[Editor’s note: The following article contains edited excerpts of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s May 9, 2017 interview on WVON 1690AM Talk of Chicago radio with host Cliff Kelley. From questions about the administration of Presi-dent Donald Trump, its challenges and any possible meetings with the president to the future for Black people and the final war America will face prior to her prophesized destruction, this important interview offers analysis and guidance from Min-ister Farrakhan that is valuable and much needed.]


Cliff Kelley (CK):  This wonderful gentlemen, we love him so much, he is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who is in our studio again. How are you Brother Minister?



Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (HMLF): I am fine my dear brother thanks to you for permitting me to be on your show today and thanks to all of your listeners. I’m very honored to see you again. … America has entered a great time of trouble and so have we. 

Our time of trouble is because we have not paid good attention to the Messenger of God that He raised among us to warn us of the days that we are now witnessing; days when factories closed and long lines of persons looking for a job. He asked us to get up and do something for ourselves before we were forced to do it. Unfortunately we did not listen. Now we are being forced by circumstances to do something for ourselves because our depending on others to do it for us will not work.

The violence that has been going on incessantly in our community, getting worse and worse by the day, when we are slaughtering ourselves in unprecedented numbers; filled with self-hatred for each other in a spirit of retaliation and revenge. You kill my dog, I’ll kill your cat, as though there are no consequences for this behavior, I have warned us about for the last three, nearly four decades telling our people we’re going to have to pay a price for this.

Mr. Trump has brought into his cabinet Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, who is Secretary of Defense. Dogs are so lovely as creatures that many of us who have dogs, love our dogs sometimes more than we love our family members. Because the dogs when we feed them and nurture them, they love us and they’ll never turn on us—but a “mad dog?” A “mad dog” is a dangerous creature. And to think of sending such a man with such a reputation into Chicago after he, President Trump, has said to our mayor and the police department: “You all better get this violence thing straight or we’ll have to help you do it.”

Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis

And to help the mayor to do it, they’re intending to come and search homes for weapons and kill those who would advance opposition, a slaughter.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said when the children of Israel rebelled against Moses and Aaron and did not want to leave their slavemaster to build an independent nation of their own under the guidance of God, God chastised them with fiery serpents and cockatrices. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked me one day, “do you know what it means fiery serpents”? I said, “no sir.” He said, “It means angry White people.” 

White people are getting more and more angry every day, and as I said on this same wonderful program before, Mr. Trump was elected that the mask of civility—like an onion peeling—is being peeled off. Now naked hatred, not only in word but in deed, is being openly shown to us.  Brothers and sisters they will come in to chastise us. But since we are no longer forsaken, and are the people of God, God will answer whatever they do of evil to us. I’m warning the government and I am warning General Mattis, and all those who would kill us outside of the law of justice, that the God of justice will pay you back in full.

CK:  Thank you Brother Minister; very strong opening statement. You’ve pointed out obviously one of our major problems with this person who is now recognized as our president. But not only do we have a major problem there, we have a problem with the state, we have a problem with the city. I’m talking about our people all across the board.  We have a situation now we don’t have a budget in the state of Illinois. We don’t even know relative to the city whether our children are going to be able to go back to school when they’re supposed to or whether they’re going to have to leave early because of a lack of money. I read this great paper you probably heard of it—The Final Call.  We have these problems nationally, statewide and the city. Where do you want to start?

HMLF:  I’ll start with the reality. If we’re having problems nationally, we’re having problems on the state level and then on the local level, what message is that sending to Black people who are not supposed to be intelligent but the grassroots understand? What that means in this time, as in the time of Moses, it means buckle on your boots and shoes and let’s get the hell out of here. As the boys said in the movie; it’s time to get out. 

CK:  In the interim what do we do relative to before that happens we’ve got a lot of people of all ages Minister Farrakhan; Black Lives Matter, it’s been a great group millennials getting involved as they should. Younger people on social media has been good and bad, good as far as organizing. But it’s also I think you would agree it’s been bad relative to gang warfare. What do we do in the interim because the Nation has trained so many people to do so much good for so many others, including the Nation itself.  And we look towards the Nation—many of us do of course—to give us some hope as to what we can do now, do for self. What do we do?

