WEB POSTED 01-15-2002

The whole truth about the Messiah

This is the time the Holy Qur’an warned us of “when the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like) É .” (Yusuf Ali translation 81:7) Read footnote 5976.

Now, suppose the conference the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mentioned in 1957 (as noted in my last two articles) was held. Suppose the conferees agreed that the Messiah was present. Suppose they agreed on his identity. Suppose they presented their conclusions in private to the rich and the powerful.

Suppose the rich and powerful either rejected such a meeting, or met with the scriptural scientists, but rejected their views. If these scholars then announced to the people of the earth this most crucial of all information, what would follow?

What would compel the rich and powerful to tell the scriptural scientists that they were ready to serve the Messiah, in his work, to bring in the kingdom of God?

You may say, “Jabril, you have just set up an impossible scenario, not worthy of serious consideration. So there is no need to discuss this any further.”

All right. Suppose such a conference, is never held. That does not mean that the Messiah and his representative is not present. Now, suppose the Messiah is present and has already made his presence publicly known.

Suppose the rich and powerful have already rejected him; the question still stands: what would compel them to bow to him, whether or not they wanted to help with his program?

You say, “The rich and powerful will never submit their wills to the Messiah, or anybody else’s, for that matter, to establish anything they could not control—including God’s kingdom.”

Suppose the forces of nature were turned against them. What then?

We’re taught that Jesus foretold the signs that would prove his reappearance. So, where on earth and among what people would he first appear? Would there be anything unique about these people that would serve as a primary sign of the Messiah’s presence?

It’s written in the scriptures that the Messiah would first appear among the people whose condition would be the most miserable of all human beings who ever lived. The scriptures describe these people under many names, one of which is the dead.

The truth of this is controversial.

Two or more honest people may have done the research required to speak with authority, on any subject, and yet disagree, as long as the entire truth is absent. But are they justified in disagreeing once the whole truth is present?

Many claim there is no such thing as the absolute, or whole truth on any subject. Such people will also tell you that the Supreme Being does not exist. But, Jesus is said to have predicted, in the gospel of John, that a man would one day guide the world into “the full range of truth.”

We may know many truths about the Messiah before he comes. But when he comes, we then have the opportunity to get the whole truth from him as God wills, if we are open to him. Do we have the whole truth of the Messiah? If we say, “Yes,” we’re saying he’s present.

The public position of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scholars on the Messiah, and the people among whom he is to first appear is available. They don’t publicly teach that Black people are the people among whom the Messiah first appears.

But this is exactly what Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches. He teaches that the Black man and woman of America are the ones—the dead—among whom the Messiah was to, and did, first appear.

Now, if you make a careful comparison of the scriptures you might agree with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that the Messiah was to first appear among the dead.

If this is so, there is complete correspondence between the scripture’s teachings on the people among whom the Messiah first appears, and Black people of America. Furthermore, without getting into the details and definitions, which Minister Farrakhan and his teacher have already given, we can truthfully say that the work of the Messiah in America has been going on for a little better than 70 years. If this is so, then again, there is complete correspondence between what is written in the scriptures and his work among Black people for the last seven decades.

It’s obvious that the scriptures must be reinterpreted. One reason is, that prior to the arrival of the Messiah the world was to be ruled by Satan. That obviously hampered the pursuit of sincere seekers of truth—especially the ultimate of truths—that includes the truth of the Messiah, which Satan cannot be expected to tell. Moreover, the scholars came to believe what they do under Satan’s rule. So they have been studying the scriptures in near darkness.

Although the scriptures contain the whole truth, up to the end of this world, they had to be written in such way so that it could not be known before the end of Satan’s time. So the question is, not do the scriptures require interpretation, but who, other than God or one directly taught by Him, could give the true meanings of, or accurately interpret the scriptures, not just for the poor, weak and the needy, but also for the so-called rich and powerful—and are we ready to accept it?

Certainly, the Christians claim that this divine interpreter was here 2,000 years ago. They said he was and brought the whole truth. But Christians disagree so much concerning Jesus that one seeking the truth of him from them can easily get confused. Such confusion abounds now.

Another fact, is as Minister Farrakhan once put it—and I’m paraphrasing him—the Messiah is the truth of himself. In other words, when he comes, he will have a far superior understanding of the scriptural references, or prophesies, concerning himself, in contrast to the understanding of the people among whom he first appears. As ever increasing truths are revealed of him, a change is produced in the people (and of everything else too) concerning him.

Minister Abdul Allah’s recent writings on How To Eat To Live, reminds me of Jesus’ saying that he came to give life more abundantly. (John 10:10)

In Nutritional Biochemistry, 2nd edition, by Mr. Tom Brody, we read: “Some beans contain significant quantities of the sugars raffinose and starchyose. These sugars are not digestible by enzymes produced by humans. Among the beans that contain raffinose and starchyose are lima beans, snap beans.”

Most of us are not biochemists, but we can immediately benefit from the wisdom of the Messiah, coming through Minister Farrakhan, even when strange or undesirable to us. So we’re advised in How To Eat To Live against lima beans—as well as other forms of death—even though we may love them.

Black people, in America, are really written of throughout the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. Think on this as you walk among people.

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