[Editor’s note: The following article is a distillation of the initial hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as part of his 2013 Lecture Series, “The Time and What Must Be Done.” This message originally aired on Saturday, January 12, 2013.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Greetings to you, I am Louis Farrakhan, the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Eternal Leader of The Nation of Islam and the Great Preacher of Freedom, Justice and Equality to Black people in America and oppressed people throughout the Earth, and a Great Warner to America and the nations of the Earth.

It is a great honor, a great privilege and great pleasure for us to come to you via radio, or television or social media, to bring to you a very, very timely message. The title of this message, starting in January 2013, will carry through for the whole year; and that title was given to us by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad:

“The Time And What Must Be Done.”

This is a great subject, and each of us who are viewing these telecasts has something that you and I must do in order to escape the consequences of “The Time.”

There is a Surah (Chapter) in The Holy Qur’an that I shall quote as the basis for this yearlong subject, which is Surah 103 Al-Asr (“The Time”). It reads:

“Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
(“In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.”)
By the time! —
Surely man is in loss,
Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin one another to Truth, and enjoin one another to patience.”

In this Qur’anic chapter, “Time” is a Yardstick of Measurement of Consequence: (By the time! Surely man is in loss…”). So, “The Time” will determine: 1) Whether we lose, whether we win; 2) Whether we live, or whether we die; and 3) Whether we suffer privation, or whether we grow in prosperity.

It all depends on what we do with The Knowledge of The Time.

How we measure ‘Time’ from the arrival of ‘Adam’

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said we are not dealing with “time” as with the solar system and its time of origin, we are dealing with The Time of a People and a Civilization whose time has come to an end.



This civilization started “4,000 B.C.,” 6,000 years ago, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, and as it is written in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. This is not the origin of our solar system or the origin of our world, this is the origin of a people who would bring to the Earth a new civilization—but a civilization contrary to The Nature of God and The Nature in which The Universe and The Original People of the Earth are created.

This civilization started with a man named “Adam.”

Many scholars say there are many, many, many “Adams;” some scholars of Islam say there are “50,000 Adams,” but we’re dealing with the “Adam” that brought in this new world: He’s not an original man, he’s a “made” man from The Original. And that is why the Bible teaches in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 26:

“Let Us make man in our image and after our likeness: and give them power and dominion over the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea and every creeping thing that crawls upon the Earth.”

Well, who is the “Us” from which a new man was made? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, and scientists bear witness, that the “Us” are the “pre-Adamites”: The Aboriginal People of the Earth; the Dark People of the Earth—The Black Man and Woman of the Earth from which every species of human being has come.

“Let Us make man in our image and after our likeness…”— after this new man was made, he was given power and dominion to rule over that which he came from. So as it is written in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 3, verse 12“…children are their oppressors and women rule over them”: “Children” meaning “a new people” on our planet.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, and the scholars and scientists bear witness, that this “new people” are the Caucasian people. They are on our planet, and they were given a season to rule and to dominate; but, not to rule with righteousness, to rule with other than righteousness. And that rule was going to last for 6,000 years.

Unfortunately for them, they caused trouble in the Holy Land of Arabia after they were made, and they were driven out of the Holy Land into the hills and cave sides of Europe where they spent 2,000 years and went completely savage, even losing the knowledge of themselves!

Well, it meant 2,000 years of lost time … But they had 4,000 more years to rule, to live and to dominate everything, every people, on our planet. But they could not dominate until God raised a prophet for them, and that prophet was a man named Musa or “Moses.”

Scripture’s portrayal of Prophet Musa’s ‘hard job’ of civilizing a savage

Europe was a place that was wild and uncultivated; savage. So when Musa came to the Caucasian people in the hills and cave sides of Europe, they were found to be in a terrible, horrific condition—on their all fours; they didn’t know how to cook their food, and they didn’t know how to bury their dead. They were ugly and terrible to look at! And it is written in the Holy Qur’an, Surah 18 Al-Kahf (“The Cave”), verse 18 that at the mouth of the cave there was the dog; and it was the dog that befriended “the dwellers in the cave.” I would imagine that this is why it is said by Caucasians that the dog is “man’s best friend.”

You have domesticated the dog, and it surely is a great friend of man. But The Greatest Friend, of true man, is God Himself.