HMLF:  The greatest gift of God to us today is right guidance. The enemy has money that he can throw at problems but the problems never get solved because we’re violating the good guidance and warning that God sent to us through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. So now what do we do? You mentioned earlier we don’t know whether we’ll be able to go to school because of budgetary constraints; that might not be bad because the schools are not doing anything of value for our children in the first place.

Jesus said you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears and if the educational system of White America is good for us, where is the fruit from that system that says so? We don’t produce jobs for ourselves. We’ve been here 462 years under tyranny and oppression. Where are our factories that produce the clothes we wear, the shoes we wear? Where are our farms that produce the food that we eat? Where are we producing jobs for our jobless people like other people are doing? 

The Chinese are not looking for a place at the White man’s table. You don’t see the Chinese picketing because they don’t have a seat at a table. They make their own table. You go to Chinatown you see any Black people down there selling egg foo young? No. It’s the Chinese in the Black community; it’s the Koreans in the Black community; it’s the Palestinians in the Black community. It’s the Indians from the sub-continent of India in the Black community. Every refugee finds his American dream on the backs of the nightmare of Black suffering in America.

I don’t have anything to say about what they don’t have, a budget that’s not true, that’s a lie. They won’t give you nothing because in their minds you don’t deserve nothing. If the schools close, the hell with that every church should be a school.  And then we should take over the schools in our own community that they closed down. Open them up and then make the government give us our tax dollars that we pay for an education that we don’t receive. Give us back our tax dollars that we pay for police who do not serve nor protect. Then maybe we can educate our people, make them a better people and make our community a more decent and safe place to live. 

It’s time to unite all of these little tribes that we have that seem to have joy in the little crumb that we get from this place or that place or this grant and that grant. So you can rob the grant giver and not give to the people they give you the money to help. No. Let’s stop all of this foolishness and come together as a people or we will deserve the chastisement of God that is about to come down. Especially on the rich and the professional well-educated Black person who could make a way in the desert for our people, but you’re so tied to your slavemasters and their children. You don’t want to leave them nor do you want to lead your people into doing something for self.  We’re at the end of it now. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be back on this great show again but in the meantime you better prepare your behind for the butt kicking that God intends to give.

   CK: When I grew up here in Chicago mid-south way, we had all kinds of Black-owned businesses; people supporting each other. I was just telling the guest we had earlier it was so odd. I got a call today because I was speaking of the fact that one of the worst things that happened to us has been integration. When I grew up there was nothing but Black businesses. Then all of a sudden people understood—“oh White folks will take our money too.” And a lot of the Black businesses closed.

A gentlemen called me as I was saying this, Minister Farrakhan, and said, “listen I am looking into a beauty shop there are five Black women in there and there is not one Black person who is serving them.” One of my favorite restaurants I used to love it—Salaam at 83rd St. and Cottage Grove Avenue. I would go in there and this is something that I’ll never forget. The brothers were just so great and the food was excellent.

HMLF: Segregation was ugly but we made something good out of something ugly. Since we were not welcome in other places run by White people, we were forced by circumstances to let our dollars circulate in our own communities. We had the convenience stores. We had the supermarkets. We had bus stations and all the things that White folks had we had our own. 

Most of the people after “emancipation” moved to the North; so Chicago is one of those great cities that it’s really up South-North because most of the people that came here came from Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and other places South. When they came here it was segregated. They knew wherever they settled they had to do something for themselves.  When you were young and I was young, there was a plethora of Black businesses. 


Jackie Robinson was a professional baseball second baseman who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era.

But when White folks said, “yes, come and spend your money with us,” we ran downtown when we could only pass through downtown. Now downtown has our money. We used to have an all-Black baseball team, all Black stars and when White folks took Jackie Robinson and brought him into the major league that was the beginning of the crushing of Black baseball teams and leagues.


