[Editor’s note:  The following article contains a distillation of the hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 21 of his 52-week Lecture Series “The Time and What Must Be Done.”  This message originally aired on Saturday, June 1, 2013.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.



Greetings to you. I am Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that Great Preacher of Freedom, Justice and Equality to the Black man and woman of America and the Western Hemisphere, and the Aboriginal People of the Earth—The Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam, and a Warner to the government and people of the United States of America, and a Warner to the nations of the Earth.


Following last week’s broadcast of “The Time and What Must Be Done” (Part 20), some of our Twitter followers wanted to know: 

“Why are you focusing on Jewish people, when there are so many problems that we have as Black people?”

Our “problem,” brothers and sisters, is that we don’t know “ourselves,” or “The Time.” We don’t know “God,” or “The Enemy of God.” And as long as we are blind to this crucial and critical Knowledge in this Time, then we are open to be deceived, misused, and will continue to be used by our Open Enemy as a “tool” and a willing slave. So it is absolutely necessary that we “untie” you from the forces that have you bound.

Tricks, lies of a ‘written book’ vs.
The Righteous Guidance
of The Revealed Word of God

As we have been discussing “The Synagogue of Satan,” and how these Satanic Jews wrote a book with their hands, the Talmud—to make it “equal” or even “superior” to The Revealed Word of God found in the Torah. Look at what a Pulitzer Prize-winning Jewish American author Herman Wouk, whose novels include The Cane MutinyThe Winds of War, and War and Remembrance, is quoted as saying: “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe—whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists—we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

Are you telling us that the Talmud that refers to non-Jews (goyim) as “savage,” “heathen,” and “useless eaters,” that this is the “right” book to follow? 

Are you saying that a book that allows you to steal from the goyim, mistreat “the heathen,” and mistreat and not guide “the savage,” nor cleanse “the savage,” but, use your position as “a chosen vessel” of your God to be a guide for others to take advantage of them in their ignorance? Is this what you are saying?

Are you saying that it is all right to spit when you pass by a Christian church? 

Are you saying that Jesus of 2,000 years ago, the last prophet to you, that you hate him so much that you say he’s “dead in hell, boiling in excrement”?  

This is written in the Talmud … Is this what you wish to follow? Then let me humbly say to you: You have chosen The Tricknollegy of your Father, Yakub, over The Righteous Guidance of The Prophets of God. And when your tricks and lies are exposed, then this is your “end” entirely. So I hope that you will pay attention to what we are saying, rather than just “dismissing” the Torah and its righteous guidance. If all the members of the Jewish community follow this Talmud, and not the Torah, and not The Revealed Word of God that has come to you prophet after prophet sent to you by The Lord of The Worlds … if this is true, that you follow that which was written “by your own hands”—by your doctors of law, your scholars and your rabbis—rather than that which was sent down by God through His many prophets that He sent to the Israelites, then you have chosen death for yourself, and your seed. 

And this day:  I, Louis Farrakhan, as The Representative of The Messiah, have set before you like Moses did 4,000 years ago “two signs”: one of “life and blessing” and one of “death and cursing.” In the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 30, verse 19, the offer is made that you may “choose life” that you and your seed may live! 

“Death” is at the door of both people, “Jews and Gentiles” and “Blacks”:  The Slave and His Master.

‘The ties that bind’:  The Synagogue of Satan
uses influential ‘pawns’ to mislead masses

To my beloved brothers and sisters, the artists and professional people, to our politicians, and to many of our preachers and athletes and scholars, and persons of great influence among Black people: The “control” of The Synagogue of Satan over our people must be exposed! 

These Satanic ones have not only controlled “hip hop,” but they control, according to their own words, the very messages that are brought to the public! So, these rap artists that come to these recording giants with an “intelligent” rap, a decent rap: When they go to these members of The Synagogue of Satan that control the music industry, these artists are told they don’t want this “intelligent rap”—they want filth, and more filth. So these Satanic minds have encouraged filth, they encourage vulgarity, they have encouraged savagery. They have encouraged that which it appears that we delight in to the point that so much evil and filth is coming across television, radio and movies that “filth” and “vulgarity” are now “the order of the day.” The control exercised by this Synagogue of Satan over Black people in economics, entertainment, sports, politics, media and religion has us “tied” to them, denying us the ability to exercise truly “independent thought and action.”

