[Editor’s note: The following article contains a distillation of the hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 6 of his 52-week Lecture Series “The Time and What Must Be Done.” This message originally aired on Saturday, February 16, 2013. This transcript was printed in Volume 32 No. 21, which received limited distribution. It is reprinted here to make sure our readers are able to easily stay up to date on this important series.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Greetings to you. I am Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Representative of The Nation of Islam. The Eternal Leader of The Nation of Islam is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—that Great Preacher of Freedom, Justice and Equality to the Aboriginal People of the Earth, the “Dark People” or “Black People” of the Western Hemisphere, and the Dark People of the world. He is a Warner to the United States of America and the American people, and a Warner to the nations of the Earth.



This is our 6th broadcast message on the subject given to us by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad titled, “The Time and What Must Be Done.” We defined each of these words in previous broadcasts; but one of the words whose meanings I wanted to deal with is the meaning of the word “Time”“A measurement of intervals” that gives you the knowledge of “The Time.”

What we are looking at in The Knowledge of “The Time” is the ending of a world of evil and mischief, and the coming in of a New World based on Truth, Freedom, Justice and Equality. This New World is to be governed by a Government of Peace Headed by God Himself, and His Christ.

The Great Mahdi (“The Self-Guided One”), Who comes to guide all humanity back to the Straight Path of God: He comes to end “the squabble” between religions regarding “Which one is right?” “Which one is more right?” “Which one is truth?” And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that there is no religion that does not contain some truth, but that what is demanded today is a “religion” that is all Truth.

So the Bible teaches that this “Christ figure” would be so powerful in His Knowledge of The Truth that there would be the ending of all “division”—not only in religion, but there would be the ending of all artificial barriers that keep human beings from The Oneness of The Human Family.

The Systems of Belief which form The Foundation of The New World

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the Holy Qur’an only takes us up to The Judgment of the world, so the Holy Qur’an is a Book of Guidance and Preparation—but not “guidance” for those who don’t wish to eschew [guard themselves against] evil! This is a Book of Guidance for those who want to do righteousness!

The Holy Qur’an “introduces itself” in the opening verses of Surah 2 Al-Baqarah (“The Cow”) in this manner: “…This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide to those who keep their duty, Who believe in the Unseen and keep up prayer and spend out of what We have given them, And who believe in that which has been revealed to thee”—Muhammad—“and that which was revealed before thee, and of the Hereafter they are sure. These are on a right course from their Lord and these it is that are successful.” This is to teach us that when this “Jesus” comes into the world, his Message “cleans us up” from the debacle of a world ruled by Satan, and it “washes us clean” in The Life that he is taught to live! And that is why the scripture teaches in the Book of John, Chapter 14, verses 5-7, that when Jesus was asked by a Disciple, “Lord, we know not wither thou goest; and how can we know the way?” Jesus responded: “I am The WayThe Truth and The Life.”

“I am The Way—“I am The Method”—by which you will exhaust The Knowledge of The Time;

“I am The Life to show you The Good to do in such a Time, that you will not experience loss;

“I am not ‘a’ Truth, I am ‘The’ Truth” that the whole world told you would come at the end of this world!

Jesus prophesied of One coming after him in that same name of “Jesus,” and that this One would be “The Spirit of Truth” Who would guide us into “all Truth.” That One is on the scene today.


The Holy Qur’an also speaks of itself in these terms; that it is a “Book of Purification” in that it washes us from the mischief-making of The Mischief Maker; it is a Book that clears up the misunderstandings between the various religions of the world; it is a Book that destroys the artificial barriers that divide the People of God, one from another; and, that it is a Book that exalts “the common thread” between all these “religions.”

But the Holy Qur’an also tells us that there is no other “religion” that will be accepted by God in that Day except the religion of “Islam.” Again, the Holy Qur’an takes us “up to” The Judgment of this world, and not “beyond.” The Bible does the same, for the Bible ends with the prophecy of “144,000 on a new shore,” singing the “Song of Moses,” a new song of Freedom! However, neither of these Books, Bible and Holy Qur’an, give you The Guidance for that New Existence in that New World. This is why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that there will be a “new Islam,” for the Islam that we have is an “Islam” that prepares you for “The Hereafter.”