Here we are now several decades up from that. Where are the Black businesses? They’re not here. The Koreans are here, the Chinese are here, the Arabs are here, the Indians are here. Everybody that wants to make a dollar is making a dollar on our lack of thought to do something for ourselves that was not present in that older generation that came from the South. 

The trade schools closed, so young Black men don’t know how to build a house, or put a roof on a house or build cabinets anymore. We used to go to school to learn how to make ourselves useful in the trades. Then a man by the name of Samuel Gompers, a Jewish fellow, brought tradespeople from Eastern Europe, unions started and kept us out.

Samuel Gompers

We’re having a problem on the national level, on the state level and on the local level because it’s telling us that the White man doesn’t want you anymore. You have no place in his house anymore except to be a little flunky around the door.


When you get enough of that and that foot gets in your behind, will you get up and do what God wants you to do?  And what does God want us to do? As He did with the children of Israel in Egypt—He wanted the children of Israel to separate into a state or territory of our own. You’re going to have to decide. Some of you want to stay—stay. Some of you want to be White—be White. But we want to be ourselves; we want something that we can pass on to our children other than a cheap job and a hustle selling drugs and pimping our women. We are tired of what the enemy has made of us and now we must begin to make something of ourselves.


HMLF:  We don’t need a lot of time. What we need is the unity necessary to cut time short. See you’re powerless and that’s why it takes a lot of time. Because I’m over here doing my thing; you’re over there doing your thing. Somebody down the street doing their thing but our thing should be one thing and that is the liberation of our people totally. We can’t do that as long as we’re divided and envious of one another. We’re like little stupid children, like a dog around the foot of a master.  He keeps kicking you away and you keep coming back for more. 



No, we don’t need a lot of time. We need to recognize what Elijah Muhammad said, listen to his words: “We are a nation in a nation.” Why not use these 22 million—at that time—50 million people’s power for their eternal salvation instead of temporary enjoyment with the same wicked people who murder our people? 


Let us build our own political machine. You’ve been in the Democratic Party, you got nothing. We were Republicans at one time, at least, we had a fake declaration of emancipation. No, if you and I unite with that man, and that man is Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger-Messiah, with the help of Allah he said, I will get you what you want and I know what you want for I am your brother.

Think about this. If we’re united, I wouldn’t care about a White school board getting me a little something. The hell with the school board; that’s the White supremacy board and the White supremacy board wants you reading stupid books rooted in the idea of White supremacy. I don’t want a thing to do with White supremacy. I want to deal with the truth and a proper education that will not allow us to be educated and then come out and beg another man for a job when you should be creating a job for yourself. 

If you understand that we are, have become, a nation in a nation, 50 million people. You have nations now in the United Nations with 70,000 people. You’ve got nations in the UN with 12,000 to 14,000 to 20,000 to 30,000 people. We’re a nation and the one thing that we don’t have is land that we can call our own. 

We don’t want to integrate with these people. We’re tired of being with them. 

We want to be with ourselves in a land of our own under the guidance of God.

Brothers and sisters you are going to get the worst chastisement that you have ever received from God because good guidance has come to you and you have thrown it aside for what? To get a crumb at your master’s table; to be accepted by your master, to open the door for your master and beg your master to open the door for you? …

CK: Brother Minister, I just want to say everybody would say, “hey, he’s right how do we achieve this?”

HMLF:  First thing we have to do is recognize the time. We’re at the end of the time of the White world to dominate Black people and Original People all over the planet. … Can’t you see it? Can’t you see that the God of justice is whipping the hell out of America with the storms, with floods, with hell, with hurricanes, with tornadoes; can’t you see that things are happening? The clouds of war are gathering. Trump is the right man in the right place in the White House for White people at the time of the end of their power to rule over us. He’s going to bring it on.  

I say, “go ’head Mr. Trump bring it on” because this is the war to end all wars. No warmonger will live after this one jumps off. And the people that I’m looking at, they’re no longer afraid of the big bad wolf. So you can bring your Mother Of All Bombs. You can bring everything you think you got to fight against God and the Original People of our planet but you will lose miserably. You better go back and read your Bible and read your Holy Qur’an because Satan can’t exist after this war. The devils will not exist after this and if you exist you’ll exist by God’s permission … take it or let it alone.

