(The following article is an edited version of remarks made by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during an historic trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Tehran. This powerful message, delivered February 10, 2016, offers guidance and direction for the Muslim World, contains an important warning about the challenges faced by Muslims and how to navigate through these perilous times.)


It was a great honor and privilege to be in Iran to celebrate with the Iranian people the 37th anniversary of a great revolution that brought Islam back to Iran in a manner that makes it an example for all Muslims throughout the world.

It was a great opportunity to share with our brothers and sisters in Iran what we are doing in the United States of America, the Caribbean, Central and South America and in Africa and what we can do together to facilitate the American people’s knowledge of Iran.

Whenever America wants to destroy a nation, a people, they must first demonize them and the Zionist-controlled media in America has chosen to demonize Iran. Not because Iran is a demon but the demon is the demonizer.

A man came to North America to start the process of bringing every Black man woman and child back to Islam which is the original religion that the slaves had when they were brought to America and they were stripped of that religion.

Coming out of slavery we were made Christians, however, almost every member of the Nation of Islam has become a Muslim coming out of Christianity.

But we have very close ties to our brothers and sisters who are Christian because our family, our friends are Christians so we teach our people who are Christians what we have learned of Jesus from the Holy Qur’an.

We believe Imam Mahdi, who we know by the name Master Fard Muhammad, came to North America and revealed himself to us on July 4, 1930. He raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to be his messenger to us. Elijah Muhammad who only went to the 3rd grade of school in Western education was taught by Master Fard Muhammad for 3 years and 4 months and he made Elijah Muhammad a master teacher. Malcolm X, who only went to the 8th grade, was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Malcolm X could never be defeated by Western scholars because a master taught him to think outside of the box of Western education rooted in White supremacy.

Most of us have the surname Muhammad, for Master Fard Muhammad, the founder of the nation, Elijah Muhammad, as the one who established the Nation, like a spiritual father, so we take that name. It is our duty, our sworn duty, to bring honor to the name Muhammad. It is the name of our Prophet who brought Islam to the world. It is the name of the one we believe and teach is the presence of Al-Mahdi and it is the name of our teacher Elijah Muhammad, who we believe is Massi or Messiah.

We are trying to make as many of our people Muslims as we can by Allah’s help. It started first with Black people because Blacks are the most oppressed, along with the indigenous Native Americans who are called Indians.  We are uniting with our Indian family and Latino family and doing all we can to spread the word of Allah.

Iran, since the revolution brought about by Imam Khomeini, has been under the searchlight of the forces of evil since this revolution was established. The revolution is ongoing and the evolution of the revolution must continue.



 Islam is an ever moving reality and Allah, Rabbil Al-Amin, is moving us toward a more perfect understanding of what was revealed in the Qur’an through Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and various scholars and teachers. But the greatest knowledge of the Qur’an is to be given by a teacher in the Last Days of this present world.

 Allah permits us the privilege, really the honor, of interpreting this book, but the Qur’an warns us that some of the verses of the book are decisive and the basis of the book—but other verses are allegorical. Those in whose hearts is a disease prefer the allegorical. But the Qur’an says none, knows its interpretation save Allah, but those firmly rooted in knowledge say, not that they know it, but “we believe in it, it is all from Allah.”

Belief in the Qur’an is one thing, knowing the Qur’an is another.

We are given credit for belief but the search for the great inner meanings of this book continues. And we must continue to grow and study our faith.

The more we study the Qur’an, the more we see how Islam in its present form and how most of our Muslim World has deviated from this book and deviated from the prophet who gave us this book.

Thus our world is in deep trouble.

The divisions that are plaguing the Islamic world will sentence our world to death, unless we can find the path of unity.

Our goal is to unite with those progressive forces in Islam. But we hope for the unity of our world of Islam. The Qur’an says, you were on the brink of a pit of fire and Allah saved you from it, and united your hearts and made you brethren while before you were enemies.

The enemy has come among us and exploited our divisions and is putting us against each other so that Islam will lose the power that it has inherently to make the entire world Islamic—or submissive to the will of God.

We cannot be successful as long as we are divided and the forces of opposition in America are real. There is no mistake about that, they hate the Iranian revolution.

They want us to kill each other so that Islam will never fulfill what is written of Islam in the Qur’an.

