I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, The Originator of the heavens and the earth.  To Him do we submit and seek refuge.  We thank Him for His prophets and messengers, and the scriptures which they brought.  We thank Him for intervening in our affairs, for before His intervention we were lost, even though many wonderful men and women were risen among us to help us. 


After these wonderful men and women left the scene, the enemy destroyed their work and rocked us back to sleep.  But we thank Allah for His intervention in the Person of One that has been prophesied of, Al-Mahdi (“The Guide”), coming out of the family of Muhammad The Prophet, peace be upon him. 

But my wonderful brothers and sisters who are looking for Al-Mahdi to come in the East:  He came from the East, and He came among us in the West in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom praise is due forever.  

Master Fard Muhammad searched among us, and He found one worthy to place a burden on him that had never been placed on a human before him, and He gave him, according to Master Fard Muhammad, “the hardest job ever given to any human being”—and that job is the resurrection of the dead so-called American Negro who has been put to death, and has lived in America for 461 years, robbed and spoiled.  But today, The Spirit of God is coming into the Black man and woman, and we are rising, never again to fall asleep in the dust. 

We are going to talk to you today from The Wisdom that He gave to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 

And what, by His grace, we are about to share with you will prove the Presence of God.

You are the beloved of God whether you want to accept it or not.  He has chosen us out of the furnace of affliction; He saw in us the material necessary to build a brand new world—that world that Jesus prophesied of, and we in the church pray for every time we say The Lord’s Prayer, saying: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.”  No politics can bring about The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 


I am going to speak very straight words to you.  I pray that Allah will open your hearts and your minds, and allow you to see, to hear and to bear witness to the truth of what you are about to hear.  Some of it you have never heard before from any preacher, any teacher, any pope, any prophet—because we don’t need a prophet’s knowledge today, we need the Presence of God and The Wisdom of God to conquer the world of Satan.


The cause and effect of being disconnected from The Source of our lives

God, Allah, is The Source of everything.  Before He created a creature, He provided everything that that creature would need to sustain and maintain its life, and to procreate its own species down through the wheel of time.  It’s a terrible thing to be cut off from The Source of what you need to sustain your life.  If you are a businessman selling a product, there is a root to that product.  But if you don’t control the root of what you are selling, then somebody that has that root can cut off your source and end your business.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a man that liked to go to the root of things … .

We had a newspaper called Muhammad Speaks:  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had the Fruit of Islam, the men of the Nation of Islam, selling up to a million papers a week; and the enemy was so upset, he captured one of our trucks, took the papers, and burned them.  They never burn filthy magazines; they never burn the wickedness that is perpetrated through magazines and newspapers and lies that people tell to deceive the masses.  But they burned a newspaper with a column by The Messenger of God, and related articles telling the truth to Black people of what was happening all over the Earth.  The enemy hates the truth.

Master Fard Muhammad:  When He found us, He said He found us “other than ourselves.”  That was a very nice way of saying what He really found.  Here we were, living among our tormentors who deprived us of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was supposed to be guaranteed in their Constitution or their Declaration of Independence, but Elijah Muhammad told us it was never meant to guarantee those essentials to us.  And to this very day, as much as we have given to America, as much life as we have shed on foreign and domestic battlefields, we still don’t have life.  And if you don’t have life, you don’t have liberty; because the essence of life is three essentials:  Freedom, Justice and Equality.

Jesus never taught “Christianity.”  (Reverend, don’t be angry with me, just reason.)  Jesus never knew anything about “Christianity”; Christianity didn’t come into existence until long after Jesus was gone.  Reason with me.  In the Council of  Nicaea in 325 A.D., the so-called Christians—which they were called at Antioch (Acts 11:26)—argued “the divinity of Jesus”; and through the Nicene Creed, adopted tenets of faith that established the fundamental basis of Christianity, one of them being Jesus Christ as “the only begotten son of God.”  Paul didn’t know anything about it.  Jesus never taught it.  He never gave you a cross to honor his life.  What he gave the early so-called Christians was a fish; because when he met Peter, he told Peter, “Put down your net, and I will make you a fisher of men.”  Why a fisher of men?  Because we have been languishing in a sea of sin and rebellion to God; so Jesus came to raise us out of that condition and bring us back to reconcile ourselves to God once again.  But the cross came under Constantine, who saw a vision of a cross; and in Latin, under that cross, the words In Hoc Signo Vinces (“With This Sign We Conquer”).  And the cross has been used in the conquering of the native peoples of this hemisphere; the cross has been used in the conquering of the Indigenous people of Africa and Asia, and Latin America, and Australia and New Zealand.  They never represented the love of Jesus Christ to the darker people of the Earth.  All of us who came under the cross suffered great loss, and those who carried the cross, who claim to be the true disciples of Christ, were actually the devils in disguise.  From the lies that they told, they cut us off from The Source of our life. 

Truth is what we are created from; truth is what our universe is created from—so the Holy Qur’an says Allah created the heavens and the earth with truth.  There was no lie in creation.  So when you are exposed to a liar:  Then once you believe the lie, it disconnects you from real reality, and imposes upon you an illusion of reality.  What a terrible thing to be cut off from Allah.  A liar is a dangerous person! 

“Now wait a minute, Farrakhan.  All of us tell a lie sometimes, don’t we?”  Yes, we do.  But telling a lie because of your insecurity (is one thing), but being a liar, and the source of lies: when lying is your mother tongue, now that’s a liar.  But that kind of liar is the Shaitan, The Satan that now we are going to expose. 

That is my job:  To expose Satan, and gather the people to go to war with Satan and end his power to rule and deceive and destroy the people of our planet.


When The Saviour came and said we were made “other than ourselves,” we were made into who we are by one who is himself.  So all of us, whether you want to admit it or not, are little devils; not because you are that by nature—you are made that by a circumstance that you didn’t have control over.  Now don’t tell me, “Oh, I’m not a devil!”  Well, why are you raising so much hell?  There’s hell in the church, there’s hell in the mosque, there’s hell in the synagogue, there’s hell in the NAACP, the Urban League; there’s hell in B’nai B’rith and ADL—that’s real hell.

Now, when we raise us up from the way the enemy made us, then that’s called “resurrection.”  It’s not talking about the cemetery; because you could blow a trumpet until you are in the cemetery:  there’s nobody dead coming up out of that grave!  Now you should know that by now.  And reverend:  I want you to stop telling the people that “so-and-so” who raised hell all during their life, “they’re now up in heaven.”  The trumpet player that died, “he’s up there playing with Satchmo and Miles Davis”; and the singer is “up there with Billy Eckstine and Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan …”  Stop lying, man.  See, you were taught by a liar and The Master of Lies, and you are now the purveyor of a religion that Jesus doesn’t know anything about.  Jesus taught Freedom, Justice and Equality.  He taught Life and, Truth.  There was no lie in Jesus, or in the prophets.