Gary MahatmasMuhammad

September 6, 2018 ·

As I reflect on the many intensive and detailed visions I was given of the separation , the dividing up into classes and the great fall out from those who are not aligned nor whole heartedly with the Master and his Angels , I become pained (just like in the Visions) but assured that what I saw was from my Lord and what must transpire is whats best for the ultimate purification of my Fathers house. The house of God has to be purged of those who truly don’t want the mind and way of the Supreme Being. The only way to purge such people from among the true adherents is to allow those with contrary ideas, beliefs and desires to preach their gospel in the ears and minds of those in the house to help pull the cover off those hiding among the true believers of the faith.

I saw that many of our Sisters would fall victim to this in this hour
I saw that many had refused to truly align themselves to the idea,vision, desires and mind of God which is what allowed the devil to take many down with him during the next fold of darkness.

Well why are you mentioning this about the sisters ?


Because Im hoping that a greater portion of our sisters will be able to align themselves enough to escape the trials that will wash many away during the great flood of false ideas, slander and persecution.

May the true believer be careful about following the crowd or the majority in ideas that may not be aligned with the Judgment of our God .

Your little brother and friend

I warn you because I’m learning how to love you