Allah’s word is not going to fail but we are failing if we allow the enemy to come among us and then sow seeds of dissension to get us to fight and kill each other.

In every society on this earth there is dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction on our planet has reached 100 percent—and as our teacher taught us whenever there is 100 percent dissatisfaction this demands a complete universal change and that change is in progress.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran there is dissatisfaction but we do not want that dissatisfaction exploited by Shaitan. He wants to come and he has his operatives in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, everywhere we are. Their aim is to go among the dissatisfied elements in society and inspire them to revolt against order, the government and structure of the nation.

In the Islamic World you have forces now using dissatisfaction to create what the Holy Qur’an condemns—secret councils for sin and revolt. In every Muslim society and in every nation on the earth there is revolt.

Elijah Muhammad stood me up in front of the congregation of Muslims, sat me down in his chair, he wanted me to succeed him, I, like Ali, was the standard bearer of Islam and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad but at the so-called deathbed of my teacher, the family wanted someone else and not I. But here I am because whatever Allah purposes it will come to pass.

The one thing about us in America, though we had a schism—we have never shed the blood of each other.

Imam W.D. Mohammed, the son of Elijah Muhammad, who took over the reins of leadership in the Nation, had advisors that wanted him to kill me and I had advisors who wanted retaliation against them—but the love Elijah Muhammad bred into us would not allow us to take each other’s lives. That is a great example. We have to get away from tribalism in Islam and realize Prophet Muhammad was neither Sunni nor Shiite; he was a Muslim. We are Muslims and we must never exalt a party over the religion.

I would hope dear brothers and sisters that we listen to our young people who seem to be of a different state of mind yet they are our offspring. They are hope of the revolution to continue when we as their elders are gone. We should listen to them, guide them, counsel them so they will never heed the advice of those who counsel them in sin and revolt against a great nation such as the Islamic Republic of Iran. This nation must survive, this nation must grow, this nation must be perfected as the journey is on and it will continue throughout our lifetime. Pray that our young will keep the revolution in an evolutionary spirit.

The forces of evil will try to put out the light of Allah with their mouths or with their pens, but Allah will perfect his light even though the polytheists may be adverse. I have been labeled in America as everything other than what I am. They have said I am an anti-Semite because I criticize Zionist control of the institutions of power in America, the mass media, the Supreme Court. There are nine members of the Supreme Court and even though the Jewish community is a small community, three of the members of the Supreme Court are members of the Jewish faith, three out of the nine.

I’m sorry I don’t like to call them Jews because that’s a good name, these are not Jews they are members of the Synagogue of Satan. They’re Zionists. Pardon me, I like the Qur’anic admonition to speak straight words and I love to speak straight words so it is very clear what we are saying and who we are talking about.  Political language demands political correctness. I would like to be civil but direct.

The U.S. is $19 trillion in debt, a debt she can never repay and when you add to that debt other costs it brings that debt to nearly $60 trillion to $70 trillion.

That is why America will spend 57 percent of her budget on the military and only six percent on education. America cannot allow China to be more well-armed because America owes over $1 trillion and she owes Japan and England. America is a debtor nation, she’s bankrupt.

She only has a military that she uses to threaten the nations of the earth.

Once you lose your fear of her military, you become free, we believe that America’s economy will soon collapse and you will find revolution inside America. It is building today.

The future does not look good for the United States of America.

We are facing global war, the war that is called in the Bible, Armageddon, a war where every nation on this earth will be involved.

The Middle East is the trigger for that war and if we as Muslims lose control of this area and it becomes a cesspool of violence and hatred among us as Muslims the trigger will cause war to break out all over the earth as you see it now in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Egypt.

We are feeling the effect of the planning of a small group of Zionists and some so-called Christians as well. The Synagogue of Satan and its companions are working day and night to destroy any unity among Muslims.

I would appeal to Saudi Arabia to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the two principal players around which many nations are coalescing, the Shia nations coalescing around Iran; the Sunni coalescing around Arabia and other forces as well—the third force is the Russian Orthodox Church—and the enemy is pitting them against each other.