In the Book of John, Chapter 3, the scripture teaches, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so shall the Son of Man be lifted up.” Moses had a hard job to civilize the cave dwellers in that: 1) He had to stand them up from a crawling position; 2) He had to put a board in their back so that they would be upright; and 3) He had to teach them how to cook their food, how to bury their dead.

And after Moses taught them and civilized them, he gave them “two ways,” as it teaches in the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 30, verse 19:“I call heaven and Earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live…”

When someone is given “two alternatives,” then they are in The Valley of Decision.

Yakub, his ‘made man’—and The Satanic Mindset that incited Rebellion to God

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that The Father of the White race was a great Black Scientist by the name of Yakub. He was not an “evil” scientist, but he was a magnificent Scientist who was born 20 miles outside of the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia.

Yakub studied The Life Germ of the Black man, and found in it a Brown Germ; then he learned how to separate that Brown Germ from the Black Germ and drive it into its “Last Stage” through a System of Birth Control. It was out of this System of Birth Control that on The Island of Pelan (called in the Book of Revelation “The Island of Patmos”) that a Grafting Process took place in 200-year stages: It took 200 years to make a Brown Civilization; another 200 years to make a Yellow Civilization; and the Last Stage of 200 years was the making of a White Civilization.

Well, many are asking: “How? Is this a myth? Is this some ‘tale’? Why should we believe a myth?” No. The reality is Caucasians are present on our planet, but they are not “natural” or “native” to any part of our Earth. But they had a great work to do …

Believe it or not, even though it was a work in rebellion to The Natural and Divine Laws of God, yet God permitted it! Because without their work, God would not come out of His hiding place at the end of their season of rule, choose a people that they had destroyed mentally, spiritually and morally—and were in the process of destroying physically—wherein God would come to intercede in the affairs of that suffering people.

The scriptures teach us God’s Coming is after The Working of Satan, so this “mind” that was present from Genesis to Revelation is a Satanic Mind. What makes it a “Satanic Mind”? Well, Adam rebelled after getting divine instruction directly from The Mouth of God about “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 2, verses 15-17, the scripture teaches that Adam was told “…you may eat of the fruit of all of the trees in this Garden of Eden, except this one in the midst of the Garden, The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.” So after having direct instructions from God, Adam was deceived by “The Satan” of himself.

You know how it is when someone tells you not to do something? You’re intrigued by that command “not to do”—and then you venture out to do exactly what you were commanded not to do! That’s in the human make-up: We are, by nature inquisitive; and so when our parents instruct us, “I don’t want you to go here or there. I don’t want you to play with this one or that one,” usually we end up doing the very thing that we were told not to do. But there are always consequences for rebellion. And the greatest consequences of all are when we are given a direct order from God Himself, and then we choose to disobey.

Adam chose to disobey. As a result, the scripture teaches in the Book of Romans, Chapter 5, verse 12“As by one man, sin entered into the world and death came also by sin. All have sinned so death has passed to all men…”

The ‘Jesus’ of 2,000 years ago and The One he prophesied to come in his name

Remember our subject now, “The Time And What Must Be Done”: Well, out of the 6,000-year period of time that was given to the White race to rule on our planet, we have already lost 2,000 of those years for “the made man” in the hills and cave sides of Europe.

But when Musa came to them and taught them some of The Forgotten Tricknollegy of their father Yakub, Musa also taught them the righteousness of the Torah—so now, they had to choose: “Which one are you going to use as a guide for your life?” 1) If you chose the righteousness of the Torah, then you will live! You will escape that which comes at the end of the 6,000 years of your rule; but 2) If you choose to follow the tricks and lies of Yakub, then there will be an end to that world of evil, and there will be an end to that people who are called “Satan” who have deceived the entire world.

So, in calculating “Time”: From Moses, you had 1,700 years of people trying to live by The Law of Moses. But after 1,700 years—300 years before the birth of Jesus (i.e. “2000 B.C.”): A man named Nimrod was born who broke The Civilization of Moses, and sent the people into the greatest form of rebellion. That means when Jesus came, he came into a world of total darkness and rebellion to The Word, Will and Way of God.

However, the “Jesus” of 2,000 years ago was “2,000 years too soon” to bring about an end to The Civilization of Wickedness.

