The Mysterious Light that emanates from the Ankh

After performing my Fajr prayer,& speaking with my wonderful companion in

Mysticism (my wife), I decided to just and contemplate over my experiences from the previous night (Ill get to that shortly). As I was sitting sipping on some tea, contemplating I casually gazed upon the Ankh thats placed in my home near a crystal chandelier . As I looked on in deep thought and reflection I then began to notice the Astral Light that was emanating from the Ankh. I was perplexed and somewhat mystified as to the fact that I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. I saw a neon purplish ,Blue Lapuzi type of color surrounding the Ankh( see photo attachment). After viewing this for a few seconds more I quickly gazed off to the side of the picture which caused me to loose sight of the astral light that emanated from Ankh. I immediately reflected on the conversation that I had with Master Fard Muhammad on pictures and how he guided me to place certain pictures in certain areas inside of my home I believe knowing that eventually after he begun the process of opening up my higher faculties I would begin to uncover the reasons for him directing me to do certain things in the early years of my family’s communication with him.

Crystal People and Light Beings await the opening of your Temple Seal

As I prepared myself to focus my mind to go out among the people to send healing energy to those whom were in need I could feel the crystals in this particular room beginning to pulsate intensively as if they had been previously programmed to assist in such a noble endeavor toward humanity. The crystals seemed to be eager and I definitely was willing . After completing my duty as a healer, I laid down to rest my mind and spirit only to be gently awakend by a visitor from the Ethereal Realm. As I quickly looked toward the ceiling of my room I saw a Woman gently floating(just above my chest area) in low budding light but majestic in its appearance. As she floated above me and majestically in silence but with a smile it was as if she wanted me to know that she see’s me and if the Temple Seal within me (3rd eye) had opened up enough to where I could see her .

I could …

After engaging in a long tedious and somewhat painful process that was initiated by the Ayin Master Fard Muhammad the now Master Elijah Muhammad I have been able to go back and forth into the higher dimensional realities of Creation,while also being able to see the higher life forms that exist in on this plane and dimension that function all around us daily even though we are totally unaware.

After my meeting with this mysterious woman abruptly ended I was then allowed to come into contact with what I will term a Crystal Being. You may wonder of the reality of a crystal being … but I can abruptly assure you that they exist and are as real as the birds and the bees that you see daily .

Now this brings us to the question of what in the world is a crystal being?

Answer :

This particular being was a male that was composed of crystals as we know them and see them in our material world but also of another substance that was similar to rock. I didn’t know from whence this Crystal Being came but after thinking of it very carefully the only conclusion that I could settle upon is the crystal that was pulsating in the room in which aided me in my healing effort. Either this being visited me from within the crystal or the crystal was used as a inter-dimensional gateway for his person and my mind to engage in a meeting of each other. He gave me a message ,the communication was brief. I was allowed to look over his person to assure my eyes of the truth of what I was seeing.After his abrupt departure I rolled to the left in my bed going over all of the events as to impress them in my memory, so that I may give an honest account of my interaction with the beings of the Higher realms that eagerly await the opening of the Temple Seals of all who desire to make acquaintances with the numerous Pre Original beings of Creation that were brought forth during the Trillions of years since the Black Mans existence in time and beyond.

I can never thank Master Fard Muhammad and Master Elijah Muhammad enough for the blessing that they have bestowed upon me and the whole Mahatmas Muhammad family

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