WEB POSTED 05-21-2002

The evolution of two men


What comes below ends the February 8, 2002 interview with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Brother Jabril: In the course of an interview of you, in 1994, which was on the morning of that year’s Easter Sunday, you interrupted yourself and stated that you were experiencing a deeper realization of the relationship between the evolution of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to your own; that what he was experiencing above you were experiencing below, which was making you a more effective instrument through which to grow the clergy, who were crying out for expansion.

We discussed the fact that the first phase of the mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wasn’t actually fulfilled by him before he went on to the next phase of his mission. You are completing that first phase of his mission, as you are on the way toward the second phase of your mission which he has for you, while he is already in the second phase of his assignment.

This aspect of your mission included the loosening of “the knot” in the divine language and the growth that had to take place in you, to be able to loosen the knot in the teaching. This involved your realization of his higher self, which enables you to enter into the realization of your own higher self. These truths have the greatest implications for the growth of each of us here and throughout the earth.  Please comment.

Minister Farrakhan: The thought that comes to mind is the words of Jesus. “It is expedient for you (or necessary for your development) that I go away.  For if I go not away the comforter cannot come unto you.  But if I go away, I shall send him unto you, in my name and he will testify of me.” In another scripture, he says, “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am, you may be also.”

What this means to me is that, we could not grow to the point or place that God intended for us as long as he was among us. Like children, we were so dependent on him, that even the thought of his leaving us put us in a state of mental disrepair. But he knew that it was as necessary for him to go as it is for sunlight and water and earth to facilitate life.  If he did not go to the place and position that God intended for him, then he could not affect that growth from where he is in us.

So he says, “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am,” the plane on which I exist, you too can exist. But I’m going to send the holy ghost or the comforter unto you.

What is this holy ghost? He used the pronoun “he,” not the pronoun “it.” So it must have a bearing on a human being.  “Ghost” means, in the darkness of the period of his absence and in the darkness, gross darkness of our misunderstanding of his “death” and the fall of what we all worked so hard to build, that produced a darkness, a most uncomfortable state of mind because we need answers, which would come through a person.

So when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to his followers in the Theology of Time series, “Whenever you see him, look at him.” Because he wants the people to look upon a human being that is being worked on. “Whenever he speaks, listen to him.  For his teaching is a bearing of witness of me.  He is one of the finest preachers within the bounds of North America. So continue to hear my Minister Farrakhan.”

As I plum his words, with no vanity or egotism involved, to me, that “God has made me to take his place among the people” and “I am making you to take mine and I want your mind. I want you to line your mind up with my mind that there be one mind.”

Then he was telling the people, just as Master Fard Muhammad, on His departure, told his followers “to hear Karriem,” He knew that he would be teaching them a greater elucidation, elaboration, and unfolding of what Master Fard Muhammad, which involved the identity of Master Fard Muhammad.  That was the core that we had to get to see in order to appreciate the value of what we had.

So now he’s leaving to go to his Teacher.  And he tells his followers “Hear Farrakhan. Continue to hear my. …” Possessive pronoun—he’s mine.  I have him.  He is under my control.  I’m still in the process of making him. He will come to you in the darkness, the gross darkness of your falling away, your misunderstanding and he will comfort you through the knowledge that he will impart to you of me and where I am and what has happened and is happening to me.  I’m going to make him among you a sign of my exaltation in heaven with my Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad.

So his going away was vitally necessary for me to recognize him in me; for me to recognize his being alive. Then from that removal of that scale, I could begin to be a comforter to the people and testify to the people of his exalted state.

Brother Jabril: This should greatly assist all those Brothers and Sisters, as we dealt with the Closing The Gap—Part One  material, who are stuck in a time warp.


A Sister, who wrote me about this series, which ends with this article, referred to them not so much as “interviews,” but “inner-views” into the mind and heart of Minister Farrakhan. She nailed it! That was one of my major aims with this series.

Minister Farrakhan did not know what the questions were before he heard them. So, of course, his answers were unrehearsed.  Look at the depth of the wisdom each answer contains.  His answers are mini books!  

Do you really know anyone else who could have given such spontaneous answers to these questions, the content he did not know before he heard them? (And wait until you read his answers to the other questions, in interviews that will appear, be it the will of Allah. Whew!)

Where do events originate? All events, originate in the hearts of human beings, without exception. To understand any event, in the best sense of that word, we must get as deep as we can into the heart of the one or ones, who spoke the word or performed the act, which constituted what we call an “event.”

Seldom, if ever, do we read of the roots of the events, which is the heart(s) of the newsmaker(s). In the series of articles, which ends with this one, we have been provided with the opportunity of looking deep in the mind and heart of Minister Farrakhan, who is the most extraordinary “newsmaker” on earth.

What is the definition of “news?” How much of it is true? How much of it is “good.” How much of it is the “gospel?” What is the relation between what is generally called “news” and the “gospel?”

More next issue, Allah willing.