[Editor’s note: The following article contains edited excerpts of the Saviours’ Day keynote address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois.]


Last week we talked about the intensifying universal cry for justice that is occurring among the Human Family of the Earth due to great injustice and the tyranny of leadership.  We also talked about the irrevocable principle of justice that is found in what Elijah Muhammad said is “the best religion”—and he said that religion is: “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourselves.” 

I intend to, with Allah’s Help, show The Oneness of God and The Oneness of Religion, and the confusion that comes from using rituals that tell the truth but are not the truth.  And it is the rituals of religion that are dividing the Human Family; so in The Coming of The Mahdi, or The Messiah: His aim is to bring all religions together, all people together, into the oneness of Himself and the oneness of the Human Family.  So, in Part 2 of “The Intensifying Universal Cry for Justice,” I want to unpack the principle of justice that is found in the best religion.

The faults we commit that we (and our children) suffer the consequences of

“Do unto others as you would have done unto yourselves.”  Think about what you do to others and ask yourselves the question: “How would you feel having that come back to you?”—and it really is not a good feeling at all.  There is a prayer that we say, as Muslims, that is given to us by Master Fard Muhammad Who put together certain ayats (or “verses”) of The Qur’an in which it is said:  “… I have been greatly unjust to myself, and I confess”—not my neighbor’s faults, not my wife’s or my husband’s faults, but “I confess my faults.”  [This prayer can be found on page 152 of Message To The Blackman in America by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.]



Question:  Do you have any faults?  The  Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in giving us that prayer, wanted us to see that if we are unjust to ourselves then no one else has a chance that we won’t make a mistake, say an unkind word, or do an unkind deed; because everything that we’ve done to hurt others, we have done it to hurt ourselves.  So we say, “O Allah!  Grant us protection”—because when you’re an unjust person to yourself and to others, there are consequences.  So after confessing “I’ve been unjust, I confess my fault,” what we’re asking God is “so grant me protection” not against “some” of my faults but against all my faults.  That is a great prayer … And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me you are asking about faults some of which you already know you have, but there are others that are going to become manifest in your life as circumstances and events come up in your life to bring out of you which you didn’t even know was there.


“… I have been greatly unjust to myself.”  So how can the world be made better, how can our families be stronger, how can our marriages be stronger—our life be stronger—if we don’t recognize how unjust we have been to ourselves, and in that we’ve been unjust to others?  So what does that require to fix it?  Since we’re imperfect human beings, how do you fix it?  Let us refer to “The Lord’s Prayer,” where you say: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  Stop right there.

Brothers and sisters, some of us are so hateful in our wickedness that we have nothing in our hearts that would allow us to forgive those who have trespassed against us!  We hold grudges.  And if you ever went to “heaven” and found somebody there that you didn’t think should be there, because of what they did to you:  You don’t care anything about all the good they did in life; it’s what people do to you personally that you have no strength to give forgiveness!  But yet out of all our wickedness, we want God to keep away from us the consequences of our own evil.

In The Oft-Repeated Prayer of the Muslims, which is the Al-Fatihah, verse 3 says in Arabic Maliki yawmi’d-din, that Allah is “Master of The Day of Judgment” or “The Law of Requital”; then the Honorable Elijah Muhammad adds to that Prayer these words: (Master of The Day of Judgment) “in which we now live.”  That’s big!  Because Negroes and White people, and all people, that preach about “judgment” think that judgment is “a long way off”—“I ain’t got to worry about that!”  But Elijah Muhammad said, “No, we are living in ‘The Day of Judgment’,” so it doesn’t matter now—The Grace that came yesterday is not here today, because in “The Day of Judgment,” you should expect what you put out. 

And the only thing between us and the consequences of our action is The Grace and Power of God to delay the punishment/avert the punishment based upon us, or bring it down fully on our heads. …  There will never be justice in our lives until truth is manifest to us, thereby right can be done on the basis of truth. 

Again, as I stated last week, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “Justice is The Weapon that God Himself will use to bring judgment and justice to the world on The Day of Judgment.”  “Justice” is The Weapon, and so it doesn’t make any difference, now, when you get beat in the head by the police, and they’re lying and they “get away with it” (so we think).  White people have been doing evil a long time to us, and we’ve been thinking “They got away with it”; and therefore your breast is hurting because you can’t find justice!  But when God says justice is “The Weapon”:  That means that what they have sent forth in our lives is coming back to them, and this is the time that they should reap what they have sown.  Pay attention to the talk of Obadiah in the Bible, Chapter 1, verse 15, and parse these words:  “For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.” 

Here, you have the past tense of a deed done (“hast done”), but it says in future tense “it shall be done unto you”—so you can look for it because it’s going to come up; you’re going to pay!  And guess what?  If you think that because you die, that you “got away”:  It’s there for your children.  When you’re an evil-doer, and you look at your children every day, and you love them (so you say), yet you are putting stuff in their lives from your evil.