In “The Hereafter” we don’t have to talk about “homosexuality.” In “The Hereafter” we don’t have to talk about “the wickedness” that brought about the destruction of Noah’s people. In “The Hereafter” we don’t have to talk about “the wayfarer,” “the robbers” and “the thieves” that brought about Prophets of God to end their behavior. In “The Hereafter” we don’t have to talk about “oppressors” and “slave masters.” None of that will be in existence in The New World! So there’s going to be a New Guidance, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Guidance will rest on The Eternal Principles that are The Basis of The Teachings of all of The Prophets.

The “No. 1 Principle” is that Principle of Belief in The Oneness of God; The Belief in His angels, The Belief in His scriptures, The Belief in The Judgment, The Belief in The Time, and, The Belief in Righteousness. All of these Systems of Belief form a Foundation on which will be placed New Wisdom, New Guidance and New Knowledge.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me that The Guidance for that New World will not come “as long as this world is in power.” So as it is written in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, verses 22-24, when “the serpent deceived Adam” and “his eyes came open,” and The God threw the serpent out of The Garden “lest he put his hand to The Tree of Life and become gods as we, and live forever…” And as the Bible teaches us in the Book of Malachi, Chapter 4, verses 1-6, “Satan” and “The Wicked” will “neither have root nor branch,” but will be destroyed completely

Satan, I’m sorry, this is your end. This is the end of your civilization. There is no way, Satan, that you can redeem yourself! “Little devils” that you have made have a chance—but you must be totally destroyed.

I am happy to announce “The Destruction of Satan,” because he has raised so much hell on our planet!

‘Measuring the intervals’ of signs showing The Deliverance of a People is fast approaching

Remember, our subject is “The Time and What Must Be Done.” If a New World is coming, and a New People have been chosen to bring in that world, then here are two questions we must answer: “How can we measure how close we are to The Birth of that New World?” and “How close we are to The Deliverance of The People of God for that New World?” It is similar to the deliverance of a baby.

When a woman is pregnant with new life, the womb expands to accommodate the new life’s growth and development. In that “growth” and “development” inside “the womb of a mother”: That baby takes from the existing body to feed itself, and to grow itself into an independent existence. So the new little one growing in the womb has its own head, its own heart, its own lungs, its own brain, its own feet, its own arms…

Well, that new one yet has to form; has to grow! And when that womb can no longer hold that life, “two things” may happen in order to facilitate its birth:

If the mother does not give up the child naturally, then oft times the child must be taken from the mother. This method may be a “C-Section”—but, the child must be delivered.

But if it goes “the normal route,” then at the appropriate time you “measure the intervals” of contractions, and you measure the centimeters of the vagina; and if the centimeters are such that you can tell, “Uh-oh! The birth is on the way”—and there is a “show,” the “water breaks,” and there is an “issue of blood”—then the head that was once where the feet were: That head turns down toward the opening, so that the head might “forge the way” for this new life.

The latter is to teach us about “leadership”: Thieves and robbers came before Jesus, so at one time Jesus might have looked to the people as “the foot.” But when it came time to deliver the people, The Head had to come into its Rightful Position. And, so it is in “The Birth of a Nation,” or “The Birth of a New World,” or, “The Birth of a People out of The Confines of Oppression.”

Study the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 16, where the scriptures are teaching of “a baby” that was born in an “open field”; where there was no one to swaddle the baby, there was no one to salt the baby; the baby was polluted in its own blood; and, there was no one to perform The Duty of “cutting the umbilical cord” that would free that baby from “the mother.” Then, along came a prophet, who looked at that baby and said, “Live!” because in that state, the baby would surely die.

So when someone came and saw the baby in that condition, and said, “Live,” that person was going to perform a Duty by that child that had never been done by others, which was: First, to cut the umbilical cord; second, to wash that baby from the “pollution of the blood,” the “afterbirth” that had come down; next, to “salt the baby,” then “swaddle the baby”; and then, the baby had to be “nursed to strength.”

