WEB POSTED 08-21-2001

The disease of hypocrisy

The 1971 article, which I cited last week, wherein the Honorable Elijah Muhammad indicated that the Nation of Islam was falling was titled: “Hypocrites.” He titled it.

Based on specific words of his, that I heard, hypocrisy entered the Nation of Islam as early as 1932.

Far too many of us, who were in the Nation of Islam, prior to 1975, when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was physically among us, did not cope successfully with hypocrites. This was so despite his enlightening instructions about how to intelligently relate to such people.

This same problem prevails today, despite the same enlightening instructions taught by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This is so, even though he has gone to great depths of his teacher’s wisdom, on this subject.

No act of pretense, betrayal, or sabotage, or any combination of such acts; nor any traitor or combination of such persons; regardless to how clever they are in their schemes or mechanisms, or how well versed they are in intrigue, or how strong they are backed in their maneuvering, they will not cause the Nation of Islam to ever fall again.

No amount of naiveté, or gullibility, or blunders; nor any act of sheer stupidity, or gross incompetence, or flagrant neglect, or combination of such acts; regardless to how well intentioned we may be, who unintentionally do such—will ever again be a part of the fall of the Nation of Islam.

Despite the most skilled and artful methods that the powers of this world are now using, as well as the all out power they intend to use, it will all fail to destroy the Nation of Islam.

You may have heard Minister Farrakhan and others of us who follow him say, without arrogance, that the Nation of Islam won’t fall again. You may have heard that he (and a few others of us) got this from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Who, and with what, made him so sure? Who, and with what, makes Minister Farrakhan and others of us so sure?

What is the nature of “hypocrisy” that is mentioned above? Why is it called a “disease” in the Holy Quran? What kind of disease is it? How is it contracted? Is there more than one level or degree of it? Which organs of the human being does it first affect? What are its symptoms? Is it contagious? Is it virulent? How is it manifested? What are its forms? How does it spread? At what point does it become terminal? Is there one overall cure for this disease or are there cures for it? How is the cure, or cures—if there is more than one—to be applied?

What are the chief tools or weapons of hypocrites? Do hypocrites ever resemble, at different times, both strong and weak Believers? How can they be detected? When will Allah separate those who choose to remain hypocrites from the Believers? How? Will they be given a future opportunity to repent?

Is a hypocrite the spiritual counterpart of one wicked by nature? If so, then to what extent are they alike? If there is a chance for many forms of hypocrisy to be cured, does this imply that there is a cure for those who are naturally wicked?

What are the raw qualities one must have to be qualified to rid human beings of this disease? What qualifies one to apply the cure for hypocrisy?

Why has Allah allowed hypocrisy? Since He has, what is the benefit of the presence of the hypocrites to the Believers? If their presence and work is to test the Believers, and it’s now peaking, are we close to the final examination and the final grading? Finally, what is it about the nature of the cure for hypocrisy, which will destroy this disease permanently?

Now, let’s look into the history of Muhammad. Was the problem or disease of hypocrisy solved in his day? No.

On page 275 of Muhammad: Man and Prophet, the author, Adil Salahi wrote:

“They [the hypocrites] simply pretended to be Muslims, while deep in their hearts there was no shred of faith in Islam. Allah has described their attitude in the Qur’an: ‘When they meet the believers, they claim: “We, also, are believers.” But when they are alone with their devils, they declare to them: “We are truly on your side: We are simply mocking.’ “(2:14) Their decision was to hold the stick in the middle. To all appearances they became Muslims. They would pray and fast and speak as if they belonged to the Muslim community. Deep at heart, however, they remained non-believers. They simply had nothing in common with the Muslims. Their hearts were full of hatred towards the Prophet and his companions and they longed for something to happen that would put an end to Islam altogether. What was worse was that these people were able to know many a secret of the Muslims and to pass these secrets on to other enemies of Islam. They would spare no effort in their attempts to cause the Muslims harm.

“The Muslims were at a loss to know how to deal with this group of people. [My emphasis.] They did not state their rejection of Islam openly so that they could be treated as enemies; neither were they true believers with whom the Muslims could share all their cares and concerns. They were simply in between, neither here nor there.”

Will we ever completely overcome the problem of hypocrisy? Yes. Why? God is now fully present. He can’t be overcome.

However, if we persist in the same emotions, which flow from the thinking we were in when we first entered Islam, we either slow or arrest our growth, out of the initial first stage, which is the natural first stage of the resurrection process. If this process is not corrected in time, we make ourselves either a weak Believer or we degenerate into hypocrisy.

Of course, there are those who enter Islam as full-blown hypocrites.

The further we go into weakness or hypocrisy, the stronger the dosage of the spiritual medicine that is required for the cure.

The absolute cure of every problem we have, whether it is the disease of hypocrisy, or otherwise, has already come to us from God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. He gave it to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Moreover, He guided him in its application.

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan was divinely designated to continue the application of this all powerful and perfectly comprehensive cure.

If one is either a hypocrite or a weak Believer, consider this. Take what Minister Farrakhan offers and live. If one does, he/she will mature into their divinity. Reject it and he/she will continue to degenerate into what Surah 98, of the Holy Quran calls the “worst of creatures.”

One can find the absolute cure in Minister Farrakhan’s speeches, from Saviours’ Day 2001, to The Two Great Commandments of God” (dated July 22nd). In this last speech he explained and emphasized self-love.

Everything in this article is related to the “isms” mentioned last issue, and the Mother Plane and the news today (July 25th) about there being life on Mars.

More next issue, Allah willing.