When Jesus came to the Jews, to guide the Jewish people back to the good path of Moses, unfortunately they rejected him. It was then he learned that he was 2,000 years too soon to set up The Kingdom of God; so, he decided to give his life for the truth that he taught. But Jesus talked about one coming after him … Jesus said, “one would come”—but would come in his name; and that One would verify the truth that Jesus taught! And, that One Who would come after The Workings of Satan: He would come to end the world of Satan, and end the dominion and power of the rule of those who followed Satan.

Brothers and sisters, it is very interesting in the church, particularly the Catholic Church, when they talk about “original sin.” “Original sin,” as the Catholics believe, is sin that is “born into the nature of the human being.” You’re right; but, you’re wrong. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “original sin” is born into the nature of The Made Man who rebelled against God.

But the nature of The Original Man is “obedience to The Will of God”; and this is why the Holy Qur’an teaches us that every human being is by nature a “Muslim,” born in The Nature of Submission to The Will of God. All, except the rebellious devil.

The Four Great Beasts ‘let loose’ all over the Earth to devour people, nations and resources

“By the time! Surely man is in loss…” By our knowing The Time and What Must Be Done, you will have a chance, I will have a chance—we will have a chance—to not be “losers” in this Time. For after getting the True Knowledge of The Time, and what The Time is demanding of us to be done if we don’t want to be losers in this Time, that puts all of us who hear this Knowledge in The Valley of Decision.

The Time is now that we must decide, because “the man like Moses” that was prophesied in both the Bible and the Holy Qur’an is on scene today! He comes out of a savage people … That people is styled in the Bible as a “lost sheep” and as “The Children of Israel”; this people is styled in the Bible as mentally and morally and spiritually “dead,” rejected and despised. So just as the people that went into a cave-like existence until Moses came to get them up out of that existence, The Son of Man would also be in a condition similar, and God would have to come and do a Great Service: Stand up a human being that was crawling after the similitude of the beasts of the field, a human being that lost The Knowledge of Self and was living the life of a beast!

The Bible, in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 4), as well as in the Book of Daniel (Chapter 7), talks about “four beasts.” It’s not really talking about “animals,” a lion, a leopard, a bear—no, no, no. It’s talking about “nations” that have become like beasts: As the beast preys upon weak things, and devours the weak to live—it has no moral consciousness, so it is with these “four great beasts” that have devoured human beings on our planet, devoured their nations and devoured their resources; and have preyed upon the weak of the world.

The Western world has done this to all the darker people of the Earth: After they came out of the hills and cave sides of Europe, they spread across Europe where they went into “darkness” again. Remember all of the tribes that were in Europe that were fighting and killing each other in their savagery? Yet, they were one people, but different ethnicities of that one people; and there in Europe, they came together into “tribes” that formed England, tribes that formed France, tribes that formed Germany, tribes that formed Russia, tribes that formed the European community. But even then, they needed to be awakened.

When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born six centuries after Jesus in the year 570 A.D., Muhammad and his followers brought The Light of Islam to Europe. And that Light from Muhammad and his followers caused the “Renaissance” of Europe; then, the Europeans came out of the confines of Europe—as the scripture teaches us in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20, verses 2-3 that they will be confined there for another “1,000 years”; but after that 1,000 years, they would be “let loose” on the Earth.

Again, in calculating “Time”: After that “1,000 years” of being confined in Europe, when the Europeans came out of Europe after fighting “The Hundred Years’ War” among themselves, that brings us up to approximately 500 years ago when they went into the Western Hemisphere and captured the native people. Then they brought our fathers out of Africa into the Western Hemisphere—not to be “citizens,” but to be the burden bearers of the citizens of this brand new Western world. Some of us were brought to The Caribbean, others were brought into Central and South America. But the worst treatment was afforded to that Black man and woman that was brought to the shores of what is now called the “United States of America.”




The first Black people to arrive, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, was not in “1619” as the historians tell us, but he said and history bears witness that it was in the year 1555—brought over here by an English trader named John Hawkins. That English Trader brought us here, the first slaves, on a ship named “Jesus.” And when the ship would go back to get more slaves, the slaves would wander down to the shores, looking for that ship; and they would tell them: “You can have all this world! Just give me that ship Jesus that would take me back to our native land and people.”


