhammad


       In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful. All holy praises is due Thee Allah, the Lord of
the worlds. The Most Merciful, Master of the day of judgment in which we now live. Thee do
we serve, and Thee do we beseech for divine help. Guide us on the right path, the path of
those upon whom Thou has bestowed favors, not upon those whom Thy wrath has been
brought down, nor of those who go astray after they have heard Thy Teachings. Amen.
I think every believer of Islam who’s on the face of the earth, whether they’re in America
or elsewhere, should be happy to see the day and time that you and I are witnessing here in
North America. Because in the past, there lived prophets and wise men who only read that
this day was to come. If they could have lived to see just half a day that you are looking at
today and living in, they would have been happy.

       We are living in the change of worlds. The old world is going out and the new world is
coming in. This is something that we all should be happy and thankful to Allah for. We should
glorify His name for allowing us to live to bear witness of the change of worlds. It is a
wonderful thing to bear witness of and to see your world, the new world of Islam coming in.
Not the old world of Islam, but a new world of Islam.

       “Behold, I make all things new.” This is what the scripture prophesied of God, that for
the first time, you will witness seeing Him in person. All in the past, except with Moses, the
God was not seen in person, because it would bring about a change. The change was not to
come in those days, that would have been a permanent change; therefore, you and I are lucky
to be living here today to see the God that will set up the kingdom of Islam to live forever
without any future interference. There never will be an enemy openly attacking Islam, the

religion of truth, and righteousness anymore. There is no future prophesy of any. This is the
end of opposition and attacks against the righteous and their religion of Islam.
Islam has a beautiful name corresponding with the principles and beliefs. It is very
beautiful. It is doing away with so many Gods that have cropped up in our midst and before
our face, since the making of Yakub’s world. Yakub is the name of the God Who made the
white race and he made them for the purpose of destroying Islam. But, he missed, and I think
that should be a warning forever; that a man can work hard for 6,000 years trying to destroy
the religion of Allah, but missed. We are still here…

       Now take the Pakistanian Muslim who also translates the Holy Quran, this man’s name
also is Ali. They both (Maulana Muhammad Ali &Yusuf Ali-of Egypt) mean good, but being a
Muslim myself, I want Allah to have all the credit that we can give Him without mistake.
I love saying Allah. I love to read the Holy Qur’an saying Allah and teaching me of Allah.
Allah is a great name for the Divine Supreme Being, because it covers everything. It means
All. Everywhere God is mentioned, He is there. He’s All in All. So, I like that name.
He says in the 5th chapter, 119th verse of the Holy Qur’an – they use the word “Surah.”

        Since we’re not so familiar with the Arab language, we use the word “verse,” which we can
understand, . “Allah will say: This is a day when their truth will profit the truthful ones.”
This is a day on which the truthful will prosper from his truth. Being truthful in the midst of
falsehood and get no credit for being truthful, then God will have to defend your truth and
yourself too, because you are in the midst of people who love untruth and not truth. There is
a day, He says here in the 5th Surah of the Holy Qur’an, that it will come when the “truthful’s
truth will benefit the truthful.”

      If we have served God all of our lives and then a day comes for checking out from those
who are against our way of belief, then if the Author of Truth, of which we have been
believing in will not defend us, then we are lost forever and the author of wickedness and
liars will prosper. It would have been better if we believed in lying, if the liar is going to
triumph over the truthful.

       We have been told all of our lives that a judgment would come and that God will judge
both truthful and untruthful. We find in the Holy Qur’an where the author of other than truth
would try denying misleading us and that he will declare himself a believer in what Allah has
brought to us like crazy Pharaoh. He waited until he was near drowning to death before he
would admit Allah was the Greatest. That didn’t help him much. He had to drown just the
same, but to show you that Allah is All Merciful, He gave him a break for just saying He was
the Greatest, because Pharaoh had tried to make himself the greatest. When he had no
mastery over the water that was taking his life from him, he said, “Allah U Akbar, Allah U
Akbar,” You’re the Greatest, You’re the Greatest. Allah gave him credit for admitting He was
the Greatest.

    There’re many Pharaohs who would like to wait until they see the showdown, then they
will admit to you and me that Allah is the Greatest. This “wait” is just right around the
corner; it’s not very far.


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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