by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

[Editor’s Note: The following text is excerpted from an April 1 message
delivered by Min. Louis Farrakhan at Mosque Maryam in Chicago]

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


The Holy Qur’an refers to what is called, the Days of Allah (God). This
is not referring to a 24-hour period, but, it is a time when His Allah’s
(God’s) presence would produce a clashing between truth and falsehood, and, between the forces of good and the forces of evil on the earth. It is called in the Qur’an and Bible, the Day of Judgment. What is meant by Day of Judgment? Eastern religions do not preach of an end of the world. None of the Far Eastern religions talk like that, but, when you get to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, you read of an end of a world and that end would come by fire.

Also, Allah (God) says in the Qur’an that, He sent prophets to every nation; yet the people of the east who have received guidance never talked about the end of the world. When you come to the west and the light of the prophets that started in the east and shown westward, you get this talk about the end of the world. Whose world is going to end? It is the western world. It is the world of the Caucasian. The power of white people that they have exercised over the human family is to be broken and their world is to be destroyed by the coming, the presence and the power of Allah (God).

Since the devil’s job is to deceive the people with regard to the Reality of Allah (God), then, Allah (God) has to create a condition that would allow the people to know His presence. How would He do this? He would create an enemy that nobody could destroy but Himself, and, that enemy would create a condition in Allah’s (God’s) people that nobody could solve but Allah (God) Himself.

The Caucasian people came out of Europe a little over 400 years ago having the freedom to go to every part of the earth. Everywhere they went, they found the Original inhabitants there. They went in among those Original inhabitants and slaughtered them and established among them a religion that they call Christianity. You didn’t know anything about Christianity. It was a religion that had its start more in Europe, although there were Christians in Africa. There were Jews in Africa, but, it was a different kind of religion among the Semitic or Asiatic peoples, but, Europe got a hold to it, and, just as the Europeans corrupted us, they corrupted the Word of Almighty (God) Allah.

This may come as a shock to you, and, I hope that what I am about to say does not hurt your feelings in any way, but, nowhere in the gospels, where they have the Words of Jesus, do you find the name Christian. Nowhere in the writings or the sayings of Jesus does He say to the people, “I am a Christian.” Well, what is this that has been given to us, and, the people of the world in His (Jesus’) name? The Bible tells us that the followers of Jesus at Antioch were called Christians, and, the name stuck.

You have never questioned the white man on what he gave you as a religion. It is time that you question him. It is easy that you question the Honorable Elijah Muhammad or question me, but I am not the person that gave you the religion. I am not your slave master. Why did not you ask your slave master who punished you for being Black, “What kind of religion is this, Mr. Slave Master, that you are offering me?” You never asked him a question like that! He just made you into what he wanted you to be. If your slave master was a Protestant, then, you were a Protestant, but you could not worship with him. Your church was in the field somewhere and he was the one who made you a preacher. You had to preach what pleased him.

If you really knew Jesus, just the True Knowledge of Him would free you and start you on the road to that which Jesus became. You have the right name, Jesus, and, you have fallen in love with the man based on the beauty of the man that you read in the scriptures, but, the enemy took the name and the man and painted him white and gave him to you. Everywhere that he gave you his image, the darker people that believe are suffering and are absolutely under the tutelage and mastery of the European white man. You cannot deny that!

So, the coming of Allah (God), the coming of the Mahdi, the coming of the Messiah, whom Allah (God) would make a Messenger to the Children of Israel, that’s a major event. Whether you want to believe it or not, the Bible, from cover to cover is talking about you. When you read about Israel going into bondage, who do you think that is? Everywhere you read of a slave and a slave master in the past, you are reading a prophetic picture of yourself and your relationship to the government of America and the white people of the world. You have been taught all your life that on the Day of Judgment, a trumpet will be blown and the dead will rise from the grave. What kind of trumpet could be blown to wake up the people that are in the cemetery today? I want you to use your common sense.

Imagine this. There were some troops on a ship that went out to sea and a submarine blasted the ship and the troops died in the sea. Along came some small fish that began feeding on the troops that were on the ship. Then some big fish came along and ate the small fish that ate the troops, and, the deep-sea fisherman caught some of those big fish that ate the little fish that ate the troops that were on the ship that got blasted by the submarine. Then, you came along and bought a pound or two of the big fish that ate the little fish that ate the troops that got blasted by the submarine. Tell me, where are the troops coming from on the Resurrection Day? Are they coming out of you, the fish, the water? No! Your body came out of the earth and it is only a matter of time before you return to the earth.

The Resurrection of the Dead is not talking about people in physical cemeteries. The enemy has deceived you and made you put your hopes in a heaven in the sky, while he works you to death building a heaven for himself on this earth. Well, what is meant by the Resurrection of the Dead? The Holy Qur’an says, “They have eyes but they can’t seeThey have ears but they can’t hear. They have a tongue but they can’t speak. They are blind, deaf and dumb.” The Bible says the same thing. When you have eyes but you cannot see, when you have ears but you cannot hear, and, when you have a tongue but you cannot speak, then, you are considered mentally and spiritually dead and in need of resurrection.

Resurrection means to rise up again. Your people were once masters of the earth. If you study any African history, you know that when the Caucasian was walking around in the hills and caves of Europe, Africans had built civilization. Look at you now. You, Black man and woman, are the children of the builders of the pyramids. What have you built lately?

You are the children of the great master builders and architects of the universe.

Allah (God) made man His vicegerent. We stand in the place of Allah (God). If you are able to stand in the place of Allah (God), then, you must be able to master the laws that govern what Allah (God) created; otherwise, you are unfit to stand in His place. The Qur’an says that, “When Allah (God) made the man that He called him Adam. Allah (God) asks the angels to bow down to Adam.” Some of the scholars say the angels mean the forces of nature. If angels here mean the forces of nature, and, the angels were made to bow down and become subservient to the man that Allah (God) made, that means the man Allah (God) made had power to control those forces. You once had knowledge like that, but, you do not have that knowledge today. Why? It is because you are dead. A dead man does not have what he had when he was alive.

Allah (God) said, “He would raise one from the dead and send that one to raise the others from the dead.” You that are masons and shriners already understand that Hiram was a master architect, but he got hit in the head. You are a master builder but some ruffians hit you in the head and they took you on a westerly course and buried you in the North Country in a shallow grave. The Masonic secrets are built on the history of the Black man and what happened to you. That’s why you have been able to integrate everything else except the white shriners and the white masons. You will never integrate them because the secret that they keep from you is the truth about you, and, once you awaken to who you are, who they are, who Allah (God) is and gain knowledge of the time in which we live, then, they can never rule you again.

So, the coming of Allah (God), according to the Bible, is out of the east to the west, and, the coming of Allah (God) is in the person of a human that is anointed with the Power of Allah (God) to exercise that power with the permission of Allah (God).

Thank you for reading these few words.