Talks of the Ashram

When the Feminine Divine representation of God comes into view for the world to see, SHE ( singular although representing a greater mass of women in time ) will be vehemently opposed by the old order of underdeveloped male-dominated institutions, ideological schools of thought and old priestly and Ministerial orders who will desire to keep their influence among the people .

This new and unique Representative will also be opposed by her own kind ( female companions ) do to them having become infected with the deepest scourage of envy and jealousy ( reason being) the deprivation of the cultivating anointment of the malefactor to properly nourish such women into the greatness that was decreed for them in this moment of time. So out of the starvation of the balancing element which ensures greatness ( being married to the masculine divine counterpart), they will attempt to destroy that glorious mirror of their potential self ( The Feminine Divine Agency ) out of the shame of what they have yet to achieve in this world. We will see vanity taken to a whole new crescendo, while the people descend to a whole new level of debauchery because of the people’s desire to stand in the way of the undeniable will of God for the coming dispensation of time ! I lament what is to come although thereafter I see for us a glorious future that will be ushered in by the 2 Messiahs of God’s choice! Gary Mahatmas Muhammad 
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