The Confused World




Confusion among the heads of the government of the wicked is destroying the foundation of their world. “AS THOU HAST DONE SO SHALL IT BE DONE UNTO THEE.” This World of the wicked has confused the Black Man’s world for six thousand (6,000) years. Now, their world must be removed to make way for a better world and the All-Wise Omnipotent God Is Able and Capable of Confusing us so that we will do the things that we would not do if we were free to exercise sanity of mind and wisdom.


IN ALL of America’s confusion, which some may refer to as her dilemma—but her condition is beyond that word—this is a grievous confusion of the head officials.


THE BASIS of this confusion is due to the injustice that the American White people has done to her Black once-slave. Her confusion is also due to her effort to thwart the Aims and Purposes of Almighty God, to Bring About the resurrection of the blind, deaf and dumb Black Man. Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, Will Do the reverse and Make you (White America), blind, deaf and dumb in what you are trying to do for your own security.

IN the midst of the trouble and gradual fall of the mighty giant, (rich America)—she is setting up opposition with every blind, deaf and dumb Black leader in order to oppose the knowledge of truth, coming to the Black man. She offers to pay them to disbelieve in their own salvation. She sets up hypocrites and then pays them and promises to pay for those of the Black people who will follow them. The Black leader is a hypocrite against his own salvation.

THE White man cares nothing for the Black Man whether he is a hypocrite or a non-hypocrite; both are alike to the White man. But if you seek to reject your own salvation, he helps you to do so. This makes America more confused than ever because Allah (God) in Person Is after America, today.

IT IS true that America will soon give up the Black Man. America will be Compelled by the Power of Allah (God) to give them up. By nature, the White man will never be willing to give them up but she will be Forced to do so. As a matter of fact, it is time.

THE MORE America works to oppose Allah’s resurrection of the Black Man in America, the more Allah (God) Will Confuse her and Cause her downfall. Confusion will cause a lot of mistakes to be made.

AMERICA’S scientists know this, for they have knowledge of the time, but by nature, they cannot help but to oppose the Work of Allah. It is the nature of them to oppose Allah (God). I am not saying that they should not do it; it is just their nature. They cannot help it nor can their opposition be successful.

I APPEAL to you Black Brothers and Sisters, you should unite with me and enjoy heaven while you live, now, or suffer the consequences through the lack of the necessities of life.

IT IS senseless to go around begging for that which you can reach for yourself if you are united. It is making a fool of you to do such a thing. I would be ashamed to go begging in this world of plenty.

THE WORLD OF CONFUSION is breaking up with all kinds of disagreement between factors and factors. Take for instance—never has America had so many strikes. Everyone is against the other. If this is not a CONFUSED WORLD, then point out to me one that is more confused.

IN the government of America, there is nothing that is at peace in it. There is no agreement. Everybody is dissatisfied. Everybody is showing their dissatisfaction by disregarding the way that they have been going. Worker is against worker. Politician is against politician.—A CONFUSED WORLD, AMERICA.

Elijah Muhammad Messenger of Allah

(Text excerpt from “Muhammad Speaks Newspaper,” July 13, 1973.)

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