But little did those slaves know that it would be four centuries before the real ship “Jesus”—God in Person—would come after them to deliver them from the bondage of their oppressors.

‘America’: The Black Man’s servitude and The Extension of Time given an expired nation

Now we are 2,000 years from Jesus, when we are at the “6,000th Year.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the time of this world was up in the year 1914—but an extension of time was given by God as a “Grace Period,” because during that time, God would come and raise up from among The Oppressed a Messenger from Himself; and He would give that Messenger Guidance and Wisdom, and The Warning for America. And He would give that Messenger The Knowledge of “The Time And What Must Be Done.”

Well, that has happened. The Son of Man has come, as it is written in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 24, verses 27-28: “As lightning shineth out of the East unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. For wheresoever the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together” — America is that place. And the Black people in America are the “sons of men” that have been killed, mentally, by 310 years of chattel slavery where our names, our language, our culture, our history, our religion and our God was stripped from us.

Our original parents were killed so that they would never be able to teach us our names, our language, and give us our religion. Go and study what Alex Haley found out! When Alex Haley was writing for Reader’s Digest, he interviewed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and he interviewed Malcolm X; and Malcolm told him that our original fathers were Muslims—they were not “swinging in trees” with “bones in their noses”—no! Those of us, both White and Black, know that we were some of the highest-learned people of the world at that time! When we were brought to America we were skilled in science; so: “Who built the mansions of the South for the slave master?” It was not you Whites! It was we. “Who cooked your food? Who sewed the garments for the mistress of the house?” It was we who did that … while we took burlap that you dressed our fathers in and made garments out of it for ourselves and our children.

This horrible mistreatment of Black people must be accounted for! You have destroyed an entire people! Yet, The God of Mercy has come and offered you and us a way to get out of the prophesied doom, or to get an extension of time. Unfortunately, the only people in the Bible that got an “extension of time” from the prophesied Destruction were The People of Nineveh, under The Call of Jonah. No wonder the Bible teaches in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 16“This wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, but no sign be given except the sign of Jonah! As Jonah was in the belly of the whale, three days and three nights, so shall the Son of Man be…”

That Great One, Who was to come, did come! He came under many names; but after three years and four months being among us, from 1930 to 1934, He gave us His real name: “My name is W.F. Muhammad. I came to North America by Myself … ” It is written of Him in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 63 that He “looked around for someone to help Him,” but there was no one to help Him, so “His own right hand, it upheld Him”; and the Bible says of Him that His hand was not too short to save, nor His arm. He came to seek and to save, and to deliver that which was lost.

The Bible refers to the Black man and woman of America in the Western Hemisphere as “The Lost Sheep.”


When Alex Haley set out on a journey to discover himself after hearing that his original fathers were “Muslims,” he found himself in The Village of Jufre, in The Gambia, where he found that his original fathers, one of whom was named Kunta Kinte, were Muslims. So when our fathers used to sing that song, “Give me that old time religion—the “religion” of Daniel, the “religion” of Abraham, the “religion” of Moses, the “religion” of Jesus“Give me that old time religion. It was good enough for them and it’s good enough for you and me.” What was that “old time” religion? Oh brothers and sisters, it is “Obedience to God.”

You may call it what you will, but Abraham, the father of Muslims, Christians and Jews, was chosen to be The Friend of God, because he obeyed God in all that The Almighty had asked him to do. Obedience to God is the true religion of God. So when you know The Knowledge of “Time” and “What Must Be Done,” then you will be required to make a decision: “Shall I obey man? Shall I follow the rebellious way that we have been taught?” Or, “Shall I follow The Guidance of a Divinely-Guided Messenger of God that He gave us for this time?”

The Condition of The Modern ‘Sons of Men’ in The Wilderness of North America

Well, what is the condition of The Modern “Sons of Men”? Here we are in the ghettos of America, almost on our “all fours.” We are rejected by civilized society, and despised. Oh, I am not talking about the few who are somewhat “educated”—but trained in the way of their former slave masters and their children. No. What I am talking about are the masses of our people.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us, “No one man can rise above the condition of his people.” We have a Black president, and we are proud that one of us has been selected and elected to that high post. But he cannot escape being a member of a people who are despised, rejected and lost. “Lost,” in this sense, means incorrigible; “lost” in this sense means that “we cannot be healed from our condition” because scholars and scientists look at the condition of Black people and say, “They are hopeless, they are lost, they are incorrigible. No one can correct them!” And then the worst description is “We are dead”: We have eyes, but we cannot see; we have ears, but we cannot hear; we have tongues, but we cannot speak a truth that has not entered our ears and our hearts. … “Blind,” “deaf” and “dumb”—at the mercy of our former slave masters and their children! The Sons of Men in a cave-like condition.