Well here we are, brothers and sisters! Let us look at “the intervals” of our own Deliverance, because we, The Black Man and Woman in America, are “a people” like unto that “baby in an open field.”

Remember what I said in Part 4 of this series of lectures (February 2, 2013), that the time had come that the people should be “delivered”; and that Isaiah The Prophet said, “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or shall the lawful captive be delivered…,” because “our covenant with death” would be disannulled, and “our agreement with hell” will not stand (Isaiah, Chapters 28 and 49). Well, beloved Black People: You’ve made an “agreement” with the hell that you’ve suffered for 450 years; and you’ve made a “covenant with death,” meaning you are in agreement with The Forces of Rebellion, even though you know that your condition must change!


When the question is asked in scripture, “shall the lawful captive be delivered,” look at you: Are you a “lawful captive”? When the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, and they said you were “set free,” but has the “umbilical cord” been cut? No. Has “the blood,” the life of slavery, been washed away from your mind and your spirit? No. Are you “polluted” in the life of a slave? Absolutely! After 150 years of so-called Freedom, we are still laying at the foot of our former slave masters and their children, begging them to do for us what we could, if we were serviced properly, do for ourselves!

Are you “bound”? Are you a “captive” that must be “set free”? Are you not only in a literal prison, but in a spiritual prison, “locked up” in The Darkness of Ignorance? Does not somebody have to do a “service” to us? The “umbilical cord” between us and our former slave masters and their children must be cut! And we must be washed clean of the life that the slave master had us living! That is a Duty that a Righteous Man will perform for us, and that Man is styled in the scriptures of the Bible as “Jesus, The Messiah.” He is styled in the Holy Qur’an as Masih. This “Jesus” came into this world to “free the captive,” to “bind up the broken-hearted”—not “the Jesus of 2,000 years ago” who was a “sign” pointing to The One that would come at the end of the world of Satan!

So in Ezekiel, this “Son of Man” comes by that “baby” who is in a terrible condition in an open field, and the Son of Man said, “Live!” And when Master Fard Muhammad came to The Wilderness of North America, He saw us in a similar condition, and not only said “Live”—but He proceeded to breathe Life into a Dead People.

Master Fard Muhammad raised up Elijah Muhammad, and taught him how to cleanse us from “the blood,” the life that we used to live as chattel slaves, and now presently live as “free slaves,” of our former slave masters and their children. “Live!” He said—and so today, many of us who have heard The Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: We’re not “the same old Negro” that we were! We don’t carry on the same behavior that we once did when we were polluted in the life of slavery. We are not drunkards anymore! We are not thieves! We are not winebibbers anymore! We are not murderers and con men as we once were! We are not college people that are using our “learning” to take advantage of the unlearned! We are a different kind of people!

I want us to see that “The Jesus,” “The Messiah” that we are looking for: He is in the world. … And that “Messiah,” Elijah Muhammad, is my Teacher! And he has missioned me to teach you exactly what he has taught to me to give to you and to the entire world!

I am not speaking to you of “my words,” I am speaking the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that he put in my mouth—and I am faithful to his word, take it, or let it alone! Look at “the intervals” of your calamities: Remember, I’m telling you that God is going to “seize you” with distress and affliction, as The Minister is speaking to you and warning you of “The Time and What Must Be Done”! It’s even closer now than it was when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was among us, for I can say it—and before you can give “the lie” to what I say, you’ll see exactly what I said coming to pass! But it is not “I” that you should be focusing on! It is “Who” I represent!

Now, The Pope says that he is “The Vicar of Christ”; that, The Pope is “seen,” but Christ is “Unseen.” Well, if he is the true “Vicar of Christ,” then whatever The Pope says will “come to pass.” That is not so. The Pope can “pray for peace,” but there is no “peace” coming. There is no peace coming until The Peace-Breaker is exposed and broken in “War.”

But what I say to you, In The Name of The Two that back me: It will come to pass! And soon all of you will come to know it.

