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Supreme wisdom: The means to end division

The following excerpt is from a volume of the 25-volume set of The Expositor’s Bible, edited by the Reverend W. Robertson Nicoll, copyrighted 1903. The volume containing this excerpt is The Gospel of St. John, by Marcus Dods, D.D. It reads:

“Two things, however, the physical sufferings of Christ do secure: they call attention to His devotedness, and they illustrate His willing sacrifice of self. They provoke a natural sympathy and tenderness of spirit in the beholder, qualities which are much needed in our consideration of Christ. Had He passed through life entirely exempt from suffering, in high position, with every want eagerly ministered to, untouched by any woe, and at last passing away by a painless decease, we should find it much harder to respond to His appeal or even to understand His work. Nothing so quickly rivets our attention and stirs our sympathy as physical pain. We feel disposed to listen to the demands of one who is suffering, and if we have a lurking suspicion that we are somehow responsible for that suffering and are benefited by it, then we are softened by a mingled pity, admiration, and shame, which is one of the fittest attitudes a human spirit can assume.”

When I read this passage, I paused to reflect on what I’ve heard of the suffering of Master Fard Muhammad; what I’ve witnessed of the painful suffering of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the present painful suffering of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, for most of the last 46 years.

Please remember that this article is being written today, the 11th of November, when Minister Farrakhan IS suffering great pain, physical and otherwise, every day, FOR us, even as you read these words.


The words of the above quote also reminded me of a Sister, in Chicago, whom I quoted in Vol. 20, No. 50. She wrote, in part, that “É It makes me feel ashamed of myself because here I am young and in good health and am not doing what I should be doing. I could roll off a bunch of reasons of why I am not doing what I am supposed to do; but none of them would excuse me from what I am supposed to do.”

Her words contain the right sentiments. However, there are others among us who are “secret” rejectors of Minister Farrakhan. The Great Mahdi, the Messiah and the angels see them.

Now, carefully study each word in the following.

“(It was to carry out His secret plan that) He said, ‘O Jesus, now I will recall you and raise you up to Myself and cleanse you of (the uncongenial company and the filthy environment of) those who have rejected you …’ ” (Mr. Maududi’s translation of the Holy Qur’an 3:54)

Are there any constructive steps we can take to reduce this uncongenial condition? Do we have enough time? Worry not about that, but work while it is day.

Satanically induced disagreements producing unjust divisions and the mistreatment of others, always produces an uncongenial or unfriendly atmosphere. Disagreements among Muslims should never produce animosity among them. Muslims can always quickly resolve any problem that arises among them. No disagreement is so huge that Allah’s infinitely supreme wisdom can’t solve it, if we use it right.

Remember, we’ve been taught that agreement is the base of love. If we agree on the basics of our faith, which produces light, we ought never to have problems in quickly resolving any of our problems, even though we are yet babies in Allah’s supreme wisdom.

Allah’s final judgment will conclusively prove that there are ultimately but two spirits from which human beings think, feel and act. At the end, one spirit produces “Believers.” The other produces “Disbelievers.”

One day all will be one with God.

The grand finale will plainly show God’s justification in classifying human beings as “Believers” or “Disbelievers.” This classification, and the further subdivisions that the Qur’an describes, is based on Allah’s love, mercy and wisdom.

We place ourselves in different categories, as we react to Allah’s truths, mercy and servants. Remember Jesus’ parable (in Matthew chapter 13) of the Sower and the various kinds of hearts where God’s words are planted.

Presently, there are many disbelievers with whom we have good relations. They don’t agree with Muslims in every respect. However, a mutually peaceful and intelligent relationship exists. As understanding increases, so will agreement.

Meanwhile, there are others with whom friendly relations are difficult, at best, if not impossible. They don’t love that which makes peace.

Then there are the hypocrites. After Allah’s chastisement, many of them will become Believers. The others—their fate is with Allah.

Regardless to the behavior of others, Believers never have an excuse to be uncivil. The best examples we have of this civility are the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan.

One factor that would reduce the current uncongenial atmosphere is the Holy Qur’an 4:88. In this verse Believers are warned against being divided with respect to the hypocrites. Allah is not in conflict with Himself respecting them. So why should the Believers be so divided?

There are many false principles, of the exhausted wisdom of this world, that are still routinely used to try to solve the problems of the world.

Former President Clinton recently uttered one of them. The November 8th issue of The Washington Times printed a report by Mr. Joseph Curl, that Mr. Clinton stated before university students that “É God has imposed on us the inability to ever know ‘the whole truth.’” How can a Christian make such statement, since Christians believe Jesus brought the absolute truth two thousand years ago in his person at the end of this world?

Consider that a combination of two billion plus Muslims and Christians believe that Jesus was here two thousand years ago. They believe he is to return in person on earth.

Christian and Muslim scholars believe that Jesus’ arrival will produce a brand new paradigm.

One of the effects of the Messiah’s arrival will be an increase in the number of people who cannot but speak, feel and act in response to his presence. That’s happening now. Why? It’s because he is present.

There are Christian and Muslim scholars who know that the Messiah is present. But they have difficulty informing the public and especially those in power, in America and elsewhere, of what they know.

They know Minister Farrakhan represents the Messiah. They know that Minister Farrakhan was/is 1,000% correct, and practical, when he advised the president to gather those learned in the scriptures, that he might make the best possible decision, in his September 16th speech to the world. Minister Farrakhan should head up such delegation, were such to happen and if it’s not too late.

Can you imagine the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, other officials, with their briefing books, maps, and whatever else they bring to such meetings, including several Bibles and Holy Qur’ans—all on their conference table?

Have we Muslims studied those prophecies Minister Farrakhan referred to in his 16th of September speech? Remember, the Bible warns us against scorning prophecy.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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