Those of you who are chess playersWhat is the definition of a “pawn”? According to the dictionary, a pawn is “a state of being pledged to.” In the game of chess, it is “a man of the lowest value,” and it can “only be moved forward, and one square at a time.” A “pawn” is a person used to advance another’s purpose. Unfortunately, “The Synagogue of Satan” has many Black members in it … some Hispanics, some Chinese, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and many members of the Jewish people, unwittingly are “pawns” in The Synagogue of Satan.

To my rap artists: You are being used as a “pawn” in The Game of Satan to help destroy the moral fiber of the American people, and the morality of the entire world! 

In the Book of MatthewChapter 21, verses 1-3, Jesus is speaking to The Disciples, saying unto them: “… Go into the village over against you, and straightway you will find an ass tied, and a colt [tied] with her: Loose them! And bring them unto me. …” 

An “ass,” as you know, is a donkey: A hoofed mammal of the horse family, with a “braying call”; typically, smaller than a horse and with longer ears. Or, when it refers to a human being, it’s “a stupid or foolish person.” 

“colt” is a young, un-castrated male horse; in particular, one less than four years old. A “young colt”:  He’s not castrated, but he’s “tied.”

“And if any man,” Jesus said, “says anything to you about your untying the ass and the colt, tell them, ‘The Lord hath need of them; and straightway He will send them’—that means whoever has them tied, once they know that “The Lord has need of them,” those persons are in “The Valley of Decision”:  1.) “Will you hold what you have tied?” or 2.) “Will you, in obedience to God, send them to The Lord Who seeks them?” 

“The colt” and “the ass” are tied, so Jesus asked The Disciples to “untie” them. That “tie” means, brothers and sisters, that you are belonging to someone or something that you are “tied to”—and you have to be freed from that “tie”! And because Jesus knew that he could be charged with “interfering with another man’s property,” he told The Disciples: “If any man asks you what you are doing, tell them, ‘The Master has come, and has need of them.’”  That’s interesting, because those who have you “tied” think that they are “the master,” and they want you to believe that they are “the master”! 

But a Greater Master is on the scene now; and He is telling His Disciples to “untie” you! And if your present “master” has anything to say, tell them The Real “Master,” God Himself, has come! And He desires to give you a chance to make a great nation, and a great New World—out of the ass and the colt. The scripture is showing that The Master wanted both: “The Unlearned” (the ass) and “The Learned” (the colt) because these were The People of His Choice. 

It’s interesting that “the donkey” is the symbol of the Democratic Party… And we are “tied” to that Party; and maybe we need to be untied, for we are like “the ass”: We are less intelligent than “the colt,” and we are acting very foolishly, and even sometimes stupid, “begging for a job,” “begging for this, begging for that”—that is a sound of the ass! In the Holy Qur’anSurah 31 Al-Luqman, verse 19, it says “the most hateful sound with God” is the braying of an ass … when you cry out, begging: “Give me a job!” “Give me justice!”—instead of saying, in a determined voice, “Let Me Go! That I Might Build a Great Future For Myself and Our People!” Let us stop this “hateful sound” in The Ears of God, of a beggingdependentslave-like human being! Let us stand up, and exercise like free men! And take a step toward independence.


“The Master has come…”—that is “big,” because it is not just that “I have come,” but it is a new “Master” that has come! And this new Master is giving “orders” to The Disciples, and is giving an “instruction” to the old master! 

Study the scripture in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 49, verse 24 where the question is asked: “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive be delivered?” Well, if you won’t let us untie our people from those who have them tied up, then God will have to take “the prey from the mighty,” and “deliver the lawful captive.”

In the Book of ProverbsChapter 6Solomon is telling the people with whom he spoke: “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise …” If you will notice, there’s only one place on this Earth that ants are not found, and that is in the Antarctic: The very coldest region. “Ants” have made it to every part of our planet; and the thing about ants is that they “take on” and “imitate” the environment where they are found. 

