In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The Qur’an teaches us that the universe is rooted in truth. Since we are creatures of the Creator, we too have that same root.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the brain cells are created to think rightly. To think rightly means to perceive reality properly, and to think on the basis of truth. Since falsehood has created nothing, falsehood then has a negative effect on the cells of the brain. When we give our word, our striving to live up to the word means we are striving to be truthful, to be honest, to have integrity, to be one with our word, ourselves, and Allah (God). Therefore, honesty and truthfulness are at the root of all the good characteristics of the human being. When we break our oath, or are deceptive with our word, we are now becoming deceitful or false. Since we are created in truth, when we behave deceitfully or falsely, we suffer the pangs of guilt. When we suffer the pangs of guilt, it shows up in our eyes, in our facial expression, and it begins to interfere with the rhythm of our bodies, which are created to move to the rhythm of truth, which is the rhythm of life.

It is this that causes dis-ease or disease.



The Bible teaches that sin is transgression of the law. Sin does not start with the act of breaking the law, it starts with the thought of going against what is right, what is good, and what is true. Therefore, sin is at the root of disease.


The Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death. In death, the eyes are closed. This means that sin causes spiritual blindness. In death, we cannot hear; sin causes spiritual deafness. In death, we cannot speak; sin causes spiritual dumbness. In death, we cannot feel; sin creates spiritual insensitivity. This teaches us that sin ultimately leads to the untimely death of the individual.

Allah (God) says in the Qur’an, “Surely the vilest of beasts are the blind, deaf, and dumb.”

When the people asked Jesus for a sign of the end, Jesus according to the scripture answered saying, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet, Jonah; For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth ” (Matthew Chapter 12 verses 39-40)

Jesus referred to the generation that was contemporary with Him as wicked and adulterous. If Jesus were present in America today, would this present generation be characterized by Him any differently? It would not.

The mark of this generation is the same as the mark of the generation of the people of Noah; for, the scripture teaches of that generation, that every imagination of the heart of the people was continually to do evil.

What is the root cause of such a high divorce rate in the society? What is the root cause of the hatred, bitterness, and strife that exists between the male and the female? The root cause is the sin of infidelity, unfaithfulness to our word, dishonest, false, and deceitful communication. This produces in our mate disappointment and dissatisfaction, which produces quarrelling and arguments that drive away the spirit of love. Love is the mortar that holds the union together. Where there is argument and dissatisfaction love disappears; then, there is nothing to hold the union together. So, we break apart.

When we break our word and our commitment to each other, this is infidelity.

Infidelity produces a lack of confidence because of false and deceitful action between the mates. Infidelity begins a process of estrangement. Infidelity begins to weaken the will to feed life to the relationship. Infidelity ultimately kills the desire between the two people who have agreed to live as one.

Love in the truest sense of the word is not an emotional feeling toward our
mate. Love is the force or power generated from acting on the principles of truth.

Love is the most awesome creative force in the universe. Love is the basis of Allah’s (God’s) Beneficence, Mercy, and Forgiveness. It is out of this creative force of love that Allah (God) destroys that which refuses to accept truth and on that basis build a good home, family, society, or nation. It is out of Allah’s (God’s) love for good, right and truth, that He sends warners to those societies that have exceeded the limits and warns them of the destruction that their actions are bringing upon themselves. So it is with our marriages, our families, and our homes. When we fail to act on the principles of good and truth and exceed the limits of wrong doing we cause to be brought up in ourselves and in those whom we offend that destructive force that is from Allah (God) and we begin to wreak havoc on one another, destroying our marriages, families, homes and nation.

Let us look at the word LOVE and at the word LIFE.

The O in the word love and the I in the word life are vowels that are interchangeable. The V in the word love and the F in the word life are consonants that are interchangeable.

What is LIFE? It is the activity that is in accord with the law under which we are created. LOVE is the creative force out of which life comes. To truly love is to live and to have true life is to exist in true love. Lust is different. Lust is a passionate or overmastering desire. It is sad to say, that most of our marriages are conceived in lust. Therefore, when this overmastering desire is fulfilled, the marriage ends. The true life of marriage is based in the quality of love. Where true love exists, we can weather the storms of life and its ups and downs. Where true love exists, we will be faithful through sickness, poverty, and through whatever difficulty life brings to us. Therefore, to accomplish the goal of the union of two people is to gain the incomparable quality of true love.


ADULTERY – voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a partner other than the lawful spouse.

This act of adultery is punished very harshly by Allah (God) in the Law that He gave to Moses and the Law that He gave to Muhammad (PBUH). Why? Because adultery and infidelity interferes with the activity of love and begins a process of death by destroying the activity or life of the marriage.

Jonah was referred to by Jesus because he is that prophet that caused the postponement of the judgment of the wicked people of Nineveh by introducing to the King and the people the principle of atonement.

If we desire to save our marriages, our families and our homes, we must practice the Eight Steps of Atonement:

  1. Someone must point out the wrong
  2. Acknowledgement of wrong
  3. Confess the fault; first to Allah (God), then to those offended
  4. Repentance; a feeling of remorse or contrition or shame for the past conduct which was wrong and sinful
  5. Atonement; meaning to make amends and reparations for the wrong
  6. Forgiveness by the offended party; to cease to feel offense and resentment against another for the harm done
  7. Reconciliation and restoration; meaning to become friendly and peaceable again
  8. Perfect union with Allah (God) and with each other

These eight steps of atonement can bring our marriages back from death. These eight steps of atonement can bring us away from that which produces dis-ease. By our being truthful in our relationships we can begin to put the pieces of our lives back together. It is a wonderful thing to be made whole after being broken, and, practicing the principle of atonement will make us as individuals whole; make our marriages and our families whole; make us a unit – a whole people.

No matter what we gain in life what good is it if we have no character and lose the friendship of Allah (God) and the friendship of each other.

There was a woman found in adultery that was brought to Jesus. She should have been stoned to death according to the Law of Moses. Jesus bent down and wrote in the sand, which one of you is without sin may cast the first stone? No one threw a stone, for, all were guilty. Jesus was innocent and, therefore, He could have cast stones at her, but, He who was innocent said to the woman who was guilty, woman, where are your accusers? Neither do I accuse you. Go and sin no more.

I say to you as Jesus said to the woman who was found in adultery, go and sin no more.

May Allah (God) bless those of us who read this article to begin the process of healing ourselves, our marriages, our families, and our nation.

Thank you for reading these few words.