This beautiful country called the “United States of America” is, yet, referred to in the Bible as a “wilderness.” As Europe was a “wilderness” at the time of Prophet Musa’s arrival—no “cities,” no “towns,” just caves and savages and wild beasts. … Today in America: While we have some of the most beautiful cities in the world and the greatest road system; and America’s infrastructure, though it needs help to be revived with its bridges and skyscrapers—we can’t say that this is a “wilderness” like ancient Europe was. However, this is a wilderness in that the first four letters of the word wilderness is “wild.” And that which is wild, untamed, uncivilized, uncultured, unrefined—that’s “The American Way of Life” of a savage, brutal people.

In America there are more jails than any nation on this Earth, and more prisoners in prison than any nation on this Earth. There are more weapons in the hands of the American people than other nations of the Earth. This nation has been built on violence, uncivilized, uncultivated, brutal and wild “berserkers.” And that is why the prophet gave America one of those names of a “beast” in both the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelations.

But God has come … And He has given us The Knowledge of The Time and What Must Be Done.


You know, when our fathers went down to the shores of Virginia and wanted that ship “Jesus” to take them back to their native land and people, consider the scriptures of the Bible, in the Book of Psalms, Chapter 137 where it teaches us: “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion…” Those who “carried us away captive,” those who “wasted us” required of us mirth; and those who carried us away captive required of us a song, saying, “Sing us one of those songs of Zion …” And the answer came back: “How can I sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

The Black man and woman in America are called “citizens” mockingly, because we are not given the rights and privileges of the White citizens of this country.

Our poor people are fighting every day for justice! Even the trained lawyers from among our people who have learned law and stand in a court to fight for justice for any member of our race that feels that they need “justice”: The judges look at that lawyer, the juries look at that lawyer; and oft-times our lawyers cannot get justice for us! Our Black lawyers, though they’ve presented their case with “skill” and “great acumen”, there is the mindset by others:“The nerve of them, to show that they can use The Enemy’s law to bring justice to those deprived!” Then The Enemy looks at them, and regardless of the wisdom of their fight for justice, the verdict comes back not in the favor of our people deprived of “justice.”

‘Reforming’, ‘Transforming’ and ‘Renewing’ the minds of a savage people

“Wisdom” coming to an uncultivated, savage people… The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked us the question, “Why did Musa (Moses) have a hard time to civilize Caucasian people in the hills and cave sides of Europe?” and the answer is,“Because they were savage…” We can ask that question and answer it again today:

“Why is it so hard to reform our people? To transform them from the mind of savage behavior forced upon us by the mis-education that we have been under for the last 150 years?”

In 2012, in the City of Chicago, 500 lives were lost to homicides where there were men killing men, boys killing boys, women killing men. “Murder” is “the order of the day.” This is a savage place, and so God had to come to begin the transformation of our lives.


In the Book of Romans, Chapter 12, verse 2, the scripture teaches: “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” We are living in that time now, that the Message of Truth will begin to renew our minds. Our minds have to be renewed. We must come out of The Way of Rebellion that was taught to us, and this is why the Bible teaches we were “born in sin and shaped in inequity.”



The institutions that have served as stewards over our lives and the lives of the American people are not the best institutions. Now the Pope himself is in an argument with those who want same-sex marriage. There was a time when the Pope could give a word and people would say, “We have to consider what His Holiness has said.” But today, they are arguing with the Pope because they don’t agree that same-sex marriage is “against” The Will of God, “against” The Word of God, “against” The Way of God.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad pointed out to us that when the wickedness of The People of Noah had come to an end, before God brought down His Judgment He sent Noah to preach to the people, and to build an “Ark.” That the people who would be saved would get on that “Ark” and escape “The Flood.” Noah preached for 150 years… But it didn’t make any “difference”—the people rebelled. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “The floodwaters washed away all of those people … The floodwaters destroyed their libraries; the books that had been written of their events, so that those ways of that people would never again be learned.” And so the Bible teaches in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 37“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.

