(Original date of publication Oct,13-2013)

As Guided to be published by The Ayin, Master Fard Muhammad

As-Salaam Alaikum Beloved Masters in the making and Chelas on the path of light and The Mastery of The Science of Being. I would also like to greet,every FOI within the ranks of the Nation of Islam.

I have come today with a quick but “VITAL” posting from The Theology of Time. This section was chosen by Master Fard Muhammad himself a few days ago to be published for the reflection and the reminding of “The Time and What Must be done”.

This note is particularly addressing the FOI.

Master Fard Muhammad has been chiding, warning, reproving but more importantly guiding us out of the path of his WRATH AND ANGER FOR THE REBELLIOUS AND DISBELIEVING AMONG THE MEN. Your little brother, the Mahatmas, has come before you are today small and humble, gentle but in pain, asking, requesting and petitioning the FOI to please, consider the words that I was instructed to publish to you this day.Please reflect, please accept the way of righteousness,they way of our Lord, our God,The Ayin of The Cosmos, Master Fard Muhammad.

Now to the issue at hand!

Master Fard Muhammad, has become very angered, over the increased and perpetual acts of fornication, adultery,and whore mongering among those who call themselves the FOI, and or followers of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.He has outright moaned in his spirit because of our transgression, our forsaking of the right way, and our only true Savior and God. Ohh, beloved brothers, the Time and What Must be done, has come upon us. To either become robed in White Or Die bathed in your own blood while being stamped upon your forehead with misery, grief, and diseases that will follow you all your days for seeking refuge in your hollow gods and foul desires; the Delilahs of your hearts, the Women of this World.

Now to the words of Elijah Muhammad~

“The Bible says that Delilah was a terribly tricky woman. She tricked Samson into going and coming. And Samson was very foolish to let her trick him. She said to Samson, “Oh, Samson where lies your strength?” That was not enough for Samson not to be fooled. If she was so anxious to find out where his great strength lay, he should have been smart enough to never tell her; especially when she was not one of his people. He then made an attempt to see if she was putting one over on him. She was, then he went right back and let her trick him again. You are modern Samsons. Please, brothers, do not let Delilah’s sister, a deceiver, trick you like that. They are falsely making love with you. They don’t love you. They only want you to go to the fire like they are in for. Read that and study it well. This means a modern Samson and a modern Delilah. She’s out there just looking and winking her blue eyes at you only for winking you into hell fire. They don’t love you today any more than they loved you yesterday, but they want to get you to go to hell with them, believe it or not.”

Now enclosing:

The Now enclosing:

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew that the last trick of our enemy would be with the WHITE MAN’s WOMAN. But remember he didn’t say the white woman, but HIS WOMAN, this here denoted possession beloved Brothers. The White Man has gained possession not only over the mind of the white woman but also many of your own women brothers. What is it that has given your enemy possession over the women that you have allowed to trick you, coming and going, the Delilahs of the Book?


He has captivated your women by giving them what they desire of the material world in exchange for them doing his bidding, his bidding is to bring you literally to your knees making you to take them and your lower desires as a God besides The True and Only God. They have sat themselves in the seat of God as if they are God, unknowingly.

Now for those who have a hard time referencing my words up above to the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad words.
( please see the book, Message to The Blackman.)

I’ll post a portion of it here for you all to see.

Message to The Blackman

Elijah Muhammad~

“The serpent, the devil, dragon, satan, seems to have been seeking the weaker part of man (the woman) to bring to naught the man, the Divine Man. It is his first and last trick to deceive the people of God through the woman or with the woman.

(Now let’s pause for 1 second, who is this weaker part of self, that Yakub’s made man was seeking to get to destroy you FOI? The only weaker part of you is the Black Woman and a few Whites ones that want to be among the Blackman. So, from a careful study of Elijah’s words, this would be his first and his last trick to bring us into disfavor with our God and Saviour. Can you Brothers see the evidence of this today? How many of us have taken shelter with the whore mongering women of this world?

Yes, women that YOU have made and kept in a condition of being whores by not living up to the standard in which we have pledged to live? How many of us have ransomed our virtue and our place in heaven for a poisoned womb, with wide thighs and breast that have gazed the eyes of every man in your neighborhood and a few in the white man’s office closets, you know, those Sisters who have given away their virtue for a shiny nickel of the white man. How many of you have become infected with diseases of every type because you have tried to slip away from the Messenger and his Apostle, into the skunk tail, of the foul women of this world while saying in the next breath, ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO ALLAH.

Hmmmmm, please think on this.

How many of you are being burned daily with the summons to pay child support and witnessing the destruction of your little girl and boy children by the harlots , heathen women of this world? Showing them, and rearing them up in the ways of your open enemies making them food for the slaughter of the very Lord you profess to serve. How many of us have done this and are doing this as I type? BRINGING THE ANGER OF OUR GOD AND HIS CHRIST FOR YOU AND THOSE CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN LABELED BASTARDS OF SOCIETY!

please, PLEASE,FOI, deliberate this humble warning from your brother, AND FROM MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD HIMSELF.

continuing on

Elijah Muhammad~

” He is using his woman to tempt the black man by parading her half-nude before his eyes and with public love-making, indecent kissing and dancing over radio and television screens and throughout their public papers and magazines.”

Now, how many of these types of women have we wifed as FOI? Please think on this, How many of these women have you impregnated to bear your children, making them food for the slaughter of your LORD? How many of the video vixens have you allowed to receive your precious seed? BUT YET WE COMPLAIN ABOUT THE MGT AND THEIR CONDITION WHEN WE HAVE MADE THEM THAT WAY BY BEING HORRIBLE MEN AND REFLECTIONS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Ohh, beloved Brothers, we have reaped what we have sown.

continuing on

Elijah Muhammad~

“He is flooding the world with propaganda against God and His true religion, Islam. He stands before the so-called “” Negro woman to deceive her by feigning love and love-making with her, give the so-called Negro woman preference over her husband or brother in hiring. In some cities, the Negro woman receives as much higher salary than the so-called Negro man. The devil takes the so-called Negro woman and puts his hands and arms around her body. She may be married or single, it makes no difference. Whenever he can he is making eyes at her. This is an outright destruction of the moral principles of the black man.”

Now to the MGT.

How many of you Sisters have allowed this desire for the white man’s world to make you other than yourself? How many of you have thrown away your garments, thrown away your virtue and have abandoned your children and husbands and Ex husbands for a shiny nickel from your benevolent Master and Slave Maker?

Elijah Muhammad~

” In some cities, we convert five to one woman. The so-called Negroes should unite and put a stop to the destruction of their women by the serpent. The woman in (Rev. 12:4) actually refers to the last Apostle of God, and her child refers to his followers, or the entire Negro race as they are called who are not ready to be delivered (go to their own).”

(Text from “Message To The Blackman,” 1965.)

Now to end this Message of Warning and Guidance

Every FOI and MGT must answer the question, and answer it truthfully. How long will it be before the Wrath of Allah (Master Fard Muhammad) come to us because of our rebellion? What will be the end of us when his wrath reaches us, reaches you?

Your little, little, little Brother in the cause of Islam and little helper of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan

Gary Mahatmas Muhammad