‘JUSTICE’: The ‘watchword’ for America as she continues to suffer ever-increasing calamities

Now, what are “The Intervals of Time”? Mothers, when you go to the hospital because the water has broken, and the issue of blood has been seen; and the centimeters in dilation of your cervix are getting more and more in preparation for birth, and you start having labor pains, look at the intervals between “the pains.” Well, the first one will come, and it’s a hard one! Then you get a little “breather.” And then a second one will come; and you’ll get a breather… But the closer you get to “birth,” those pains get quicker and quicker and quicker; and more severe! Sometimes so severe, that the mother would wish death would come to her, to relieve her of such burden.

Well, America: What about The Calamities that you are facing now? As I have warned you, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: God is seizing you now with “distress” and “affliction”—Black and White both, because both are rebelling against God! When Hurricane Sandy came and was doing its job, Nor’easter Athena was coming right behind, so look at all the flooding that took place in New York, and the over 40,000 people throughout the East Coast that don’t have a place to lay their heads. And before that calamity is “over,” look at what started happening on the West coast! And you have forecasted that more than two-thirds of America will experience feeling “The Wrath” of snow and sleet, and hail.

That’s “distress,” that’s “affliction,” America! And more is coming.


America: I am not your “enemy.” We are your best friend, because we are warning you of “what is to come”—and how you can save yourself and lessen this distress! In this message, America, I am informing you that there is a lot that you can do better than what you are doing; so, the “watchword” for you right now is “The Principle of Justice.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “Justice is that Great Principle of ‘fair dealing.’” But, America: You’re not “dealing fairly” with the American people. You’re certainly not “dealing fairly” with Black people, or Brown people. You’re not “dealing fairly” with the people of Africa, and the people of the third world; your policy is to cull 2-3 billion people from this Earth—that is not “justice”!

So, this Great Principle of Fair Dealing, “Justice”: It is a Weapon that The God would use in The Judgment of the world! How does “justice” become a “weapon”? The scripture teaches in the Book of Obadiah, Chapter 1, verse 15“As thou hast done, so shall it be done unto thee…,” and as Jesus said in the Book of Hosea, Chapter 8, verse 7, that you “sow the wind,” but you “reap the whirlwind”—so all the things that you have done around the planet, they are going to “come back home” to us, here in America.

However, the thing that is more important than your “policies abroad” is this: What are your plans for The People that God, The Black Man and Woman, whom God has chosen to be His Own?

When we look at “The Intervals of Calamities”: They are one behind another. Do you know what it’s all about? It’s not about your “policy” toward the Palestinians or Israel, although that’s important; and I will go deeper into that subject in another broadcast, God Willing. Nor is it about “birth control” or these kinds of things that you’re putting on the people of the third world to “cull” the populations of—no! It is about your plans for The Black Man and Woman of America, because the more you plan to get rid of us, rather than do justice by us, you’re hastening The Day of your own doom.

I am not “pleased” to have to say these things to you, but, look about you! Look at what is happening to the country! Look at what’s happening to the economy! Look at what’s happening to you as a people! “Justice” is what you have to practice. And if you refuse to practice “justice”—fair dealing with The Children of The Slaves—then the end of your civilization is not only “in sight,” it has entered America!

Just as “The Last Plague of Pharaoh” that God brought to Pharaoh was a plague of death, then I am sorry to tell you: Death has entered America, as well. Famine is on the way, pestilence is on the way, terrific earthquakes are on the way, all because some of “the wise” of you know “The Time,” but you are afraid to let us go.

Keep watching The Weather, The Forces of Nature, for it is Time, now, that the Black Man and Woman in America must be delivered. It is Time, now, that we should be set free. It is Time, now, that you should help us to go for ourselves. It is Time. And if you did it, some of this stress, distress and affliction that you are suffering will come off of you; and then you can work on what you have to do in the world.

A Solution to ‘The Gun Problem’ in America: Study The Example of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his followers

I would like to close this message with something that you are wrestling with right now, because if you don’t want to do it “God’s Way,” then you are headed in a direction of anarchyrevolution and war.