And so it is with the wise, Jewish people who have been guided by God—who have “studied the ant”; and they are not “sluggards,” and they have absolutely become wise. The Jewish people are in every nation, and have assumed the culture, the language and the names of the people of that nation; yet, they are themselves—they never deviate from their root. They are members of a Jewish people and to that they are faithful. They are in every nation in Central AmericaSouth America, and in Canada; they are in every nation in Europe, yes … They have control even in Russia, and in South Africa—and in many African countries, they are there! And wherever they are, they are in positions of great power. 

Although ‘bound’, ‘blinded’ and ‘dead,’ a man
that can still hear The Call of God’s Servant

Last week, in Part 20, we were attempting to show you the inordinate degree of power that members of the Jewish community have attained not only in America, but throughout the world. And whether you know it or not: The freedom of our people, and all people, can never be attained until we are loosed from that which has tied us up. 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that when a snake has swallowed a prey, some of these snakes can take its prey in whole; and then you have to “massage” the body of the snake carefully to bring up what it has swallowed.  And that is very skillful, and has to carefully be done, because you and I have been captured by The World’s Serpent—and he has the whole of humanity in his grip. Most of humanity doesn’t know how tied they are to Satan himself, and this is why the scripture teaches in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, verse 9 that “Satan has deceived the entire world.” And this is why Christ has The Awesome Responsibility of “revealing Satan,” and “revealing himself and The God,” and destroying The Works of Satan and bringing into existence a Brand New World. 

Don’t you want to be a part of that Brand New World since you are just a “pawn” in this one? Don’t you think that you would do so much better if your skills, gifts and talents that Almighty God has so abundantly given you could be unfettered (“free from restraint”) from those who demand from you, and keep you functioning according to their will? Let me remind you of a man in the Book of John, Chapter 11 named Lazarus: Lazarus was a friend of Jesus, and he died. Martha and Mary were very upset because Lazarus was dead, and, it was Martha who said to Jesus, “Had you been present, he would not have died.” And so Jesus asked them,“Take me where he is…,” and in “the picture of Lazarus,” it shows that he was in a cave-like grave. Jesus went to the mouth of that cave-like grave, and in a loud voice called out to Lazarus, “Lazarus, come forth” (verse 43). The scripture then teaches in verse 44“And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin”—and then Jesus cried out again: “Loose him, and let him go.”    

Well, if Lazarus were “dead”:

His “hands and feet were bound.” What “force” had bound “Lazarus”? 

And, a “napkin was around his eyes,” meaning “he had eyes, but he couldn’t see”—but evidently he heard The Call of Jesus, and he began coming forth. Who had blinded “Lazarus”?

Yet, he was still bound—and so Jesus said, “Loose him.” Who was Jesus talking to?

“Lazarus” was bound by Satan. So God was giving Satan a Command, “Loose Him, and Let Him Go!” And that’s the same Command that God is giving to you today, America“LET MY PEOPLE GO”—and that is my subject with you today: “The Time and What Must Be Done.” America you are going to have to let the Black man and woman go … 

Imagine Moses meeting with God, and the first time he has that meeting with God, God gives him a Command:  “Go, and tell Pharaoh to let My people go.” He’s choosing one of the slaves to go tell Pharaoh! God didn’t go and talk to Pharaoh Himself, He chose one from among the slaves, and commanded him to tell Pharaoh! 

So I’m telling you, today, in The Name of Almighty God Allah, and His Messiah: You’ve got to let this Black man and woman go.

The meanings of ‘Son of Man’, ‘Son of God’
and ‘Sons and Daughters of God’

In the scriptures of the Bible, there is a talk about “The Son of Man.” Why does the Bible use “Son of Man”—and then, in another place, “Son of God,” when the Holy Qur’an is against our saying that “God has taken to Himself a woman and begotten a son” (Surah 19: 88-93)? 

In the reciting of Surah 112 Al-Ikhlas (“The Unity”) in the Muslim prayers, that we pray all of the time, we are reminded that Allah (God): “He begets not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like Him”—so this language of Christianity, “Son of God,” has to be made clear so that it fits The Truth of The Holy Qur’an’s teaching! This is because the Holy Qur’an was revealed after the Torah (“The Old Testament”) and after the Injil or “The Gospel” (“The New Testament”) to correct the falsehood that had been added to those previous Books. 

So how can we “harmonize” the terms 1.) “The Son of Man,” 2.) “The Son of God” and 3.) “The Sons and Daughters of God” with what the Holy Qur’an teaches? 

