by Master Elijah Muhammad


        Our Three-Year Economic Savings Plan is receiving great response. Those able to give who are
giving, are giving far more than I expected and this includes all of the Muslims. Those unable
to give are in sympathy with our cause. We thank and praise Allah for His coming and blessing
those who have neglected their duty to Allah and self, because of ignorance and fear of those
who put fear in us, and prevent us from uniting for a common cause. If Allah continues to
bless us — and He will — with the progress that we are now making, the set goal will be
accomplished at the end of the three years.

       We, the Muslims, have responded nearly 100 per cent for the past month. This savings plan is
intended for all of our people in America who are from slave parents. It was not meant solely
for the Muslims, but for the entire 22 million of our kind. Let it be remembered that what is
good for the Muslims is good for all of our people here in America, because you are the ones
we are trying to reach with good. A national savings plan for (22 million original black people)
is one of the greatest steps towards financial help against poverty ever set before us since our
so-called 100 years of freedom from slavery.

        The black man or woman refusing to give our Three-Year Savings Plan credit as mentioned
above and who will not contribute to it, cannot be considered a man or woman who wants to
see his or her people out of the chains of want and suffering. We can do nothing constructive
until we unite in a constructive plan for the entire 22 million of our people here in America.
Jealousy, envy and suspicion in and against good planning for us, will always keep us down as
a Nation and will always keep us serving the god of poverty and want.

        If our forefathers had the power of life, to speak from their graves, they would condemn you
for wasting your time and life — after being freed — and not availing yourself of this freedom.
They were forced into slavery against their will, but you are now forcing yourself to remain in
slavery by trying to force the white man to allow you to remain with him and provide for you
as he has always done.

       You must admit that “White America” envies the success and prosperity coming to us
(especially the poor devils in the South). This is why they will not give us an equal chance
with them in that which will bring us progress and success. Since that is true, I am appealing
to you to seek separation from such people on some of this earth that we can call our own,
away from a people who openly show and tell you that they hate you and any or all good that
may come to you.

       Join us (the Muslims) and our program for a united Black Nation, so that we may free
ourselves from our oppressors with whom we cannot get along in peace. Spend only when it is
a “must” and contribute — all of you — all you can to this Three-Year Economic Plan.

We will not, however, be responsible for contributions given or sent other than directly to the
Three-Year Economic Savings Plan, Mosque No. 2, 5335 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago,
Illinois 60615.


[Excerpt from Message to the Blackman in America by Elijah Muhammad]

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