As Salaam Alaikum dear family

I was shown in a very difficult vision this evening that our dear Sisters the MGT are having a very difficult time in marriage and with marriage because many have been fed the disillusioned bedtime stories of this world in their younger years or lives as children. Our sisters and women’s dear family have grown heavily inclined to fill themselves with desires and hopes for re-enacting that life , those concepts for what a marriage is which are all rooted in white fantasy. Many of our dear Sisters don’t know this is the root of their unhappiness and ability to settle lovingly with the reality of what a black marriage is and can’t quite figure out why marriage as WE ( BLACK PEOPLE ) experience never seems to give them the fulfillment they desire. I was shown because they were given from the onset the wrong idea of what marriage is and their purpose in that marriage that such unions are destined to fail. They will fail because our women are looking to be swept off their feet by a knight in shining armor to be placed on a throne that’s already established by the Knights family predecessors living a lifestyle free of worry and trial, versus understanding that they have to help make a NEW knight for God in shining armor and then make war to retake a thrown that was rightfully theirs from the start while understanding that trial and difficulty is ordained for us all to reach our perfection for this moment in time, which means pain and a lot of it. I’m sorry to say dear Sisters that if you continue to approach your marriages in this way it will not allow you to achieve the things that grant soul happiness in this world.
I offer this commentary to further aid us ALL in our misunderstandings of how many are approaching their marriages and their roles in that marriage.

Your brother in the faith

” Most of your misery as women comes from your lack of knowledge of your purpose and not being in harmony with your purpose after you know what that purpose is, because after knowing your purpose then you, sister, have to commit yourself to be who and what you are. That’s more difficult than knowing. It’s much more difficult to be who and what you are. ”

– Master Louis Farrakhan