Remember from previous broadcasts, we studied from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 26 about “a weak God” who said, “Let Us make man in Our image and after Our likeness.” That is not the same “God” that originated the heavens and the earth “without help.” We mentioned how powerful The God is Who needs “no help”—He just says, “Be!” and it is, Who said, “‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

“The Son of Man”:  “Let Us make man in Our image…” “The man that was made” took The People of God and made them “The Children of Man,” so you are now called “The Children of Israel”—“The Children” of White people who treat you not like a “man,” but they call you “boy”! And they treat us like we are “little boys”—even when we are the “President of the United States of America”… 

White people talk to us with that same mentality that we are “the boys”: The “lesser man” that they made.  So a “Son of Man” is coming, because the man now needs someone to come after him: 1.) He has been reduced from being “an image or likeness” of The Real God! and 2.) He is a “God” himself. He is not The Supreme Being; however, he is a “God,” but he’s been reduced now to “Man”—and in that reduction of his stature and status, he is longing to be returned to his Original Position with God. 

So in the final analysis: Out of that “longing” for Man to return to his own Original Position with God as a true “Child of God,” then at the end of the god of this world’s time, “Man” would produce out of his longing a “Son”; and that “Son” would return that Man, that had been brought down, back up to his Original Position.

“The Son of God”: So where does this “Son of God” come in? Once the “Son of Man” comes, He exercises The Power and Authority of God: So the Son of Man reaches among a people that are considered “dead,” and He raises one from the dead, and makes him into Himself! So what you have in The New Testament is a very special relationship between “God” and a “Son” that He “made”—not a son that was “begotten,” but a Son that was made from His Mind, from His Spirit, from His Essence! It is really talking about a “Son” Who is “The Son” now of The God that raised him from the dead.

Master Fard Muhammad, The Great Mahdi, came to North America by Himself, and found His people that were “lost”: The Black Man and Woman of America. His Assignment is “The Resurrection of The Dead,” and so He took one from among a mentally dead, foolish people, and raised him, and made him into Himself; so now you have a “Father/Son” relationship. But that “one” that was raised from the dead, “the first begotten of the dead,” that is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—who is now at The Right Hand of Almighty God Allah, The Great Mahdi. And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad now has made a “Son” for himself. Not one “begotten” of a female, but a son begotten from his spirit, from his mind, from his essence.

I remember the Honorable Elijah Muhammad saying to me one day: “Brother, I want you to line your mind up with my mind, so that there will only be one mind”—and I wondered, “How in the world could that be done?” And my faithful friend and companion, Jabril Muhammad, said to me:“Oh, brother, that’s easy! He just brings you along The Path that Allah brought him, and he will make you into himself.”

Elijah Muhammad was “rejected of men.” Elijah Muhammad was “hated.” Elijah Muhammad was “cast into prison.” Elijah Muhammad had “enemies within, and enemies without”—that sought his very life. And in the end of his time among us, he escaped a serious death plot—which we will get into in a future broadcast. And now we, The Nation of Islam, are here making him known, and his Great Commission known; but also, by his permission and guidance, making Satan known.

“The Sons and Daughters of God”: In the Holy Qur’anSurah 33, Al-Ahzah (“The Allies”), verse 40, it says: “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men. He is the messenger of God, and The Seal of the prophets.” So this “Son” idea is a relationship between a man and his teacher; that the man is like “the son” of his teacher, and the teacher is like “a father” to this “son”! 

When the scripture teaches in the Book of Luke, Chapter 11 that The Disciples asked, “Master, teach us how to pray,” and Jesus said, “Pray on this wise‘Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name … ’ ”—well, that “Lord’s Prayer” is a prayer for all the true followers of “Christ” in that he is making us “heirs” of The Kingdom, and “heirs” of The Wisdom that God has given him whom God made into Himself; that this man could say: “I and my Father are one.” Well, if we are in submission to God, and become more Christ-like, we become “The Sons and Daughters of God” through The Example of “Jesus The Christ,” The Great Mahdi

In Islam, we say it like this; we don’t use “son” and “daughter”—we say “Muslim,” because when one submits his or her will to do The Will of God, then God becomes “The Father” of your speech … Just as He is The Father of what I am saying to you!

