[Editor’s note: The following article is a compilation of excerpts containing words of guidance from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the subject of “UFOs” and “government cover-up”:  The first, Dr. Jaime Maussan’s “Disclosure Interview” with Minister Farrakhan conducted Friday, February 25, 2011; and second, the closing remarks delivered by Minister Farrakhan at the Historic Saviours’ Day 2011 Plenary Session held February 26, 2011, themed “The Truth About The Existence of UFOs.”  The Final Call strongly urges its readers to obtain the DVD of this thought-provoking, jaw-dropping Plenary Session of February 26, 2011 featuring a panel of world renowned international scientists and researchers who presented extraordinary evidence on what is, indeed, “above our heads.”]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.


Dr. Jaime Maussan [intro]:  Undoubtedly, [it] is interesting to have a conversation with Louis Farrakhan:  A man who lead a march of one million men in Washington; a man known as a successor of [one of] the most important Black leaders in the United States.  Surprisingly, this man speaks openly about the UFO phenomenon.

He told us [this] is not only a reality, but also that [it] is inevitable, and that soon the world will know about this extraordinary reality.


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (HMLF):  …It has been a secret—“above top secret”—in the United States, and in governments around the world.  But more recently, governments have decided to expose to their populace the reality of the existence of these so-called Unidentified Flying Objects [“UFOs”].


Slide presentation of film footage presented at Saviours’ Day 2011 UFO plenary session.

Dr. Jaime Maussan:  Do you think it’s time, now, to let everybody know about this?  Are we ready for this?


HMLF:  Whether those in power think “it’s time” or “not” is immaterial, or irrelevant; because these Wheels are now being seen over the major cities.  And when human beings of intelligence can look up, and see these phenomenon—or th[ese] phenomena:  How can you keep hiding it in the midst of thousands upon thousands of people now seeing them?

And in this modern age of technology, with recording instruments in a telephone—that is now in the hands of millions and billions of people:  Then when they [these Wheels] show up, the people film it! 

So now, what can you say now?  You could say it was “swamp gas” yesterday; you could say it was a “balloon”…  You could say it was all these “explain away techniques” of masterful liars and artful deceivers.  But today:  It is time!  And now it is being made manifest.  So somebody has to answer the question[s]: 

“What are they?” 

“Why are they there?” 

“Why have they been over all the atomic installations not only in America, but all over the world?” 

“Why has the power from these so-called Unidentified Flying Objects [“UFOs”] been able to nullify the power of rockets to go up in case there is an atomic warfare?”


Photographs of crop circles believed to have been made by UFOs.

The Power that these Machines “exercise”—which America has not fully seen yet:  I think it is more than time that the populace of our planet should know: 1.) Where these Wheels are from, 2.) What their real purpose is, and 3.) “Who” is behind it all—then the people can either accept it, or reject it.


Dr. Jaime Maussan:  Are you, in your position, going to ask the American government to “open the files,” like other countries have done, around this “extraterrestrial” or so-called “Wheels” phenomenon?  What is going to be the official position of Islam in the United States?

HMLF:  It doesn’t make any difference to me whether they open them or don’t open them!  Because it’s going to be so evident:  These Wheels will be seen by the American people by the millions in a few days!  So whether they open the files, or not:  How can you continue to lie in the face of the people, seeing with their eyes what you have been trying to hide?

[According to news reports published in December 2010, Julian Assange (of Wikileaks) released information] that [then-Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton wanted the files [and photos of “UFOs”] to be destroyed!   I don’t know the truth of that…  But, if they destroy all of their files:  They can’t destroy The Wheels!  So, [I laugh at that, because] it makes no difference to me:  I wouldn’t care whether they said it, or said it not!  I know the truth of it—and soon, the American people will know the truth of it! 

And if Mexico is willing to show what she knows, and France is willing to show it; Russia is willing; China is willing:  Well, that’s the whole world! So America is going to stand by and still act like it doesn’t exist??  Why would you [America] take such a silly, unscientific, foolish position?  Because you are “the boss of the world”—and you don’t want anybody to think that you don’t have the intelligencethe technologythe firepower to cope with what is above your head.

And I’ll say this, dear, dear brother, in conclusion:  First, I want to thank you, from the depth of my heart, for what you have been doing all these years.  And I’m sure you have had your share of suffering, and rejection, and mockery, and scorn…  But who can mock you now?  Who can reject you now?  Who can say that “Dr. Maussan didn’t know what he was talking about”—when the whole world, now, is talking about it?

So on behalf of the Muslims, and on behalf of all of those who will view your plenary session by webcast that we will send all over the world—thousands here will see it; but hopefully millions will see your presentation, God Willing, on tomorrow [February 26, 2011].  And so, the more that they hear, the more that they see, the more they will know that you always have been telling the truth as you know it.  May God bless you—continue to bless you; and protect you and all those who are willing to stand up for Truth. 

This is our perspective on th[ese] phenomena…



FEBRUARY 26, 2011

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan:  Brothers and sisters, what a great thing to have happened on the 26th day of February.  From what I understand, at this very moment in Tempe, Arizona, UFO-ologists are meeting from all over the world [at the International UFO Congress]; and they have agreed, from what I understand, to look into this meeting today.

And I want them to know that we are with them, and we are with these [UFO-ologists, researchers, scientists of the plenary session], and by The Grace of Almighty God Allah, you can see from everything that we have heard that a new human being is being created for a new world.  And as you may have gleaned, that:  “[UFO investigation] communities” are being formed all over our planet; and what that is above our heads, and above the heads of all members of The Human Family, are literally doing things to bring about a New World.

I, personally, am deeply grateful to Dr. Jaime Maussan, and his colleagues…  [Panelists Dr. Steve ColbernDr. Roger LeirDr. Donald R. Schmitt (United States); Fernando Correa (Mexico); Ademar Gevaerd (Brazil); and Giorgio Carillo and Antonio Urzi (Italy/with translator)].  We are grateful for what they have shared with us.

And I say to you, and to those who may be listening in Tempe, Arizona (at the International UFO Congress):  These men have suffered much to tell The Truth. Their colleagues in Tempe, Arizona from all over the world have suffered much to share with the world their experiences… Many have died, or have been killed, to keep from sharing what they have seen. 

Today, on February the 26th, they meet a community that is unafraid of any government interference…  And we will make known what we have been taught, and what was shared with us today by these great scholars!  We will drive the government of the United States to “open the files,” and make known to the American people The Existence of this Reality!

So, they have in us allies.  They have in us their protectors.  They have in us those that will help them to gain the finance to keep up their research.  They have in us “the community”—that He Who pointed out The Wheel to us 81 years ago: They have Him, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Backing their work!

And if you noticed, in the final messages (referencing Dr. Jaime Maussan’s presentation on “Crop Circles”):  A “Crescent” and a “Star.” 

A Crescent in “The First Quarter,” representing:

“A New Day,”

“A New Islam,”

“A New Christianity,”

“A New Religion”—that will do away with dogma…

“Religion” rooted in science… A Scientific Analysis of The Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad!

Let us stand and give this panel our deep and abiding love and respect, and honor, for what they shared with us today!  We thank our translators, who helped us…  We’re going to have to be multilingual, because Our Mission is just beginning toward the entire world of human beings.

Thank you all for your attention and your attendance.  As-Salaam Alaikum.

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