Inside of America today, there is argument over the topic of “guns”: “Should we limit the sale of these assault weapons to the American people?” While the National Rifle Association (NRA) says, “No, you should not—it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people who kill people”—Stop it. The people with guns are the people that are killing people! That’s why you don’t send your soldiers into war with “a smile,” you send them with a gun, and you teach them how to kill.

So now, here you are, bringing soldiers back home with nothing for them to do. Every day a U.S. soldier is committing suicide: When they come back home, they need help, and that “help,” unfortunately, is not always given to them. Yet, they, too, are “armed,” and they know how to shoot—and they are under great distress from their service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, they are coming home, now… “What are you going to do, America?”

I said in a previous broadcast that we must “consider the context” of the 2nd Amendment: 1) You were just freed in a war with your former masters of England; and 2) You had just become independent, and you did not, at that time, have a “well-regulated militia.” And so the 2nd Amendment says: “A well-regulated militia being necessary for the maintenance of a free state” and “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Well, you didn’t have a well-regulated militia then. Don’t you have that now? The people of America still have “the right to bear arms,” but, what kind of “arms” should they be allowed to have? Since you have a well-regulated police force, well-regulated state troopers, well-regulated National Guard, well-regulated federal troops; and you have a well-regulated “F.B.I.,” “A.T.F.” … That’s enough, don’t you think, to “keep the peace”?

But look at your people who are dissatisfied with your government: According to, the number of “privately-owned firearms” in America—the estimated total number held by civilians in the United States—is “270 million.” According to our research, there are over 300 million weapons in the hands of the American people. The rate of “private gun ownership” in the United States is 88.8 firearms per 100 people; this means, then, that nearly all of the 315 million people in America have arms.

What are you “arming” for? Is it just to protect your residence, your home, your property? Some of the militias have said that they are arming because they are angry with their government, and they feel that the government is robbing them of the Constitutional guarantees of “life,” “liberty” and “the pursuit of happiness.” They see the erosion of democracy, and the rise of fascism in the United States government! What does this portend for the future?

Well, you say that some of these people that are doing this killing, they’re “mentally disturbed.” But I want you to consider this: How many mentally disturbed people are walking the streets of America in need of medication? How many more have medication, but they are not taking it? And, how many are coming back from theaters of war in a disturbed mental state?

When you have a savage people who have lost The Knowledge of themselves, and are living the life of a “beast”: If you put guns in their hands before you make them rational, intelligent human beings, they will resort to “the gun” whenever there’s disagreement or acrimony in settling their problems.

Take, for example, the 500 deaths that occurred in the inner city of Chicago in 2012: Most were by illegal weapons in the hands of people who are not rational! Where did they get them? Who brought them in? These weapons are a means for your self-destruction, brothers and sisters! You don’t need them. “Vengeance belongs to God”—and this “little stuff” that we are doing can’t equal a snowflake when God gets ready to send down snow!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us a Solution to The Problem of Guns with us who are followers of his in The Nation of Islam: He told his followers not to have so much as “a penknife”—so there are no “weapons” in our homes. Why? So that whenever there’s disagreement in the house, or disagreement in the mosque: We settle our disagreement not with “weapons of war” or “fighting,” but we settle our disagreements with rational approach to finding The Truth as a solution to our problems.

We are not “perfect,” but we’re a long way from the savagery that is being practiced in America among the people. We are trying to show the world that we are a people of peace.


Well, America, I think that’s a good example. Think about it, and let’s deal wisely with this “gun situation.” Think about these kinds of assault weapons that are in the hands of people who could get angry “in a moment” over the distress of The Decline of America, and then resort to weapons. Black people and White people: Cut down these assault weapons—unless you are planning to do evil; and, you need them.

I think if you study The Example of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his followers, you’d find a reason to think about a Change.

May God bless us to see The Good in The Guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam. Beloved brothers and sisters, until we meet again by The Grace of God, I pray that you will be guided by The Light of Understanding, and that more peace and joy will come into your lives because you are learning “The Time and What Must Be Done.”