The ‘terror’ that comes from ‘fundamentalist Islam’

We live in a time of “terror”—and everybody White people don’t like is a “terrorist.”  I mean, is everybody a “terrorist”?  Why are you so terrified?  In the Holy Qur’an, Surah 8 (“Voluntary Gifts”), verse 12 says:  “When thy Lord revealed to the angels; I am with you, so make firm those who believe.  I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them.” And in the news today, we see there are a lot of beheadings going on. 

Now when you looked in the mirror this morning and washed your face, I’m sure you like looking at your face, and your head:  You would not like somebody cutting off your head, would you?  But it’s happening today!  The Holy Qur’an says in Surah 14 (“Abraham”), verse 42:  “And think not Allah to be heedless of what the unjust do. He only respites them to a day when the eyes will stare (in terror).”  So we have suffered injustice every day of our lives in America, and it looks to us that they’re “getting away” with it!  But it says “respite them to a day when their eyes will stare in terror.”  This is that day.

Here is what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote in Message To The Blackman in America—if you don’t have it, get it; on page 49 he writes:  “These people”—he was talking about White people—“have been the worst people to us (the Black Nation) since they have been on the face of the earth. They were created and made for just the purpose of destroying our peace as well as our lives. They have destroyed 600 million of the Black Nation since they have been on our planet. This averages 100 million every thousand years of their rule. They have affected nine-tenths of the total population of the Black Man under their rule, including the brown, red and yellow races.”  [Consider what the consequences are] when a man has done that kind of evil.

The people that did it, many of them are gone, they are dead, but they produced offspring.  And it doesn’t seem like the offspring is better than those that did the evil to us, because the children are doing the same evil as their fathers!  So look at what the Bible teaches in the Exodus 20:5:  “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”—God talking!

Well, I want to segue from that for a moment to The Middle East, where there is a “hotbed” of madness going on. 


As of the date of this message, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have arrived into the United States where he plans to speak before the joint houses of Congress [on Tuesday, March 3, 2015], over the strong objection of many people; insulting the president of the United States.

Who is the president?  What’s his name?  Barack Obama:  Here is a man coming in your house!  You’re the head of the house; and somebody in the house invites a man into the house, who sneaks in the back door, and doesn’t even greet the head of the house to ask his permission!  Is that an insult?  Is that the way they think of our brother president, that “We’re gonna’ do whatever we wanna’ do, because you ain’t nothin’ but a n—a in the White House!”  Don’t tell me they don’t think like that.  Mr. Netanyahu feels confident about succeeding …  And in 2001, when he was unaware, he was being recorded; listen to what he said:  “I know what America is.  America is a thing you can move very easily, [and] move it in the right direction.”  Here is a man from a tiny state called “Israel,” and he said “we can move America very easily in the right direction”—and the “right direction” is a direction that benefits Israel!  Then he said: “They won’t get in our way.”  And before Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister that died recently, was in a debate with his foreign minister Shimon Peres wherein Sharon reportedly yelled, quote:  “Don’t worry about American pressure.  We, the Jewish, people, control America… .” 

Even though they claim that Israel is America’s closest ally, they are not now, nor have they ever been, true “friends” of America, or the American people who have been their support for nearly 70 years.  From 1948 until now, billions of the taxpayer dollars have been given to Israel in arms, cash, loans etc., every year, without even consulting the American people as to their thinking.  Well, how could they do this without consulting the American people?  Because they have been working for years to control your representatives in Congress; in the Senate, in the House of Representatives. 

Now tell me I’m wrong, and I’ll prove it.  And don’t ever come to hear what I have to say if you are not strong enough to listen to the truth, because it’s the truth that Jesus said will set us free.

Former Republican congressman Ron Paul, and many before him, wants to reexamine our support of Israel.  Even as America’s crumbling infrastructure goes unaddressed at home, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden went to Israel and promised them that no matter what the economy of America is suffering, Israel will never lose the billions of dollars that America gives every year.  Now you think about that!  And remember:  Some of the Democrats said, “We’re not going to show up when Netanyahu speaks,” because this was an insult to the head of the country and the head of our Democratic Party. 

A great Jewish attorney and Harvard professor, Alan Dershowitz, was on radio recently, and said in an interview:  “I will be appalled at any Democrat who refuses to show up. … The President is about to make a horrible, horrible foreign policy decision. He is opposed, not only by Israel, he is opposed by Saudi Arabia. He is opposed by Egypt. He is opposed by many Democratic Senators and Congressmen.”  Really?  Brothers and sisters, what is happening is he is exposing those that he has control over; so I want you to see how this plays out, and then you’ll know why they are killing Muslims in The Middle East who seem to want to parrot the way of The West!

Mr. Dershowitz continued:  “The idea that people in Congress should refuse to listen to a Prime Minister; they’re treating him like they treat (former Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmedinejad. You walk out on a tyrant who denies the Holocaust…”—but at the World Conference on Racism in 2001, did they deny that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was a “crime against humanity”?  Did America walk out, rather than face the music?  But we can’t walk out on this man, Netanyahu?  “….[but] you don’t walk out on an ally who is America’s strongest ally in the Middle East and who has a different view from the President, and is right? He’s right on this one, and the President is wrong.”  Wait a minute:  How is the president wrong? 

