The Vision of the undermining of the Man-men of God)

Gary Mahatmas Muhammad vision of the Idolaters

The Vision of how our Nation became filled with Idolaters

Mystic Masters Ashram

September 13, 2017 ·

Thank you beloved Wife and Friend Afiya Mahatmas Muhammad for sharing with me Bro Jabril’s timely words.

(In my Vision just 2 short days ago, Bro Jabril Muhammad offers a very direct and concise answer to the problem that I was being shown that the Man of God was facing when bringing about order and reform in the class room of God. He was being undermined by the 1st Teacher of the children.This sad state of affair stunted the progress that he could’ve made in such a very short time. If reform is to take place in our children the women will have to render their UNDYING support to the Man and men of God who will have to implement intense force and in some cases
“”removal”” of such students that won’t submit to reform. If the 1st Teacher don’t do this she will forever be limited to a condition that will never see her enjoying heaven while SHE lives.)

Brother Jabril Muhammad:

I believe Master Fard Muhammad was coming from the very beginning of the First God’s self creation, in a certain sense. This vacuum, in my humble view—to be corrected with greater light— was the ultimate result or consequence of the ending of the First God’s work or even His effect. Hence, and grandest of all renewals, restorations or the regeneration, about which Jesus is said to have spoken.

The regeneration cannot take place without the willingness, the loving cooperation of the Black women—God’s second self. She must help the Black men meet their responsibilities to build the new world.

(repost of the Vision of the undermining of the Man-men of God)

Gary Mahatmas Muhammad vision of the Idolaters

The Vision of how our Nation became filled with Idolaters

In a Vision I was given 2 Days ago Sept 10 2017 (false Gregorian time) , I was shown that the attendants of the True way of God had fallen victim to idolatry as mentioned in the Holy Quran and Bible under the theme of the children of Israel whom were under Moses and Aaron.

I was shown that

1. The men were guilty of sacrificing their male children to the god of sport and play (basketball and football) similar to that which happened to the god of Moloch (fire god)

2. Some women took the god of needing attention for an Idol . They forsook the way and law of God to facilitate their need for attention.

3. Some of the other men took the woman as a god besides God. The men were rejecting the divine instructions of God because they became idolaters of the form of women.

4. and others took themselves as a god besides God also known as being lovers of themselves because they refused to hear anyone and did whatever they pleased which was against anything that God had instructed his people as a whole.
I was grieved in the experience because after seeing this, the one that was sent to bring order to the idolaters that had now filled the class room was simultaneously being undermined by the Sister who was over the children in the Class Room. I struggled to understand what I was seeing at first, then concluded that the Man of God and his work was being undermined by the very women who called upon God to send them a Savior for their children. Yes in the experience the woman called upon the Man of God to bring order to the class room that was in disarray. This Sister represented the 1st teacher of the children and I was being shown that many of the sisters although desiring help don’t have the heart to see the method of force and power implemented to bring order to a Nation that has fallen victim to idolatry and rebellion !

This publication is a truthful although painful rendition of what was shown to me Sept 10 2017 (False Gregorian Calendar Time)
I warn you because I love you and I hope to inspire us to change our ways and behavior because chastisement is on the way family.

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