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The need to speak the truth

The following are excerpts from chapter Ten, from This Is The One, Volume One.

Those of us who would inform others—especially those who say they are Muslims—who offer to the public that which we view as best for our people, and for this country, are duty bound to (1) do our home work; (2) speak and write on what we know; (3) and when we are offering an opinion, say that it is just that. We should not pretend that an opinion is a fact. This does not mean that opinions are always false. (Some will say this book is nothing but opinion. Smile.)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that mixing up truth with falsehood was/is the policy of devils. That is 100% true, whether Black or White!

Let us remember, this is a country where people earn huge salaries and are honored for being wicked—especially with their mouths. Black people have been the worst victims of the evil use of the mouth. This is also a land where people gain high career positions by lying and stealing. So for a Black person to engage, or to continue to engage, in the methods of the wicked to gain their objectives, or to spread their views, is to be one of them. This kind of thing is in the process of being stopped by God Himself. These earn fire. They will see. And feel it too.

Nevertheless, many are doing this: employing the techniques, the very methods of the enemies of their own people, to advance their views and their programs, which they claim are for the benefit of their people. This kind of evil selfishness leads to that which is worse. Some have murder in their hearts for those whose views they cannot disprove and yet oppose—even now.

All of this was expected; anticipated and factored into the divine plans of God well before this world ever came into existence.

Some have become so infuriated; so enraged; so furious over fundamental aspects of the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, borne witness to by his best Minister (the Honorable Louis Farrakhan)—in a manner that is winning millions—that they will stoop to any level to discredit the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and now, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. How far are they willing to go?

Whenever one feels compelled to use underhanded methods, or force (physical violence) to either discredit the position of others, or to destroy those whom they oppose, when their underhanded ways fail, they have admitted one of two truths about themselves. They either don’t have truth on their side, or it is on their side, but they lack faith and confidence in what they say they believe.

This, then, degenerates into disrespect for their professed views. This is either due to an insufficient grasp of their faith, if it is the truth, or they never had the truth or enough of the truth—in the first place. In any event, this results in feelings that their position won’t win in the end. If people get into such state, and are not careful, they may lose their balance altogether. Then they might do almost anything. They may even resort to unjustified and aggressive violence. Such methods against God’s truth will fail today.

Allah is not with the aggressors. He does not guide those who disbelieve His reality and His truth.

Let us look at this from another angle. Let us look at the position of some of the detractors, who view Muslims, in the Nation of Islam, under the leadership of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, as off base; “totally out of order”; unwitting dupes; misguided fools; or outright disbelievers, who are foolishly willing to bring down on themselves the wrath of America and the world for our imbecilic, ridiculous, backward, even retarded views and beliefs. Let’s say that this is so. How ought those who are convinced that we are far off the path of Allah to treat us? How should those who feel, or are convinced, that they are on the right path; on lofty ground; in God’s grace—how should such people treat and deal with us whom they view as groping in the darkness of falsehood?

What feelings arise in those who look upon their Brothers and Sisters, whom they feel are misguided? Are their hearts moved, for example, with the emotions of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who loved his people despite their opposition to him and did everything he could to save and spare those whom he sought to bring under the banner of Islam? By what criterion; by whose example; according to what pattern; with what measure will you who claim to be on the right path act by and treat us?

Whatever we use to evaluate others, reveals ourselves to be whatever we really are—at that time, anyway. This interaction reveals those on the right and those on the wrong path. It is written that with what judgment that we judge we shall be judged. That is what Jesus was supposed to have said. Moreover, if that was the measure for judging, the great miscarriage of justice that has prevailed—especially in America—would continue and be compounded.

The above is from the tenth chapter of This Is The One. Now, here is an excerpt, relevant to the above, from page 190 of Forgive & Forget; Healing The Hurts We Don’t Deserve by Lewis B. Smedes it reads:

“But why is Jesus so tough on us?”

“He is tough because the incongruity of sinners refusing to forgive sinners …” is, in effect, unacceptable to him.

“So he says: if you want forgiving from God and you cannot forgive someone who needs a little forgiving from you, forget about the forgiveness you want. Take away the eloquence of King James English and you get Jesus saying something like this: if you refuse to forgive other people when you expect to be forgiven, you can go to hell.”

Of course, there is much more to this vitally important subject, generally called, “forgiveness.” However, all of the above serves the overall purpose of what I am trying to do, as outlined in Vol. 20, No. 36. In that article are words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, which are part of a chapter titled: Minister Farrakhan’s Magnificent Answer, from the book, titled: Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive?

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More next issue, Allah willing.

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