by master elijah muhammad


   The resurrection of the dead only means bringing up people [who are] mentally dead or [spiritually]
blind, deaf and dumb. Blind means that you are too spiritually blind to understand or cannot see the
truth and distinguish it from falsehood. Deaf means [that] your ears are so rebellious against [hearing]
truth that you will not allow them to listen to the truth. You’re dumb, because you don’t allow your
tongue to practice the truth, nor receive the teachings of the truth; therefore, your tongue is like one

who cannot even speak, because it knows nothing about the truth, nor can it [speak] on the truth. So,
you’re called blind, deaf, and dumb.

There is no such thing as the physical body coming up out of the earth or the physical form taking on a
new voice. [One day] you’ll have a new body from this old one, but it [will be] according to the
teachings of the Qur’an; [wherein it states] that it will be reversed instead of going into decay. It will go
into use again like an old tree that starts budding out new blossoms or new limbs. This is what will
happen to you who see the hereafter. You will start growing into a new growth, which will take you
back to your youth again, into teenage, and you will remain like that if you live here a thousand years,
because there won’t be any decaying on the other side. What I mean [when I say] the other side [is]
after the destruction or disappearance of the white man’s world; thereafter, there will be no decay in
the Blackman. Everything under this number six decays, because it was built upon that particular
principle or nature that it should decay and die away.
I say again to you [that] all kinds of religions have been practiced. You say, “I don’t want your Islam; I
don’t want your Allah.” What do you know about Allah, and what do you know about Islam? Do you
mean to tell me that you are so great, you are so powerful, you’re so wise, that you will not bow to any
other superior being other than yourself, when [in fact] you are living under the authority of a Supreme
Being. We’re only say to you to submit to the will of the Divine Supreme Being, One Who is wiser than
we all, One more powerful than we all, One Who is hearing and knowing, [One] Who is capable of
reversing the whole of the creation, and reproducing it, and One Who is able to pass it out of existence
and bring in a new one altogether. You would not bow and submit to a man that has the power to take
you [off] of the earth, bring you into a living being, and have the power to remove you from the planet?
[Didn’t] I say you are rebellious? Yes you are. You don’t take time to learn; you are too proud. You are
resisting God, because the white man never taught you about Allah and Islam. It is against the nature of
white people to believe in Allah. They can if they want to. We have a few white people in Islam,
brought up in it, just like you have been brought up in the white man’s Christianity. Christianity is a
religion the white man preaches. It is a religion that was organized. It is not the religion that came with
God and the Prophets; it’s a religion that they organized. And they organized it to their own satisfaction.

   They certainly have been successful under it, but you and I have not. Why? Why have not you been
successful in Christianity? It is because you didn’t know the tricks that are in it. You took the wrong end
of it.

You’re not successful in trying to play the white man’s game of civilization; you’re both two different
people altogether. You cannot be successful in trying to integrate [with] white people, because they will
destroy you. You won’t destroy them, but they will destroy you. Some of you are so dumb, that you
would like to be destroyed, but I say to you, the Black man is not what you think he is. You’re looking at
the one who has been corrupted, the one who has been marred [and] destroyed. The real one, where
you are from, you don’t know him so well. We are the Original people and we are from the Originator of
the heavens and the earth, when and where it took place. We are from that particular Father. And I say
again and again, we are not equal. We are not born of the same father and mother. We are not by
nature the same people.


[excerpt from christianity versus islam when worlds collide by master elijah muhammad]

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