In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful Who Came to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever. We could never thank Him for His Coming and for His Choosing one from among us to be a guide, warner, teacher, messenger, Messiah: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


I want to say, first, how much I love you all and how grateful I am to Almighty God Allah to have a message in my mouth from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that is destined to free us, as a people, and make us into a people that will be the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God.

Beloved pastors, my dear Christian family, I am so honored that you would honor us with your presence. We are your family and you are our family, and we will never let what is going on in the East drive a wedge between us in the West. We must be an example of how Muslims and Christians can live together in peace and brotherly love to accomplish the liberation of our people. To my Christian family, whom I love dearly and deeply and will give my life for your liberation, as well as the liberation of our people, I cannot hesitate to say to you that it is an honor to live for you and it is even a greater honor to die in the cause of the liberation of our people.

When you fight for the liberation of your people, there is no death for you. There is only the death of the flesh; but when you give your life for a noble cause, as long as that cause endures, your life is in that cause.


One hundred and twenty-nine years ago today, February 26, 1877, a Man was born in the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia. He was born to a White mother and a Black father that He might have the right complexion to come among us without observation to do a job that was written of Him that He would search the earth for that people that was lost and He would find them and bring them again and settle them on the mountains of Israel.



That people that were lost is you and me, the Black people of Africa that were brought out of Africa on a westerly course to a north country and brought into slavery. We were robbed, blind, deaf and dumb. We have eyes, but we cannot see; we have ears, but we cannot hear; we have tongues, but we cannot speak. We have been classified by Allah (God) through the mouth of His prophets as mentally dead in the grave of ignorance and we must be resurrected from that grave.

In the Masonic order, there were those who tried to raise Hiram that did not have the right grip, so he slipped back into that shallow grave. But One came with the Master Grip. It was the Master. With the lion’s paw, He reached down to pull Hiram out of the grave. There is a lion asleep in Judah, but who is qualified to wake him? You are that sleeping lion, but Allah (God) has come to raise you out of your grave, as it reads in the 37th Chapter of Ezekiel, where it describes the dry bones in the valley. God says: “And when I have raised you out of your grave, then shall you know that I, the Lord, am God and beside me there is no Saviour.”

When you look at the condition of Black people lost in America deep down in the muck and mire of a decadent civilization, we may wonder what power can raise the Black man from the condition that his ever-present tormentors have put him in. Only the power of God, the Power of a mighty Saviour, the power of the Son of Man can raise us. The scriptures say, “As lightning shineth from the East even unto the West, so shall the Coming of the Son of Man be.”

The scriptures also says, “For wheresoever the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together.” You and I are the carcass of a once great people and mighty nation; and the symbol of America is an eagle and that eagle has plucked the flesh of the carcass of our people.


But the Son of Man has appeared. The Son of Man has come. Why is he called the Son of Man? Because He is a man from a man, but He is also a Man Who is anointed with the wisdom and the power of God to deliver a nation of people from the hands of their oppressor.


One hundred and twenty-nine years ago, a man was born. He spent three-and-one-half years among us. He fulfilled the scriptures where it reads, “As Jonah was in the belly of the whale three days and three nights, so shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth.” America is the heart of the earth and the heart of America is the Motor City, Detroit; and it was in that city that Master Fard Muhammad made His Appearance and it was in that city that He found a man named Elijah Poole, whom He gave the name “Muhammad.”

I met that man, Elijah Muhammad. I was never blessed to see his Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad, but I love him, as my Hebrew Israelite family says, “with a perfect love.” I love him because He befriended us when we had no friends. We cried out looking to a mystery God to do for us what no man has ever done for us and we tried that mystery God and nothing happened until the Son of Man came.

One Father’s Day, I was with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I was preaching on the beauty of the magnificent Lord’s Prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples and I was comparing it to the oft-repeated prayer of the Muslims, the opening chapter of the Holy Qur’an, called “Al Fatihah,” or The Opening or The Key, because without the right kind of prayer, in the right manner, to the right source, you do not have the key to open up the Book of Wisdom or the secrets of life itself. As I shared those thoughts with him, he said, “Brother, when I am gone, you can sit as the father of the house.”

“As” means that it is not your house nor are you the father. So, I thought that today I would speak to you as a father who loves the children of God in the House and wants to leave them with guidance and wisdom so that that guidance and wisdom may guide them when they may not see the father anymore or at least for awhile. I love you as a father, but a father is a disciplinarian. A father who loves the child speaks straight words.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “I am a very rich man because Allah has given to me a Nation.” So I am not speaking as a father over a house of just Muslims—and yet, I am speaking as a father over a house of Muslims because Master Fard Muhammad said all of our people are Muslims. A Muslim is only one who submits his or her will to do the will of God. You are the people of God and your nature is to bow down to the will of Allah (God).



Our problem is that we have not fully known Allah’s (God’s) will. We are in the House of an alien or enemy of His will that has taught, shaped and molded us in rebellion against God. So even though we praise God with our lips, our hearts are far removed from Him, not because we want to be removed from Him, but our ignorance does not allow us to know His will clear enough that we may do that will.


Dear beloved pastors, our preaching today will be empty and void if we do not teach the people and show the people how the prophesies relate to the daily news. The daily news is not new. The prophets saw it and the prophets wrote it. There is so much good and truth in the Bible and we may study portions of it and teach it in a wonderful sermon. But unless it is related to the prophesies that talk about the time that we are living in, which is the end of a present world and its systems, then our preaching is not preparing the people to get through the end of a world.


Preachers and ministers are afraid to teach that Allah (God) is against certain activities and tell their congregations that they must clean up their lives of these activities. We are more concerned about the money that is given in the collection plate than raising people out of the satanic mind and spirit that the enemy is creating for us to live in and under.

Woe unto that kind of preacher. That kind of preacher and teacher is condemned by Allah (God) and will eventually be condemned by the people.  As Allah (God) awakens the people, they will kill leaders and preachers in their pulpits for lying to them, deceiving them, and failing to study the Word of God and deliver the Word as it ought to be delivered—for the salvation of the people and not for entertainment.

The Bible says that the Judgement of God will begin first in the House of God. This fact should cause us to be nervous. If Allah’s (God’s) Judgement begins in the House, then the worse hypocrites are in religion. They talk God, but they live Satan—or should I say “we.” I do not want to exclude myself, because I have to be judged along with everyone else.

Therefore, I am trying today to say what needs to be said, so that you will never charge me before God that I did not tell you and you will not be able to say, “I did not know.”

Homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender life has not been approved, and is not approved by the God of the Torah or the Old Testament, the God of the Injil or the New Testament, or the God of the Holy Qur’an. Even though we have to preach what Allah (God) says, we do not preach it out of hate, because none of us are so righteous that we can condemn another person who has adopted a pattern of life that is different from ours. Yet, I must tell you that Allah (God) does not approve of that way of life.

But in a country that says it is a democracy, every homosexual, lesbian and transgender person has the right to move in a society without fear of people beating, brutalizing or killing them because of the way they are and live their life.

But I must tell you that Allah (God) has something in mind for all of us, to reform us, and make us into a people that will be a light to the world.

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