The Shame of Integration

by master elijah muhammad


   As I conclude here this afternoon, I want to talk to the black people. I want black people to love black
people. This is what you should do for yourselves: Don’t be a fooled when you say to me, “The book
says that we should love everybody.” Then why have not you been beating the hell out of white people
for four hundred years returning the “love” they have been showing you?
Why have not you been showing that you are so good a Christian as well – “loving everybody.” Why
didn’t you go and make others love you then? I am most certain that if you ever meet God he’ll say, “No
nigger, I don’t love you, because you love white folks.” The book teaches you that, those of you who
mix with white people, marry them, and run after their girls and boys. It’s there in the back of your book
in Revelations.

My friends, I say to you, lets wake up. We have this chance to love each other. Let’s go and love each
other. If we got no chance to love each other, let’s go kill each other, because we’re not going any
place. Nobody else wants us.


Chapter 17: What is Islam, Christian and Muslim

   You never take time to learn what Islam is. Islam is an Arab word, meaning a religion of entire
submission to the will of God. A religion that challenges every principle or practice or I should first say, it
carries every law, and every rule necessity for man to obey and carry into practice the way he may be
successful. The religion of Islam has got everything in it that will lead you to a state of absolutely
heaven. It’s a religion of the Muslims. Muslim means one who has submitted to God forever in

   We have white people that call themselves Muslims and they practice Islam here in the United States
and in Europe. I’m not criticizing their faith. Some of them actually believe, but by nature, they are not
real Muslims. Nevertheless, God gives them credit for their faith. They won’t be destroyed as you may
think, but it will be you the black man of America who call yourself a Christian and a Christian Preacher.

   You can’t be a Christian unless you are with white folks.
Christians are not black people. That’s a made religion by the white man to trap black people and take
them into slavery with him. There isn’t no such thing as a hereafter after you are dead. That’s all
misunderstood. The white theologians and scientist didn’t actually mean it like that, but they didn’t
mean to make it clear to you either. Actually, they know that after you are dead you are absolutely
going back to the earth, but they also know that you can be dead another way, which is spiritually,
wherein God would have to resurrect you on the day of resurrection. However, you would have to be a
member of the God for Him to resurrect you and give you a chance to come with Him. Otherwise, He’ll
burn you with all the other of His enemies. This is the time now we’re in. I want you black people to get
along in peace and live like brothers.


Chapter 18: Building In Phoenix

   I’m not going to charge white people with your foolish acts. They know you, but you don’t know them. I
want you to know both, from teachings of what God has taught me. I want you to know yourself and I
want you to know them, who are other than yourselves. That doesn’t mean I’m telling you to take a gun
and go over there and shoot in that man’s house. Do nothing to any one that you would not have done
to yourself.

   I have been here and have been teaching and trying to build in this beautiful city that I have made my
home. My followers are helping me who in turn will help you refine Phoenix and not make Phoenix ugly,
but make Phoenix beautiful. We have planned, as a token, ten houses out here in the 3200 block, and
when they are built, you will find them to be very nice homes that even you who have homes, would not
mind staying in one of them. This is just to show you that God has promised us good homes, money and
good friendship in all walks of life. That doesn’t mean that we are millionaires. We’re not millionaires. We don’t have enough money.

   We’re contemplating a 5 million dollar building in Chicago. We have gone to work on some of this, but
we have a 5 million dollar plan for next year. Approximately one million dollars is going to farming. This
year I am hopeful that we are going on here. I’ve got a white agent there as a contractor to construct
and build for us. He seems to be a very fine man. He appears to be very nice and he doesn’t seem to
me like he wants to see if he can stick us up and rob us.


Chapter 19: A Prey Among Wolves

   It is real evil to rob a slave his whole life; when in fact, his whole life has been for you; think over that.
You robbed the poor so-called Negro all his life for every dollar you could get out of him. You would
cheat and rob him even though he has been your servant all his life. You have not offered him anything
to go for himself, but if he gets anything, you’ll get around and take it away from him, even if you have
to kill him. In the South, they shoot farmers out there if his crops look better than theirs. They’ll
actually take it away from him. I saw that in my boyhood days. Now, you say that’s someone who is
teaching hate. What do you call that then? They didn’t even have knowledge of your identity. They
didn’t care about your identity. And now you’re killing them and have been killing them all your life.

   Just think over this: with just a little hit resistance, and you run and grab guns. You don’t care if the man
has anything or if he even have two arms; if he’s black, shoot him. He just thinks you’re a black servant
and wish to kill him anytime you can find an excuse, and if there is no excuse and nobody’s looking, you
kill him anyway. You are a mean people. I hope God will help us and I hope He gives you what belongs
to you.

    We have made the greatest attempt that we possibly could for the last 400 years in this country to
please you. Yet, time has manifested that there is no way to please you. Now that God has taught us
who we are and who you are, we see now that it is useless. We can’t please them. I tried to start my
followers building; yet, you seek to charge us for everything you possibly can to rob us if you think we
have any money. You seek to take it away from them. This is an evil mind, which is going to lead you to
that which you would not want to be led to. God is well able to punish you and take what you have and
give it to who He pleases. That is what the Bible is telling you. God has taken the Kingdom from whom
He pleases and gives it to who He Pleases. He’s not lacking in power force.


[excerpt from dissatisfaction between black and white by master elijah muhammad]

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