It was the same in Sodom and Gomorrah with The People of Lot: The time had come for that behavior of The Sodomites to come to an end, and so Lot was given The Mission to preach to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and call them out of a behavior that was considered an “abomination” in The Eyes of Almighty God Allah. In the Holy Qur’an, Surah 7 Al-A’raf (“The Elevated Places”), verses 80-81, that people is spoken of when the question is asked: “And (We sent) Lot, when he said to his people: Do you commit an abomination which no one in the world did before you? Surely you come to males with lust instead of females. Nay, you are a people exceeding bounds.”

Today the wickedness of The People of Noah has gone to the ends of the Earth, and the ways of The People of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah have gone to the ends of the Earth till where America and Europe are now “championing” that way which is against what God has laid down as Guidance for The Righteous. And even the Western world is trying to get Africa to come away from any talk about “homosexuality” in a negative sense. The West says in order for African nations to receive needed loans, “You must agree to same-sex marriage.” This is the mind of Satan! He is doing everything in his power to tempt us to go down to hell with him.

In this broadcast and the broadcasts that follow, by The Grace of God, we will make “God” clear, and we will make “Satan” clear. And then you have to make your decision: “Will you obey God?” Or, “Will you follow Satan into the doom of this present world?”

God’s Presence and the Act of Separating His People from the ‘Modern Pharaoh’

“The Time And What Must Be Done”: In this message we talked about “The Intervals of Time” from the beginning of the White race to today, 6,000 years afterward, when their time was up in 1914. This year, “1914,” all of Europe went to war with self during “World War I.” In 1941, during “World War II,” Japan attacked America. Now, Japan was goaded into such an attack, but, the whole world was involved in war; and after the Second World War: America never called conflicts “war” again. When the fighting in “Korea” came up, that was a “police action”; when the fighting in “Vietnam” came up, that was a “civil war” between North and South Vietnam wherein America intervened. But we will get into this more…

Soon, in our other broadcasts coming up, we are going to go into this “Time,” and all of The Elements of “Time” because all of these things have led us to the horror of this present moment in Time. And if America continues on the path that America is on, we will soon be in the most dreaded of all wars, “World War III.” In that war, The End of this world will be completed.

There are things that all of us now will have to do. So in these broadcasts, in the months and weeks ahead, America: You have something to do to escape the execution that God has planned for you. I don’t say this with “joy” in my heart. I live in this country—I have no other country to go to! Although we, in The Nation of Islam, are citizens in every Muslim country on this Earth; however, we live here! We suffered here! We have no joy in preaching “doom.” We have hope in preaching salvation—and for America to do that which is right.

What is it that God wants you to do that is absolutely right? He came out of the East to save that which was brought out of the East and made “slaves” in the West. God wants us to be set free—not to be deceived anymore with “false promises”: Not “promising” us some of your wealth to be near to you, for God wants to separate us from you, as it is written in the scriptures that He wanted to “separate” The Children of Israel from Pharaoh and his people! He wanted to separate those “in the caves” from The Condition of that “cave,” and give them Wisdom and make of them a Great People!

Well, America, you have become a “great people”: Your wisdom has brought you to conquer Earth, water, space, and even time. You have become a “great people” from a very uglysad existence. Now The God that brought you up is here to bring us up out of a similar condition.

Don’t look down on us in our condition, and refuse to help us. Look at your own condition and how God helped you to come up out of your condition, and know that it is not “impossible” for the Black man and woman of America and the Western Hemisphere to come out of a condition that slavery and injustice has imposed upon us.


I have enjoyed this moment with you. By The Grace of God, we will be back again for another hour, so please tune in! Tell your friends, your neighbors! And if there is a question that you would like to ask of me, you’ll find I will answer you on Twitter. And to my young brothers and sisters in The Nation of Islam: Take some of what I said and put it on Facebook, and spread it to your friends. Let’s create a dialogue on “The Time And What Must Be Done.”

Thank you for listening and May Almighty God, Allah, grant to each of you the light of understanding, as I greet you in peace, in the Arabic language, As-Salaam Alaikum!