CK: I was talking about that there was this questionnaire and Americans are thinking about the unthinkable. Unbelievable numbers of people are thinking about World War III.  Is that anything that you are bringing about?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Oh I can’t bring it about … I don’t have that juice. … Before the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed from us, we sat at his table. He ran down what is about to go down. That is war. And he said, America, look you should do everything you can to hold off this war because every day that you hold it off is a day good for you. But if you rush ahead like you’re doing right now—why are you bothering with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? … “Well he has atomic nuclear weapons he trying to get.” … You (America) have them, don’t you? 


All your White buddies that have been giving hell to Black people all over the earth, don’t they have them too? Didn’t you help South Africa get nuclear weapons? What did you give it to South Africa for? You know there’s a time coming that you’re going to want to use them. Use them against who? The rise of the Black man all over the planet. But you’ll never stop our rise. We have something for you. I’m not joking—I don’t play with this. You have no power today to stop God from dealing with you the way the prophets said he would. I’m only representing my teacher, a Warner from God. You can take it or let it alone. But I will speak the truth I don’t give a skip who doesn’t like it because I’m not trying to be your friend. I’m trying to warn you, that I may be the friend of God. 

CK:  How can we prevent this?

HMLF:  You can’t. You can’t prevent World War III. You don’t have any juice.  In fact, World War III will free you. … Your time has come. If I never speak again on any radio or if God silences me tonight I would have told you the truth and I will go to my grave knowing that I and my teacher will be the winner in the end. Every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger. Take it or let it alone.


CK:  We are continuing with our guest the Minister Louis Farrakhan and we are just so pleased to have him here.  He has been giving us a lot of information.  I’m going to take a call. 

CALLER DARCELLE:  I just want to bring to your attention a couple of concerns and if you can clear up the air for me.  I do see Muslim Tweets out there on Facebook and in Social Media.  One, that you’re planning to or you’ve been invited to meet with the current occupant in the White House.  I didn’t know if that was actual fact or alternative fact. …

MLF:  First, I don’t know anything about an invitation to speak with Mr. Trump. I do know that in the Holy Qur’an, as well as in the Bible, God gives a directive both to Moses and Aaron. And he says to the both of them, “Go you both to Pharaoh. I have given you both an authority.”

 And if you notice the way I speak, I don’t speak like somebody that doesn’t have authority to say what I’m saying. You don’t need to send people to talk to Mr. Trump who don’t know what time it is. 

But if there should come a time that I would talk to the modern Pharaoh, I know exactly what to ask for and I’m not asking for Negro tidbits. I’m asking for what God wants: Land of our own and a good send off after we’ve given you 400 years of our sweat, blood and tears and received in return some of the worst treatment ever afforded to a human being.  …

CK: Sister Darcelle also asked you about Trump. You’re aware that Omarosa would like to meet.


Omarosa Manigault

MLF: Yes, I am. I am so proud of that sister, Omarosa. … Let me say this about Ms. Omarosa Manigault of the Trump administration:  Sometimes you may not like the door, maybe the knob is a little funny or maybe the door is not made of the material that you would like to go through. But when God gives you a door, if you want access, you go through that door. People didn’t like Jesus. Oh, they had all kind of reasons to hate him but Jesus said, “I am the door. Any man who enters must come by me. If you don’t come by me,” he said, “you’re a thief and a robber.” 


Well, if Ms. Omarosa is the door to Trump, well I kind of like that door. That’s a pretty door.  That’s an intelligent door. That’s a spiritually rooted door. So whenever Mr. Trump is ready to hear what I have to say, he must know that when I speak I’m not just speaking for Louis Farrakhan and a few Negroes. You have to know who I represent. I represent God, Allah, who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi. And I represent his Messenger-Messiah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I don’t need to say anymore. Just who I represent should let you know that you are going to have to hear from me sooner or later.