The Mahatmas Teleportation to the Ashtar Command Ship

by Gary MahatmasMuhammad

July 4, 2013

Mystic Master and The 7 Ray lightworkers…….

Its time to inform you all of my meeting with 1 of the Vanguards of the Heavens above…..A female member of the Ashtar command………
The members of the Ashtar Command and the Sirians often told me of the Future meetings that i would have with them…allowing me to see their persons……as “THEY ARE”……..

These meetings can Never take place but by Allahs’s permission and that 1 whom I speak of is Master Fard Muhammad……

This meeting took place on the date of 6-17-2013…..

(Why did Master Fard Muhammad permit this to take place on this date?)

That number 17 is very Key……

Here is Surah 17 and the few verses….

Al Isrâ’

Surah 17. The Night Journey

17:1 Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).

As I awoke from a night of many dreams and experiences. I was in a rush to speak to my wife concerning last night events. I was just as eager to hear what transpired with her. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I called off work to ease my mind and heart and to give myself time to heal. As I laid on my living room couch becoming drowsy(keeping in mind that I just awoke from a lengthy amount of time of sleeping) I was puzzled for the sudden but powerful drowsiness that befell me this early morning…..

As I laid down on the couch, I could feel this force forcing my eyes closed and laying me down gently on the couch……As soon as my eyes were closed a few seconds elapse and I was drawn to a room it appeared that my physical body was whisked away to 1 of the ships of the Ashtar Command…….I appeared in a room with a woman, whom I didn’t pay much attention to upon 1st glance….but as I looked at her briefly…I walked by her looking around the room noticing some of the mechanical instruments in the background, hearing what appeared to be transmissions that were being received from others whom they were in communication with…..after seeing this and hearing this I was almost immediately brought back before her person by some powerful force(but yet unseen)…..As I was brought before her…..i gazed my eyes upon a woman who was of The Most sternness consternation…she was fierce to say the least….but yet she was of tremendous beauty…..Her Hair was of a low crop cut…..it was of a sandy red-brown but very curly…it was in a style similar to betty hoop the cartoon character or the Sister that played on the movie Set it off who was the girlfriend of Queen Latifa…..(these were the closest comparisons I could give) Her eyes were of the softest but acute symmetry and it was the same for her nose, cheek, and bone structures. Her lips were of a fine sense, but they were red with a pinch of pink, and the color of her lips was lively. I had never seen a woman’s lips that color without the administration of lipstick…..but this was no lipstick to this woman……She was a woman of short stature and small frame….her skin color was of A Golden Yellow almost white Color……When i looked at her I thought for a second that she was a tanned white woman…but upon these thoughts entering into my mind I was permitted a closer look at this woman and a veil of light was removed from her skin almost and I was allowed to see her facial features even further….and I could clearly see the Characteristics of the Black Woman in her facial features……As I looked in utter awe and amazement I tried to bow….because of the tremendous Power this woman commanded in her person…and as I tried to bow this Powerful force stopped me and only allowed my head to nod and my body to lean forward just enough to pay my respect for the authority and position this woman commanded amongst Allah’s Angels also known as the Ashtar Command….upon her looking at me with this stern look, a fierce look I began to get nervous…So NERVOUS THAT I COULD HEAR THE TRANSMISSIONS IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE SHIP…..I LOOKED AT HER UNIFORM TO ENSURE SHE WAS OF THE ASHTAR COMMAND AND ON HER LEFT LAPEL RIGHT ABOVE THE HEART, SHE HAD THE PENDANT OF THE ASHTAR COMMAND…..I WAS STILL NERVOUS…….as my nervousness reached an all-time high i began to call on Master Fard Muhammad to make himself present, by saying Master Fard make yourself present, make yourself present (to that effect) and as I said this the 3rd time I could feel his presence come and I was teleported back to my home on the couch as I had left it……..full of fear and excitement………..

I immediately relayed this to my wife and record the incident on my voice recorder so I wouldn’t forget any of the details concerning this wonderful interaction…….

I often pondered on wither or not to reveal this to the people….but after much thought…..Master Fard said to me that when they schedule a meeting of this nature that it should be told to the people immediately…unless he instructs me not to….the people need to know this communication took place(paraphrasing)

My response to him was that I would reveal this to the people immediately……..

The Cosmic Christ said that the people of the Ashtar Command is but a sign to us……3 Men 3 Women = 6…..

May you all know that this meeting with Allahs Angels is true
and yes they exist and are real as I saw them…….