Dershowitz said, “Iran’s leadership is a suicide nation.  A suicide nation that was prepared to send thousands of their young children to certain death at the end of the Iraq War, giving them tokens to go to paradise. …”  Who initiated the Iran-Iraq War?  Was it not America that pushed Saddam Hussein to attack Iran?  Iran did not attack Iraq!  You’re afraid of a “suicide nation” when they can’t take your foolishness anymore?  Were you afraid of the kamikazes in Japan, who said they would rather die than be conquered by The West—and got in a plane and locked themselves in, and dove their planes into America’s ships?  That is what people who are committed to a cause bigger than their lives will do when the time arrives!

These people, Dershowitz and his kind:  They have not proved any of their assertions; and in their view of Iran, as they have been in Iran looking, they have not seen anything that would say that Iran is creating a nuclear weapon.

Wasn’t it Netanyahu that encouraged America to go to war with Iraq because they had “weapons of mass destruction”?  Did they find weapons of mass destruction?  No.  How many Americans have died and been mortally wounded because of a lie?  Israel actually wants a war with Iran; they want to see the might of America used to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran!  President Obama is trying to keep away from a war, so he is in negotiation with Iran.  Is that intelligent?

Brothers and sisters:  I hope I’m not frightening any of you.  But if I am, it’s all right—but you’ll never say that Farrakhan didn’t tell you the truth.  That’s why they don’t want you around me; not that I’m a bad man, but the truth in my mouth is what they fear!  Because once you know the truth, they’ll never be able to put you back in that slave condition that you are in right now.  The president is trying to keep America out of war.  I give him a lot of credit for that!  He initiated a dialogue with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran—and they didn’t like that.  He’s “the president,” yet they say, “What do you mean he initiated a dialogue with Iran and didn’t get our permission?”  Let me tell you something about White people that you think “love you”:  When they put you in a position of power, they want you to remember who put you there! 


Do you remember Richard Nixon?  They used to call him “Tricky Dick.”  Nixon wrote in his book 1999: Victory Without War that the enemy of democracy is “fundamentalist Islam.”  Now what is “fundamentalist Islam”?  I remember one of the great basketball players from The San Antonio Spurs, a young man from the Virgin Islands, Tim Duncan:  They say he is “fundamentally sound”; because in the game, “the fundamentals” are the things you need to know in order to play the game well.  I try to play my violin, but there are fundamentals that my previous teachers never gave me; so I was good at what I did, and received a lot of praise for how I played, but still I was missing the fundamentals.  So now I have a teacher that is helping me with the fundamentals so I will play it better. 

Now what’s that have to do with this subject?  Understand that in every discipline there are fundamentals; and there are fundamentals in the religion of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Shintoism—every religion has fundamental teachings that are the basis of everything that’s built on those fundamentals.

In Islam, there are fundamental principles; and without those principles, we don’t have “Islam,” because on that great foundation is a super structure of laws and rules and guiding principles.  “Fundamentalist Islam” are those who will not bend the fundamental principles of the religion; and they are called “extremists” today, or “Islamists” today.  But there are fundamental principles to Christianity.  And if you are a true Christian, you have to uphold those fundamental teachings of Christianity; otherwise you’re not really a true Christian.  Would you agree?

Who stands in the way of the enemy having a ‘glorious future’?

In my Saviours’ Day address last week we showed you the picture of the 40 heads of state—“all the criminals”—who gathered in Paris, France for the Charlie Hebdo protests.  Well, in a 1964 edition of Esquire magazine, a cartoon featuring heads of state appeared.  You young people:  You don’t know the White man that is talking, but that is the former president of France, Charles de Gaulle—and look at whom he is pointing his finger:  At a man with a fez on.  In the cartoon also is Israeli military leader and politician Moshe Dayan; in one corner is Nelson Rockefeller, and in the other corner, Liberace and the “cultural expression”…  They have all of these White people, but the only Black one up there is that man with that fez on!

Pay attention to Pres. De Gaulle’s words:  “My countrymen and fellow crooks—(See, I told you that those were criminals that met in France!)—“zis fellow, N—the “N” word (“Nigga”); that’s what they mean—“he is giving to us ze ‘bad name.’  What’s “the bad name” he’s giving you?  “Devil.”  “Satan.”  That’s your name!  Then he says:  “We must liquidate heem zo zat we can devote our time toward ze development of a glorious future—mainly, me.” 

Now all the criminals were there in France, but Barack didn’t show up. And all the criminals are in this picture, but not the president of the United States; so in the absence of the president [at that time], de Gaulle is speaking for White people, and he is speaking for the Western world.  But notice his words:  “We must liquidate him.”  Does that mean turn him into a liquid?  What does it mean?  It means, “We must kill that one man who’s stopping us from having a glorious future.”

How is one Black Man with a fez on his head stopping a White man from having a glorious future?  It is because the truth in his mouth is to end the civilization of the Jews that Jesus was 2,000 years too soon to end!  That is why they wanted to “liquidate” him!


Brothers and sisters:  What “terrorizes” them is The Presence of God, and a messenger from God, that signals the end of their civilization.