The Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion

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Time Map: Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion

The Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion

First there was the Harmonic Convergence, then, 16 years later, came the Harmonic Concordance. That opened a 260-day cycle from Blue Crystal Storm (November 8, 2003) to Blue Crystal Storm (July 26, 2004), the Day of the Great Calendar Change. But even before this 260-day sacred cycle is complete, with just 48 days to go, comes the Venus Transit of 2004. Venus transits always come in pulses eight years apart, separated by either 130 or 113 years from their points of initiation (130 = 13 x 10, 113, a prime number). That means the concluding transit will be in 2012. This is the sign in the sky that the Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion are now beginning.

The Great Calendar Change of 2004 means that victory has already been granted to the New Time. The Law of Time has manifest on the Earth and now it is raising to a new level of consciousness human beings from all sectors of global society. In the synchronic order of the New Time, the Venus transit occurs on the 10th day of the Crystal Moon, on the day Blue Electric Monkey, Kin 211. In the Cube of the Law, the 10th day of the moon is Cube four, the position ruled by Pacal Votan. In one week it will be the 52nd anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan, a discovery that augured the beginning of the time of the Mayan prophecies. The day Blue Electric Monkey, also a Galactic Activation Portal, is the first of the clear signs on the western edge of the sarcophagus lid, indicating that today, the Venus Transit, is a sign of fulfillment of prophecy.

The full significance of the Venus Transit is that it inaugurates the Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion, the conversion of humanity to the New Time of 13 Moons/28-days. The war has already been won by the righteous of the Earth who have chosen to leave the fires of the old time to live according to the perfect harmonic standards of the New Time. The only victory is by entering into a New Time. The Law of Time dispenses spiritual benefits. The Harmonic Conversion will be the conversion of humanity to a path of unprecedented spiritual enlightenment. This is so only because a dedicated few pioneered the way to demonstrate that the 13 Moon/28-day calendar is the manifestation of the divine plan.

Eight years of Harmonic Conversion means that we are being given a new spiritual path to follow. The noosphere’s conscious realization awaits those who pursue the new spiritual path. In this path, synchronization with natural universal time is the prerequisite for entering a great new human mystery play called the Mystery of the Stone, the journey of the human soul through Middle Time. Once we have ascended the seven-year ladder of spiritual opportunity afforded by Middle Time we will enter the true realm of paradise on Earth, Inner Time, the last two years of the closing of the cycle.

At the same time, 13 Moons 28-days opens pathways to universal peace on Earth through a reformulation of the human mind and its social order. The Harmonic Conversion, then is the final conversion of the biosphere into the noosphere. To truly appreciate the noosphere you must realize that from its point of view there is only mind. To enter the noosphere you must know your own mind. You must understand the past is a fiction, only now exists. All that the Earth and her biosphere knows is Now. Time and the Earth will reorganize us in the Now. We will realize ourselves locally through Bioregional Congresses. The Planetary Biospheric Congress will replace the Untied Nations, the Noospheric Planetary Congress will guide and oversee the Planetary Biospheric Congress.

Rejoice! From the Harmonic Convergence through the Harmonic Concordance, the Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion have finally arrived. Look for that new calendar on the Day Out of Time, White Spectral Mirror (Gregorian July 25). Guided by the Supreme Creator, all victory and power reside with the People of the Earth living in the New Time.

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