Beloved Muslims Allah says in the Qur’an: They did not become divided until after knowledge came to them, splitting up their religion into sects and parties due to envy and each party rejoicing in their part. All of this started at the deathbed of the Holy Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. Ali was the choice of the Prophet to succeed him. Then the family of Ali, Hussein, Hassan were martyred, you have a split from 1,400 years ago. That divide has not been bridged and America is busy feeding that divide with toxic language to make us fight and kill each another.

I appeal to you as a brother from the West who grew up under this enemy, we have lived under their tyranny for 460 years. We were brought to America as slaves. We were Muslims and they took away from us our names, our language, our history, our God, our culture, killed our parents and raised the children so we would be blind, deaf and dumb to our African roots and our African heritage.

In America there are 50 million of us now who wear the name of our former slave masters, speak the language of our former slave masters. Throughout the Western Hemisphere, we were colonized by the Spanish, colonized by the Portuguese, colonized by the Dutch, colonized by the British. It is time now for the awakening of all of those of us who have been under colonial rule and slavery.

We are Muslims and as Muslims we are commanded by Allah that when Muslims quarrel make peace between the brethren. We have to make peace in this region, otherwise great war will spread in this region. The beautiful cities that I have been blessed to see in the Middle East due to oil revenue, the enemy is envious at what Allah has blessed the Muslims to do with their cities and their countries. The enemy would love nothing more than to bomb them.

Muammar Gadhafi, the leader of Libya, was my friend. I don’t know what you think about Brother Gadhafi. I loved him as a brother, Muammar Gadhafi led his country for 40 years. The country had no debt but Barack Obama demanded that he step down. We saw Brother Gadhafi bring water up out of the desert for his people to farm and produce their own food. We saw him building new infrastructure in Libya.

Out of the oil revenue he armed every Libyan against any force that would come in.

When he came in out of the diplomatic cold and wanted friendship with America I went to my brother and we were sitting close together. I said to Brother Gadhafi: “Brother they will never accept your friendship, their aim is to destroy your revolution and in the end destroy you as well.” He patted me on my thigh as if to say I know.  But in coming out of the cold and giving up his weapons of mass destruction, a member of these Zionists, Richard Perle, who is called the Prince of Darkness, went straight to Benghazi where there was great dissatisfaction against Brother Gadhafi and the CIA set up a plot.

It didn’t take long before the revolt came. Brother Gadhafi said, these are members of Al Qaeda, this is not a legitimate uprising. 

America did not want Brother Gadhafi to survive. So Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, Nicholas Sarkozy in France, and David Cameron in Britain conspired to use military weaponry to stop Brother Gadhafi from putting down the revolt. They killed my brother and buried him in the desert. Look at Libya, what have you done America? What have you done to Iraq? What have you done to Afghanistan? What are you trying to do to Iran and any strong nation with principles?

When America came into Iraq the Sunnis were in power, the Shia were oppressed. When America came in, she pushed the Sunnis completely out, brought the Shia up. America sent billions of dollars to train the new army to protect Iraq. But the Sunnis were upset, angry, they had lost everything. Now they have formed an army, started warring in Iraq and got almost all the way to Baghdad—but America is the culprit.

Osama Bin Laden didn’t destroy the Twin Towers that was a false flag operation to take the world’s attention away from the great disunity in America after George W. Bush stole the election.

I’m not saying things that the wise don’t know—but some may not wish to say it. This is a time in which you can’t hold your tongue and allow the enemy to destroy all of your work.

President Barack Obama, though he is controlled completely by the Zionists, had an independent thought and called President Rouhani and because of that now the sanctions are being lifted. But the warmongers are still in America. And they are saying, “The moment we become president we will tear up this agreement that has been made with Iran.” They are angry, angry, angry that they had to release Iranian money and they are acting as though it was their money. The way they talk to the American public: “We gave Iran $150 billion.”  No. They released that they were desirous of stealing and now they are saying they are afraid of what you are going to do with it.

As we drove through Tehran, I saw the cranes, new buildings going up, this is a great nation, a wonderful nation and the sanctions only made you stronger because you had to dig deep within yourself to show the world that it will never crush this revolution.

That’s why I was honored to be here, happy to be here, happy to be your brother and we pray that Allah will bless us to go back to America and represent the beauty of what we know, what we have seen, what we heard and that the American people may wish to travel to Iran and see the beauty of a righteous society. A society where alcohol, gambling and drugs are unacceptable.  This is a wonderful country.

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