I am not “the originator” of what I am saying! He’s The Father of my actions! He is The Father of the fearlessness and the courage that I have! He is The Father of The Path that I am treading! He is The Father of The Nation that He’s bringing into Existence—and if you submit as I have submitted, then He, too, will make you into Him, and we will become a Nation of Gods! And as the scripture said, “He will be among us,” and “He will be our God,” and “we will be His people.”

How White Folks Got So Rich
—by keeping Blacks incarcerated

If you do not already own the book How White Folks Got So Rich written by The Historical Research Department of The Nation of Islam, please visit and purchase your copy. On pages 63-67, study the sections titled “Prison Industry” and “War on Black Drug Users,” because we want to examine the “prison industrial complex” to see The Wicked Plan of Satan to reinstitute “slavery” and involuntary servitude, especially among the Black, Hispanic and poor Whites. 

Under “Prison Industry,” they write: “Most indigenous Black and Indian cultures had no terms or words such as ‘jail’ or ‘prison,’ and crime was virtually unknown. European colonization is notable for both its introduction of new diseases and its imposition of alien systems of government, crime, and punishment.” 

Well, let’s come all the way forward to “2013” in “The Land of The Free”: This land now boasts the highest incarceration rate in the world; it’s right here in the United States of America. … Did you know that inmates are contracted out to private industries to do telemarketingmanufacturingagriculture and bill collection“… The privatization of prisons has generated immense profits for White people and has coincided with Black-imprisonment campaigns with names like ‘Three Strikes,’ ‘Tough on Crime,’ and ‘Truth in Sentencing…” 

In the section “War on Black Drug Users,” we learn that this “War on Drugs,” some scholars, White and Black, are saying that it is “a war on the Black man and woman of America to feed the lucrative prison industry.” We can look at our prisons today, and see that the prison is on the “Stock Exchange”; and the corporate owners of a private prison management company are proposing to prison officials in 48 states that they want to take over the prisons—but the one thing that they insist is that the prisons be “90 percent filled (occupancy rate) [for at least 20 years].”  This is leading us to the time, then, when if a prison has to be “90 percent filled”: Who is going to fill it? 


Let’s look at “The Emancipation Proclamation,” because I ask you: Do you really think that Abraham Lincoln “loved you so much,” that he wanted to set you free? 

Consider the following: On September 22, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued “The Emancipation Proclamation,” which would take effect on January 1, 1863. At the same time The Proclamation was made, but not yet taking effect, the president offered money to the so-called slave states if they would not be in rebellion against the United States. President Lincoln also offered the slave states the right to continue to colonize persons of African descent; and finally, The Proclamation offered to the citizens who remained loyal to the United States, within those states who may have succeeded, to be compensated for the loss of their slaves. It was only after the slave states in the South remained in rebellion, and rejected President Lincoln’s offer, that on January 1, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln “emancipated” the slaves in the South.

Now most of you, my dear and beloved brothers and sisters, who are trying so hard to be a “citizen”: I want you to study the language of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments of the United States Constitution. The 13th Amendment “abolished slavery”—of course, except if you commit a crime. Think about that! And after slavery was “abolished,” in the 14th Amendment it defines “citizenship.” 

But why did the 14th Amendment come into existence? It is because after the 13th Amendment was passed, the South and other states began enacting what are called “The Black Codes”—which were efforts to re-enslave Blacks.  “Black Codes” existed in the South, as well as the North; and some of the states were Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. 

And then there is the 15th Amendment that came into existence, prohibiting the denial of “suffrage,” or “the right to vote” based on race, color or previous condition of servitude. Now look, brothers and sisters, here we are in 2013 … Many Black leaders are saying that by June of this year, The Supreme Court is about to “strike down” Section 5 of “The Voting Rights Bill” (which requires states with a history of discrimination to submit any changes to their voting laws to the Justice Department for a determination of whether they are discriminatory). So the 13th14th and 15th Amendments to The Constitution have been on the law books now since 18651870—and we are now still unprotected in America! Can’t you see that you are only a “citizen” “in name,” but not in fact!

