October 27th, 1956

Pittsburgh Courier Articles

The One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand

REDEEMED from the power and curse of the slavemasters, who have condemned and killed them (the so-called Negroes) and they didn’t resist (James 5:6), so doubly true it is. We are denied justice and are put to death by the hands of the enemies daily without even a protest, except by a few. 144,000 out of over 17 million so-called Negroes will actually give up the murdering beast, his name, way of worship and go back to their native people and country. It is a sad picture.

They must have a belief in Allah, and His religion of peace (Islam) for our return. Therefore, the number is small, because the beast (devil) put fear into us when we were babies. The devils seek to destroy the 144,000 as soon as they heard the TRUTH, while only babies in the knowledge of it (Rev. 12:4). They also seek to kill any so-called-Negro who has enough nerve to speak the TRUTH, as the TRUTH hurts the devil, and FALSEHOOD hurts us and brings us down to the devil’s doom.

A LAMB stood on the Mount Sion and with Him a 144,000 having His Father’s name written in their foreheads (Rev. 14:1).

First, SION, according to the Bible dictionary, is one of the various names of Mount Hermon (Deut. 4:48). Second, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Zion, the famous Mount of the Temple, -Mount Hermon. A mountain on the northeastern border of Palestine (Deut. 3:8). Hermon is the most conspicuous and beautiful mountain in Palestine or Syria. If Sion means the Mount of the Temple in JERUSALEM or the land now called Palestine, in this prophetic prophecy of the place for the 144,000 redeemed, then it is a good place to begin, or land for the squaring of the nations, as at present a dispute reigns over who the owner is. Putting them on the square with the God of the LAMB (Messenger or Apostle) to move eastward, because the Lamb’s job won’t be completed until He and His company have convinced, the old world that His God, who delivered them from the beast, is the God of the worlds, and only HE, should all nations serve and obey.

It is written (By Sir William Muir on the Life of Muhammad) that Muhammad had 144,000 sincere followers with him on his last pilgrimage to the Holy City Mecca, and not one hypocrite or infidel was among them.

The second and third verses (14:2-3) make mention of the many people (many water) over the Lamb and His followers’ victory over the beast (the devil). The fourth verse says that the 144,000 were not defiled with women, that they were virgins. These women must refer to the beasts, for they are forbidden to the righteous; and if the 144,000 would make love with those whom God (Allah) had come to destroy, their victory over the beast would be impossible. it is the women who the enemy will use to attract the 144,000 to go down to hell with them. She was used in Paradise to bring about the fall and exile, to trick Moses’ people, to trick Samson.

Write to Muhammad’s Temple 2, Ill., 5335 So. Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
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