The Cave Dwellers Learn the Building Arts and Crafts of Civilization Under Moses —Is Stonehenge A Sign?


“And keep thyself with those who call on their Lord morning and evening desiring His goodwill, and let not thine eyes pass from them, desiring the beauties of this world’s life.  And follow not him whose heart We have made unmindful of Our remembrance, and he follows his low desires and his case exceeds due bounds.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verse 28

The language of the universe and of all creation is mathematics.  This is the language that formed the universe inclusive of all its boundless energy and geometric forms.  Our Great Master, W. Fard Muhammad, tapped into this universal language and saw how the first God, the Originator, built the universal order of things from Darkness into Light.  Each God that came after Him continued to create and to build from this intuitive force field of Thought expanding into the unknown to the known, bringing more and more light out of the dark womb of space.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that each God in their turn was a Scientist and created billions of stars, the building blocks of planets and galaxies that exist today.  Thus, we are taught that the whole scope of the Master’s Teaching is Astronomy.

The Greeks were schooled into the science of mathematics and developed schools of mathematics and music for their students, knowing that numbers are the language of the universe.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that Mathematics is Islam and Islam is Mathematics.  According to the scientists of astronomy, mathematics is the key to the universe, the building blocks of creation.  According to author, Bonnie Gaunt, writing in his book, “Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid Window on the Universe,” he states:  “Mathematics, they said, is not so much a body of knowledge as it is a special kind of language—one so perfect and abstract that it could be understood by any intelligent creatures existing anywhere.  The grammar of the language is simple logic, and the vocabulary of this language are simple symbols—basically numerals that represent numbers.”

In our sacred Book of the “Supreme Wisdom Lessons,” we are given the coded language of the ten numbers of mathematics combined with the 26 letters of the English alphabet as the building blocks of the universal order of things which codifies the Ancient Wisdom of our forefathers.  It is interesting to note that the Greek alphabet consists of twenty-four letters at present, having lost two of its letters along the way from its original 26 letters.  The English alphabet, however, has retained the number 26 which is of great significance.   The ancient Greek historians and scientists used their letters as numbers in calculating events of the time pertaining to prophecy which has come down to us today as the science of Gematria.  Author, Bonnie Gaunt, continues to write in his book—”Gematria among the Greeks was in common use at the time of the writing of the New Testament.  A copy of one of these early manuscripts called papyri (because they were written on papyrus) exists today in Dublin, Ireland, in the Chester Beatty Collection.  It is dated somewhere between 200 and 300 A.D.  This manuscript uses Gematria for every number in the book of Revelation rather than Arabic numerals as we have in our modern translation.”

The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters identified with a number as used in the Kabala system of prophetic writings.  It was Moses who taught the Cave Dwellers or members of the Caucasian Race, the science of numbers and mathematics to enable them to build a civilization of their own.  Both the Greeks and the Jews further learned the sciences of civilization from the Egyptian priests; and it is known by scholars that Moses spoke ancient Egyptian-Arabic.  The Arabic language consists of 28 letters and also uses letters to represent numbers and their higher scientific values in mastering the arts of civilization.  It is notable that the Arabic form of using letters for numbers is almost entirely left out of the analysis of the Western scholars who only generally speak of the letter and number system used by the Greek and Hebrew languages.

I wondered in my research if there existed a specific monument built in ancient times corresponding to the timeline of Moses’ Teachings to the Caucasian people that would prove to be a marker stone pointing to this 4,000-year period when Moses had to civilize the Cave Dwellers and put them on the road to their world dominion and rule.

stonehenge.jpg Stonehenge Monument on Salisbury Plain, Southern England dated, 4,000 B.C. Early site of ceremonial worship. Photo: Lachlan Fearnley

I believe I may have found such a marker stone in the Stone Monument of Stonehenge.  Stonehenge is located in southern England, on Salisbury Plain, which is historically dated precisely at 4,000 B.C.  Its construction is built like a circle of stones within a larger circle of stones with a horseshoe-shaped opening facing the northeast in the direction of the rising sun.

In our last article, we discussed the unusual celestial phenomenon of the sun’s behaviour in recent days, with a particular reference to the 18th Surah which points to the location of The Cave prominently situated in the British Isles and in other places on the continent of Europe.  “… Thou mightest see the sun when it rose, decline from their Cave to the right, and when it set, leave them behind on the left, while they were in a wide space thereof.” (Holy Qur’an, Surah 18:17)  And again, in verse 21 of the same chapter, we read:  “… When they disputed among themselves about their affair and said:  Erect an edifice over them. …  Those who prevailed in their affair said:  We shall certainly build a place of worship over them.”

big_ben.jpg Big Ben located in the tower over the Thames River and Westminster Abbey where all members of the British crown were coronated. Photo: David Iliff

Thus, with the science of mathematics, the Caucasian People were taught how to build Stone Monuments aligned with the movements of the Sun, Moon and Stars.  This science was known and practiced among the elite and priests who carefully guarded this knowledge.  This secret knowledge of the building arts and crafts is carried down into the present day practices of the Masons and the Shriners and other wise Moslem-sons of America and Europe and in other parts of the world.

“And say:  The Truth is from your Lord; so let him who please believe, and let him who please disbelieve.  Surely We have prepared for the iniquitous a Fire, an enclosure of which will encompass them.  And if they cry for water, they are given water like molten brass, scalding their faces.  Evil the drink!  And ill the resting-place!” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verse 29.

To be continued.