‘February 26, 1877’:  Two significant events affecting the lives of Blacks in America

“The Compromise of 1877” is arguably the most devastating single government action in the History of Blacks in America. That is when a group of politicians convened at The Wormley Hotel in Washington, D.C. to attempt to resolve the deadlocked presidential election of 1876 between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden. They agreed that if Hayes were awarded the presidency, he would remove government protection of the Black ex-slaves in the South, and allow the former Southern slave-holding class to return to power. And in their return to power, we would be turned back to the plantation in a new form of slavery. 

This is the exact point in history when American Whites collectively decided that “Black emancipation” was a mistake; and from that point forward, Blacks would never have freedom, justice or equality in American society. In 14 years, from 1863 to 1877, look at the progress that Black people made attempting to be “free”: Blacks made great strides achieving political offices, developing private businesses, even setting up dozens of “all-Black towns”!  But White terrorists targeted them for destruction, as in Rosewood, Florida, and Tulsa, Oklahoma … The first bombs that ever fell in America fell on “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and many other lesser-known places. Blacks lost billions in investment dollars to Whites through these acts of terror.

But the most ironic and profound feature of this episode is that on the same day that White American politicians decided to end “Black Progress”—foreverThe Founder of the powerfully progressive Nation of Islam, Master Fard Muhammad, was born in Holy City of Mecca, Arabia. 

Both events, the most significant in the History of Black America, happened on February 26, 1877.

GMOs and Monsanto
The U.S. government is ‘killing their own people’

Our government keeps talking about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and assassinated Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi as “illegitimate” leaders of their countries, because “they’ve killed their own people.” 

But I must question The Government of America: Are you permitting the killing of American people by signing into “law” the “Monsanto Protection Act”—a law written by Monsanto, and led by Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), making Monsanto exempt from prosecution for the use of “Genetically Modified Organisms” [GMOs]?

Well evidently we are not “your own people.” And maybe the poor are not “your own people”… According to news reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin angrily refused to see U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry; and kept him waiting about three hours. And when he did see him, it was reported that President Putin was so enraged that he sent a message to President Obama condemning his obvious support of Genetically Modified Organisms—and “the giants” who produce them: SyngentaDuPontMonsanto, [Bayerand Dow. 

Putin and other leaders believe firmly that these Genetically Modified Organisms, and a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids (a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine) is what is killing the bee population. President Putin said “this means war,” because killing the bee population ultimately produces famine, and soon we will not be able to produce the food to feed the people. According to The EU Times Report titled “Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over ‘Bee Apocalypse’ Coming Soon,” the European Union, following the lead from Russia, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine, passed a law to ban the use of neonicotinoids in Europe. But in spite of all the pesticide-caused bee deaths, the U.S. refuses to stop introducing these neonicotinoids into the American scene! So he warned President Obama, through Sen. Kerry, that this could trigger a global war, “World War III.” And so America: You are “killing your own people”! 

A message to my president: My dear brother, you must be careful, because “civil war” means you kill your own people. And if the militia feel that this is no longer a “government in their interest,” a tyrannical government—if they rise against their government: Wouldn’t you be forced to kill your own people?

A Challenge to The Synagogue of Satan:
‘Let The Real Showdown Begin’!

I read the other day that Mr. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League was lashing out at evangelist Billy Graham, because some tapes that were a part of President Nixon’s Presidential Library in which Mr. Graham spoke of Revelation 3:9. In that Oval Office talk, Billy Graham said: “There are two kinds of Jews,” and he mentioned “The Synagogue of Satan.” 

Mr. Graham knew that such a “Synagogue” existed; but Mr. Graham may have spoken it in the privacy of The Oval Office with Mr. Nixon, but Mr. Graham could not say it publicly, because he would be charged with “anti-Semitism.” I am saying to Mr. Foxman: Billy Graham is one of the greatest Christian evangelists of the 20th Century. And every Christian that reads the Bible, that reads the Book of Revelation, is acquainted that there are “two kinds” of Jews: Loyal, faithful, observant Jews and “The Synagogue of Satan.” And since none of you will speak The Words of Christ, you have left it for me to do…

So Mr. Foxman: Just leave Billy Graham alone, because he only mentioned it in The Oval Office. But I am the one by The Grace, Guidance and Protection of God, making this “Synagogue of Satan” known to the American people, and the world. So if there’s somebody that you have to go after: Why don’t you come after me, and let The Real Showdown begin?