WEB POSTED 05-07-2002

The dawn of a universal assignment

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: “So here I am at the dawn of a universal assignment now that the scales are being removed from my eyes on a fourth level.

“Not only do I see the universality of the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but in my growing understanding of the reason for evil, the reason for Satan, the reason for negativity, I can now with understanding approach the evildoer and say to them, ‘Well done. You have done what your father made you to do.’

“I can say in the language of Jesus, ‘You are of your father, the devil, the lust of your father you have done. He was a liar and a murderer. But Allah permitted that to serve the purpose of the birth of the Kingdom of God.’

“Now that you have served that purpose, I want to introduce you to a new Father; a loving Father—a Father of Whom the scripture says, ‘So loved the world that he would give his only begotten son’ into this negative environment, ‘that whosoever believes in him should not perish’ but be a part of a Kingdom that has no end.

“So to me, now, with this fourth scale being removed, do I see evil serving the purpose of good. I see Satan serving the purpose of God. I see hell and death serving the purpose of life and heaven. Therefore, I can now, not only invite the so-called righteous through that door, but I can call to the way of the Lord with goodly exaltation, in the best manner, in good voice and with justice, but with justice overpowered by the mercy of a loving Father, Who does not want to destroy humanity, but desires to save all who would hear and believe.”

Brother Jabril: “Such wisdom may help one look deeper in how weak believers, and even hypocrites serve strong believers, who may, in turn, be able to help them into belief and maybe even strong belief—maybe, before its too late.

“Before going to the second part, of this question, please briefly comment on these words of Jesus: ‘I have other sheep not of this fold.’ Jesus didn’t really teach beyond those people whom the scholars call Jews. That was for Paul to do. Jesus knew this before he departed.

Minister Farrakhan: “Jesus was giving Paul a base in his teaching to argue with those recalcitrant Jews who wanted Jesus and the message of the kingdom to be confined to them. They wanted exclusivity of Jesus and the kingdom. Therefore, Paul had to fight against this spirit of recalcitrance, exclusivity and vanity in the people of the first phase of the mission of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Jesus had to leave for Peter/Paul words that they could use as a foundation for going after those sheep that were not of his original fold.”


Minister Farrakhan delivered a speech in Phoenix, Arizona on September 21, 1986, about a year after he received directcommunications from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from the Wheel. Out of it came his Study Guides, about which he later wrote, that Allah ordered them through him, and that they were the launching pad of a worldwide movement.

In the 1960s, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told Minister Farrakhan that Allah had made friends for him all around the earth and at a certain time, he would meet them. He was preparing Minister Farrakhan for his future world assignment.

Were it not for the love of Allah, which the scriptures says “passes understanding,” for us, beyond 144,000, Minister Farrakhan would not have been produced. The end would have come in the mid-1960’s. Problem Book #32 contains some proofs of what I’m writing.

It’s written that this number, which I heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say was “about 144,000” would be grateful to Allah and would make the effort to be qualified for the worldwide mission written of them, as he once put it to “square the nations into righteousness.”

All of us, as a people, were chosen for the greatest of divine purposes, but only a few choose Him Who chose us. Minister Farrakhan was divinely chosen to lead the way in this world assignment, with the backing of God and the Christ. There is so much to understand. In mid-March, I read page 185-6 of Our Saviour Has Arrived. It’s very relevant. It’s now mid-April.

Jealousy and envy, is much of the “poison and rust” (see Problem #32) preventing many from scripturally seeing and hearing Minister Farrakhan, as he fulfills divine prophecy. Surah 39 of the Holy Qur’an states that Allah hates ingratitude.

“Negative” emotions unbalance the mind. So does misunderstanding. So does ingratitude. Ingratitude towards Allah’s favors qualifies one for His chastisement—the deepest part of purgatory designed to remove the worst forms of “poison and rust.” Minister Farrakhan is a favor from Allah.

Many of those ungrateful for divine favors are Minister Farrakhan’s envious persecutors. These deceive the shallow minded to speak and write against him.

Envious people hate you for what you’ve worked for and earned. They hate you for that which you have, which they can’t use or handle if they had it!

Those envious of Minister Farrakhan are progressively becoming insane. Their words mark them as those of whom it’s written of in Jude 9, 13 and elsewhere.

Negative jealousy can be as deadly as envy. However, there is such a thing as positive jealousy, which is a sign of immaturity. But there is no such thing as positive envy. It has no redeeming features at all!

The Bible says that God is “jealous.” We’ll return to this.


Let’s return to Minister Farrakhan’s insightful words of February 8, 2002.

Brother Jabril: “How was your breast expanded? I’m thinking specifically of Moses’ Prayer, in Surah 20, which was fulfilled in Aaron, which was a sign of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s prayer for you.”

Minister Farrakhan: “Let me say from the outset, that my beloved mother, a beautiful Black woman, nurtured me on the love of our people and compassion for the suffering of our people. In the last month of my fifth year on this earth, she put a violin in my hand that she wanted me to learn to play and master.

“I did not like the violin because to me, as a youngster, it had negative baggage in that Black children would look at you as a sissy if you played the violin and performed classical music.

“As a youngster I was also very interested in boxing. My hero was Joe Louis because he gave so much to us at a time when we needed to feel better about ourselves.

“Muhammad Ali was the super major of what Joe Louis did for us as a people. I shall always be grateful to God for Joe Louis and for Muhammad Ali. I pray that God will bless Ali and give him all the good of this life and grant him a life in the Hereafter for what he has done for the universal scope of the teachings of his mentor, whom he did not fully understand, but his heart was big enough to love humanity and to feel the pain of human suffering.”

More next issue, Allah willing.