In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful…..


Afiya and Gary Mahatmas Muhammad

The continuation of what was revealed to us by The Sirians who occupy the Sirius Star System on the Topics of

1.What was on the Backside of the Moon?

2.Master Fard Muhammad relationship to them?

3.The Sirian Mother Wheel also known as Nibiru

4.Why did the ship Crash on the Moon?

5.What Happened?

6.Is it true?

This is how this communication started this night….

Keeping in mind the date of this communication Feb 17 is Synchronized with the Title of Surah 17 the Night Journey.(smiling)

On February 17th, 2013, the Mahatmas sent me a video which he had found on YouTube that he deemed very interesting. In the email, that he sent he instructed me to watch it very carefully. He stated that the video was very important. He said that he had a deep inherent feeling that these women were related either to the Sirians as mentioned by Malachi Z york in a few scrolls he produced saying that the Annunaki would send ships to the back side of the moon to load Gold to take to the Sirius Star System to help with the Atmosphere of their planet because it was being depleted by the 3 Suns(utu,afsu,and shamus) that Occupy that Quadrant of the Cosmos or to the Ancient Indians who managed to build a Moon colony as recorded in the great Vedas of India known as the Epics of Krishna the Black God who vanquished the enemies of God off the moon and chased them back to earth and destroyed them on earth with a bomb that was equivalent to 10,000 suns ….traces of this bomb can still be found in the GOBI desert today……

i didnt exactly know which 1 but I knew 1 had to be the answer…… He stated also in this email that the ship that was found on the backside of the moon was surrounded by mountains of gold, which had correlated to something he had found in a calendar which he had sent to me. He didn’t know the truth of it, but he wanted me to think about it. In the email there were also some still shot photos of the women that were in the ship.

(I requested that all those in the group watch the video footage of Apollo 20 that was provided a few days earlier to give further clarity and insight into what is being revealed today)

Another video of the same women was sent in a separate email by the Mahatmas and in this email he said … watch this video of the same woman and see if it helps to look at her eyes. I watched this video and it gave me a closer look at her eyes.

We spoke on the phone about these particular videos, after my viewing them. He asked me my thoughts. I was in utter shock and awe and amazement about these videos. Chills went down my spine and I was speechless, because she looked very very similar to the Anunnaki whom I had seen in my previous experience. I had to think about what I saw,and receive confirmation about what had been shown to the Mahatmas and I in these videos…..

I had been having a lot of direct contact as well as telepathic communication with the Anunnaki over the past two weeks. One night (February 18th going into February 19th,keeping in mind also that the 18th is the day of Mahatmas birth Anniversary), the Mahatmas and I had been up to the wee hours of the morning receiving telepathic answers from them. The Mahatmas was the one asking the questions, I the Spectral Yogini was the medium, and was relaying the answers to The Mahatmas. Some of the answers to the questions that he had me ask the Anunnaki, were not received instantaneously, as they (the Anunnaki) said that my mind was too active to receive these answers and that they would have to wait until I am asleep to receive the answers to these particular questions. I let the Mahatmas know this, and assured him that I would get the answers to his questions. One of the questions in particular, which will take one into the next part of this interaction with the Anunnaki, that the Mahatmas asked was about the Anunnaki sending what one would call “slaves” to the earth and elsewhere to go mining for gold, and the Mahatmas wanted to know why they( “slaves”) were sent to do that type of work. We do not like that term slaves, but that is what one will find when you will read the different texts. I assured that I would get the answer for him. He also wanted to know about the women and the ship that had crashed into the moon, that he discovered in the video via YouTube. He wanted to know how it happened, why it happened. He wanted to know their connection to the Anunnaki. Again I assured him that I would get this information for him, once I was in a more relaxed and quiet state of mind nearing sleep or in sleep, which again was required to receive this powerful information.

A few days later, I, Spectral Yogini had received the information in which was told that I would receive to give to the Mahatmas and the following occurred:

Date: Galactic Moon day 15 Year of the Blue Resonant Storm
02-21-2013 – Gregorian

I have returned to my hotel room after a long tiring day. As soon as I get into the bed, my physical body became very warm. I then began to feel my astral body separate and then lift out of my physical body. I saw the female whose body that had been found on the backside of the moon. Her face flashed before me like a big bright light. Her eyes opened, and they were just like the male annunaki’s eyes which I had seen in a previous experience, which where almond shaped, very dark with a little bit of white to them.

She said to me that she was happy to see me and that she knew that I would be made aware of her existence via the internet. She stated that she did not know when I would be made aware of her existence as it was up to the galactic star masters as to when this would transpire. She then spoke of how and why her ship crashed into the moon. She stated that some of them are on death missions and that they are given these orders and that they submit fully to them as they are for the greater good. When they have been given the order to be on a death mission; they are to crash into areas in which humans have visited or will visit, as to show proof that they do exist. She stated that they know that their bodies will be taken apart, and studied and shown to the public and also that many of those who see this will still disbelieve. However, despite this, that they will still perform this mission. She stated that her ship, which crashed into the side of the moon was remote controlled by the huge Sirian Ship where the galactic star masters exist,and that she had no control over the crashing of her ship, and that the huge Sirian Ship caused the crash as part of the death mission that she was on. She stated to me that the beings who have a death mission do not feel pain when they crash. She stated that their etheric bodies return to the star system from which they came, and that they get new physical bodies and a new mission. She stated that there is no “death”, however the term death is used so that those on earth who you reveal this to will understand with their limited consciousness.

She stated that I will meet all of these galactic star masters soon, and that the Great Mahdi Master Fard Muhammad is one of them, and that He guides us (the Anunnaka), and that He is in contact with you (Afiya), most times, on a level so subtle that only your energy bodies can pick up on it. You (Afiya) and the Great Mahdi are closer than you can even imagine and that He loves you so very much. He (Master Fard Muhammad) knows of the contact between you and us. He has arranged this because you will be making all of this known to the public, as He has instructed you to do. He has stated that you and the Mahatmas were chosen to reveal this information to the public. She stated that the Great Mahdi is on this Huge Sirian Ship and the Mother Wheel as well.

The anunnaka further stated this : the female of the Anunnaki’s proper name is Anunnaka, and that you will not see this name printed much of anywhere, as we are lumped all together under one name of Anunnaki in the texts. Anunnaki is male, and ANUNNAKA is female. The name Anunnaka carries a different vibration, She also stated that the Anunnaka are the vanguard of the Sirius Star System just as the MGT are the vanguard of the Nation of Islam.. She stated that there would be more contact soon.

-Spectral Yogini Kin 50

Know that we have communicated to you everything in truth as we saw it ,was told it and experienced it…you have the right to take it or leave it…but know that you were told…..

Your Bro and Sis in the Faith the Afiya and Gary Mahatmas Muhammad
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