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The ultimate perspective of science

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Today, Friday the 13th, I was blessed to be part of the MSNBC-TV audience who saw and heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan fulfilling what was written of him, thousands of years ago, as he appeared on the Buchanan And Press program. He was questioned on President Bush’s plans to make war on Iraq—a very critical issue. Minister Farrakhan came across simultaneously, as he is; principled, knowledgeable, passionate and fearless. Get the tape—preferably the video version.


We’re continuing the concluding parts of the May 1st interview of Minister Farrakhan, which includes the Messianic work with science to accomplish the resurrection of the dead.

Minister Farrakhan: “So he [the Messianic figure] is to harmonize the Torah, the Gospel and the Qur’an; taking the universal principles they contain and marry them even to the contemporary teachings of the Prophet and use it all in a way to produce medicine for the sin-sick condition of humanity. That is the work of a true minister of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad today.

“I think that is why he [the Honorable Elijah Muhammad] wanted his ministers to pattern after the Minister. I think this is why he said of me, ‘Brother, I did not make you.’ And I said, ‘Oh, yes, you did make me dear Apostle.’ He said, ‘No, I didn’t.’ And I insisted that he made me. He insisted that he didn’t. Finally, his insistence wore my insistence down by his saying ‘No, Brother, I gave you the same that I gave everybody else. But only Allah could show you how to put the teachings together as you do. No, Brother, Allah made you for me.’ “

A pattern, in this context, means “a plan or model used as a guide for making something; a model that is considered to be worthy of imitation.” Of course, imitation is not what Minister Farrakhan desires of his helpers. He explained this in article (Vol. 21-No. 45) when, in part, he stated:

“Learning of a man is learning the inner workings of his mind, which then gives you the spirit out of which he does what he does and this is why God is using him.”

[For his whole answer, please read the article.]

Brother Jabril: “Brother Minister, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that there were three scientific fields of knowledge that the slave master did not want the slave to ever learn. What are those areas of knowledge and what has that ignorance produced in us as a people? How does knowledge of music, medicine, and color, help in overcoming that ignorance?

Minister Farrakhan: “The three sciences, as I recall, were: number 1) the science of business, 2) science of warfare, 3) the science of mating.

“In the word business is: b-u-s-i, and the i is interchangeable with y, ‘busy.’

“When a person is busy, they’re active. So the science of business is the science of the life activity. The life activity, that is dictated by the nature in which we’re created, is that we must utilize what God is giving to us; develop it through knowledge and use that with what God has already put here to become productive; to be producers.

“So the science of business is the knowledge of how to satisfy the natural needs of a human being in the manner that pleases God. Business, which takes, of course, into consideration the acquisition of wealth; the proper use of wealth or the creation of wealth; the making of a product; the sale and distribution of what one makes; the creation of a means of satisfying necessities—food, clothing, shelter, trade, and commerce—all of this is really a science.

“When one does not know it, then we are subjected to the one who does know it. We become their servant, and, at worse, their slave. So if the enemy wanted to keep us as perpetual slaves, this then is a science that we were not to become familiar with because that would free us from the state of dependence that a slave existence determines.

“Second is the science of warfare. One must know how to protect what one develops from an enemy. So the science of warfare is a science that can free you from an enemy as well as protect you from an enemy. Since the enemy did not want us ever to be freed from them, nor able to protect ourselves from their wickedness, they never wanted us to learn the science of warfare.

“The third science is the science of mating: to know how to properly marry this or that in order to produce a better future. They learned how to produce great horses, pedigreed dogs and how to do this with other life in the animal kingdom. This same science is applicable in the human sphere.

(He touched an example where Caucasians used this knowledge among themselves in Europe.)

“They did not wish for us to learn that science because that would mean that through proper mating we might produce those that would free us from their grip, ultimately and challenge their rulership over us and over the planet. So these three basic sciences were not to be taught to us.

“Now, we were taught the science of music, but we were never taught how to marry the science of music to the science of life. We were taught the science of medicine, but we were taught it in a way that we could never relate it spiritually to the overall sick condition of even the doctor who learned it, and to the sick condition of our people, and to the sick condition of our world. We were in art courses that taught us the science of color, but we never learned how to apply it as a force for healing.

“So it is only after learning the wisdom of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that we could utilize these various sciences and turn these sciences into instruments of healing. It is only after coming into the light of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us of the knowledge of God, and self, and of the enemy of God and self, and the true religion of God, that we could then go after the science of business; the science of warfare, and the science of mating, that we would never again be a slave to any man, dependent on other human beings for our food, clothing, and shelter and the necessities of life and that we would become producers of this for ourselves.

“So we thank Allah for His coming and giving to us such a masterful teacher, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”

The next question opened with: “Now, we come to all of these sciences from another angle or I should say from the ultimate perspective. “

Here is where we get into—not just the explanation of all things—but the roots of this explanation. The fact that this has been explained is enough to tell us that God is present.

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More next issue, Allah willing.

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